The best wedding gift is the one that every day brings a little joy to a new bride and groom’s life. Shopping wedding gifts for a couple? We have covered you!

Here we have listed trendy and some of the best wedding gift ideas for bride and groom. These gifts can be used for years and would add happiness to their lives.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

1. Honeymoon Package

Honeymoon Package

A honeymoon package for one of the best honeymoon destinations in India or outside the country would make an ideal wedding gift idea for a couple.

With a honeymoon package, they would fly to their favorite place and relax after tiring wedding functions and rituals.

It would be the best time for their lives since they will get plenty of time to know each other very well during the Honeymoon.

2. Multipurpose Home Appliance

You might consider it a mundane gift, but a multipurpose home appliance would be no less than a boon for a newlywed couple.

It would help them to complete their household chores in a jiffy. A kitchen appliance that does chopping and grinding or vacuum cleaner would be apt to gift.

3. Couple Watches

Couple Watches

Couple watches might sound out-dated wedding gifts. However, you can take it a notch higher with a monogram couple watch that would have initials of their name.

Or else you can personalize the couple watch according to your friend’s tastes and preferences.

4. Exclusive Chocolates

chocolates gift for bride

If you aren’t able to figure out what to gift a couple, then you can always go ahead with a basket of chocolates, exclusively curated with different flavors for him and her.

There would hardly be anyone who does not like chocolates. Thus, it would be one of the best wedding ideas for the bride and groom.

5. Personalized Swing Wheel Photo frame

Swing Wheel Photo frame

No gift can outdo a personalized photo frame that pictures of the bride and groom.

You can add pictures that would have a story of its own through which the couple can connect, and thank you for gifting them for taking them through the memory lane.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride

1. Specially Curated Monogram Necklace

Curated Monogram Necklace

A personalized necklace with a monogram is one of the best wedding gift for bride.

You can customize the monogram with the initials of the bride and groom. Your friend would love it since it will have her and her partner’s name intact, and she would be able to wear it regularly.

2. Spa Gift Cards

Spa Gift Cards

Amidst all the chaos and hassle, a spa session would be bliss for the would-be bride.

Or else, you can book an appointment for her favorite spa treatment where she can pamper herself as well. It will be an ideal stress buster for her.

A gift card would be helpful and handy as she would make use of it any time, even after her wedding as well.

3. Personalized Make-Up Box

Personalized Make-Up Box

What could be a better wedding gift idea than a uniquely curated make up kit for the bride?

The box would have all the essentials that she would need, including her favorite lipsticks, kajal, mascara, eyeliner, and all the other stuff that she can use after the marriage.

To make it even more special, you can go ahead and give your personal touch with a monogram makeup box.

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4. Special Bridal Gift Box

 Bridal Gift Box

The bridal gift box is perfect for newly engaged girls or who are soon going to be a bride.

It would be a pleasant surprise from her maid of honor, including her favorite candle, coffee mug, a few cosmetics, and a handwritten note with love.

You can gift her an exclusive box that reflects her wedding theme.  Your friend will surely love this customized wedding gift idea.

5. Bride’s Journal

Bride's Journal

If it’s your best friend’s wedding, then no other gift could top a bride’s journal. The journal can have a handwritten note for her big day from her friends and family.

You can add your personal touch to it by adding her and your special moments or thank her for being such a good friend and wish her for her future endeavour.

Wedding Gift for Groom

1. Personalized Beer Flight Set

Personalized Beer Flight Set

What could be best than a customized beer flight set for your male friend who is soon going to get married?

With the set of beer flights, including snifter glasses and trendy wooden paddles, he would be able to share some quality time with his buddies and have a great time together.

This gift would also be a stress buster as between all the hustle and bustle, and he would relish some time with his boys.

Stylish Cufflinks

A pair or two of trendy cufflinks is one of the best practical wedding gifts for groom.

During the wedding, the would-be groom would splurge on an array of dresses for different functions, and intricately designed cufflinks will amp up his every look.

He can pair them with his shirts, coats, blazers, or with a wedding outfit as well. Since cufflinks come in a beautiful box so he would be able to store them for future use and will thank you always for the same.

3. Man’s Grooming Kit

Man's Grooming Kit

Like would-be-bride, the would-be groom also needs to prep for the D-Day, and what could be the best wedding gift idea for the groom than a grooming kit.

From shaving kit to trimmer, shower gel to face wash, a lip balm to deodorants, and other essential grooming would be perfect for adding in the grooming kit. Ensure the kit has all his favorite products.

4. His Favourite Perfume

men's perfume

Who does not like to smell good, especially on his special day? Thus a pair of perfume would be amongst ideal wedding gift ideas for the groom.

Gift him a bottle of cologne that smells good and holds a special memory. Also, gifting a bouquet is a sign of affection.

With beautiful packaging and lovely scents, the perfume signal that your friend is worth the expense.

5. Action Camera

Action Camera

You can also consider an action camera for your techie friend. A camera that has all the latest features would be a great help for the groom to record new memories. Look for a compact camera as it would be handy and easy to carry as well.


Finding the right wedding gift could be a daunting task. However, it could be fun if you consider gifting a cool or trendy present with your personal touch. There are different types of presents available in the market that you can give to newlywed couples. Some of the best options you can consider are honeymoon packages, home appliances, couple watches, and many more to name. You can also customize a unique wedding gift for couple.


1. What is a good inexpensive wedding gift?

Some of the affordable wedding gifts are handmade collage, sweets/chocolates, etc.

2. What gift do you give to newlyweds?

Above, we have listed some of the options that you can consider for gifting newlywed.

3. What do you get an older couple for a wedding gift?

A customized photo frame, medical appliance, and anniversary journal can be gifted to the older couple for a wedding gift.

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