Wedding Car Decorations

Before you start reading this, close your eyes for 15 seconds and imagine the kind of wedding you have always dreamed of. That little smirk on your face and a twinkle in your eyes is a clear indication that you glowed merely by thinking of this fantastic day. Ever since our childhood, we are told a prince will come riding a white horse and take us away into far lands where it is all happier and merrier. Even the Disney movies show how a prince comes in a decorated car or horse and marries the princess. It may sound vague and impractical to us as adults, but don’t we all wish the same deep down our hearts? Well! We believe in fairytales and tweaking them a little bit according to the latest trends.

But did Corona stop your Wedding Car Decorations?

Car with flowers and wedding decorations is a symbol of new life. It’s the carrier of your dreams, hopes, and a bunch of other emotions. Corona was not a pit hole in its way but only a speed breaker. Here is a piece of good news for all those who have been waiting for their marriages. The government has now allowed wedding functions with an occupancy of 50 attendees. Few guests mean fewer spend. Let us help you in planning where to spend those extra bucks left in your kitty.

Fairy Tales in Modern Days

Who says fairytales aren’t real? A handsome prince inevitably comes to pick us on a mare and take us away to the far lands in a car decorated with flowers. The evil aunts are the relatives who are no less than critics. Weddings have a very majestic aura to it, an undeniable charm.

Corona spoiled it all!

With a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 virus and lockdown being imposed, the lovebirds and soon to be Mr. and Mrs. had their heartbroken. Wedding cards were printed and distributed, the venues were booked for advance in months, and the dresses were given for the fittings. Just before making a few more arrangements, BOOM! Lockdown was announced. Many had to suffer huge losses and even had to push their wedding to next year. A storm in paradise, right!.

Why should Brides have all the fun?

Err….we don’t mean to say that brides overpower the grooms, but we all need to admit that the only thing grooms are interested in is the car. So here are some ideas handsomes, to rock the wheels on your wedding:

Try to get a rental car for the Wedding Decorations

The car rental system is the new trend. This is a very close dream of every groom, and they are eager to see the car they will get a chance to drive. Mostly the youth today are renting cars from BBT and other such brands. But in the times where everything is bought online, some brands help you rent a car online, and later on, one can take a cue from celebrity wedding car decorations to plan one of their own. The choice of flowers and designs can be classy or a little extra as per your requirements and needs. For a girl, this car would mean different emotions. It is the commute to her new life. Her first ride as an official wife and daughter-in-law to the new house.

Here are a few tips and tricks for your Wedding Car Decorations

1. For the Pink Theme Lovers

Pink Theme

The best way to decorate your wedding car is to choose a theme and go with it. In recent times theme weddings are making people go Gaga over this trend. Right from the wedding decorations to the dresses of the bride and groom, it is all related to the theme. So what’s better than decorating your car with the flowers and ribbons related to it. Most probably, a pink theme will be appreciated by your bride to be. Design your wedding car decorations with pink lilies and pink ribbons. One can try to make marriage ring figures in the car to make it look perfect for the D-day.

2. Keeping it simple

Net Decoration

If your taste is more subtle and straightforward, then you can go for a wedding car decoration having a neat bow on the trunk of your car. After celebrities going low on their wedding, it has now become a rage among the millennials. Hence if you are not going Big on your wedding car decoration and are planning something subtle and straightforward, then try going for an oversized net with your favorite flowers on it. There are many elegant options in the market to consider for your Indian wedding car decoration.

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3. What if you want to go fancy?

Fancy Decorations

Well, the Sub-urbs people love to go fancy, and sticking to a basic flower decoration can be a little disturbing. If it’s your wedding, then the wedding car decoration has to be on another level. You are trying cute figurines over the car top or on the bonnet along with some fancy flower decorations. With this idea, you are surely going to rock your extra intricate wedding car decoration.

4. Experiment with Balloons

Balloons Decoration

Balloons can make your just married car decoration look incredibly dreamy and give it a Vintage Bollywood movie look. Even if you want to skip the flowers and try to use something extra, then ribbons along with balloons hanging is a perfect choice. Instead of going with dull colors, you can have a mix of two or three favorite colors.

5. Go Elegant With Pink And White

Pink And White Theme

An elegant wedding car decoration has to be monochromatic. Pink and white flowers, along with some net and ribbons, can give your wedding car decoration a simple yet graceful look. Try going minimal if you want to make your decoration look stunning.

6. Go Extra With Floral Decorations

Floral Decorations

Keep the windshield open and tell your florist to put all the best flowers he has on your car decoration. A floral scent will emulsify in the air and will give you a rich and luxurious feel.

7. Ethnic Indian Car Decoration

Indian Car Decoration

Try using ethnic beaded ‘Malas’ on your car. This is an excellent solution for the couples who find floral decorations a little cliched.

8. Just a Tag

Just Married Tag

The classic Hollywood weddings like to play simple. Go for a simple, Just married tag in a heart shape and rock your wedding wheels. There are many Just married car decoration inspirations over the internet you can get inspired from.

Wedding Mantra to Learn:

A small wedding means a beautiful experience without thinking about what society will think or say. It’s the partner that matters so think of yourselves first and grab this opportunity to bring your fairytale to life. Plan and personalize your wedding. Be quirky and let them say what they want. Focus on your journey to the far land that you always dreamed of.

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