Visa Free Countries for Indians

A decade before traveling to a foreign country was no less than a daunting task as people would have to collect an array of documents months before. The dreadful queues and never-ending process with intuitive questions must have made many travelers not to visit the place.

But not anymore! Thankfully, India has made some beneficial pacts with a number of countries that allow you to travel without a visa. Yes, there are many visa-free countries for Indian tourists. Also, their numerous countries where you do not need that visit, however, you would have to obtain the one during the arrival. It’s time to plan your next vacation to the below-listed countries.

Documents Required for Visa:

  • Travel document or a valid passport
  • Visa application form
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Confirmed tickets for onward or return journey
  • Receipt of payment of visa fees
  • Travel Health Insurance Policy
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of required Funds

Different Types of Visas You Can Avail

There are approximately 130 countries, for which Indians have to seek for a Visa. However, there are 30 countries where Indians can travel without visas, but they would need to have the visa on the arrival to Indian passport holders. On the other hand, there are approximately 21 countries where Indians can visit without the visa, however, they would have to carry a different set of documents that includes travel health insurance policy, proof of accommodation where they are going to stay.

1. Visa-Free – There are many countries where Indians can visit holding the visa. This is applicable for the countries who have made agreements for the same, or if the country has opened its borders to foreign nationals unilaterally.

2. Visa on Arrival – This is also called an on-arrival visa. These types of visa are granted to visitors at the airport of entry. The process of issuing the visa is done at the port through the entry government authorities.

3. E-Visa – Also, known to be an electronic visa, it is a type of visa that one can apply from the country’s Visa website itself. These types of visa are similar to most of the other types of travel visas. The only difference between both is that the users can complete the application online itself.

4. Entry Permit – At times, countries provide entry permits to the visitors in lieu of visa. It is a set of documents that allows visitors from different countries to stay in the country for a specific time legally.

Visa Free Countries for Indian Passport Holders

1. Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean Island that allows Indians to travel Visa free. The island is known for its crystal clear water and beaches.

2. Macau

Also, known as Vegas of China, Macau is one of the ideal tourist destinations. It has a blend of culture that makes the place even more captivating. Go through the Macau Peninsula to explore the old city center and other attractive destinations like Cotai, Taipa, and Coloane.

3. Nepal

The neighboring country is one of the visa-free countries for Indians. It boasts a significant site attraction which is Mount Everest. Indians can travel the country without a visa, however, they must have a passport for a hassle-free trip.

4. Bhutan

Also known as the kingdom of Bhutan, Bhutan is one of the most peaceful countries. It is amongst the visa-free countries for Indian tourists. The country is a retreat for all yoga lovers and people seeking peace in their life and is also an ideal destination for adventure seekers.

Full List of Visa Free Countries with Stay Validity

Name of Countries Validity for Stay
Bhutan  7 days
Nepal No Validity
El Salvador 90 days
Haiti 90 days
Dominica 180 days
Montserrat 90 days
Trinidad and Tobago 90 days
Niue Islands 30 days
Grenada 30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis 30 days
Vanuatu 30 days
Macau 30 days
Serbia 30 days

Visa on Arrival Countries For Indians:

1. Thailand

Known for its natural beauty, Thailand is one of the popular tourist destinations. It is home to numerous historical attractions. Indians can visit the place without the passport; however, they would require to obtain the visa on their arrival.

2. Indonesia

There would hardly any traveler who does not wish to visit Indonesia, and the best part about the place is that you do not have to go through all the tedious tasks of obtaining the visa before visiting the place. Instead, you can get the visa on the arrival. Indonesia has more than hundreds of beaches and islands that make for a perfect spot to enjoy your holidays.

3. Jordan

Home to many historic UNESCO world heritage sites, Jordan is one of the dream destinations for travelers. This ancient city has several nature reserves seaside resorts. It is set in the narrow valley that has numerous monuments, temples, and tombs

4. Maldives

One of the top honeymoon destinations, Maldives, is one of the must-visit islands. You can stay in the Maldives for 90 days that too without the visa. The pristine water and water adventures will surely make you fall for the Maldives. Do visit the place at least once in a lifetime to experience the beauty of nature.

Full List of Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians

There are many countries where visitors can visit without the visa; however, they would require a Visa on arrival. To obtain the visa on arrival, the immigration officers go through the visitor’s passport, collect the money for visa, and issue the visa accordingly. Some of the countries also collect the biometric of the visitor to complete the visa issuance procedure.

Thailand Maldives
Laos Mauritius
Cambodia Bolivia
Hong Kong (Need to do pre-arrival Registration) Fiji
Palau Macedonia
Saint Lucia Ethiopia
Tuvalu Mauritania
Comoros Guinea Bissau
Guyana Togo
Cabo Verde Angola
Barbados Cook Islands
Iran (apply online & obtain ‘Submission Notice’ before departure) Kiribati
Nigeria (only pre-approved VOA) Samoa
Suriname Tunisia
Somalia Kenya
Zimbabwe Rwanda


One of the best therapeutic things to do is traveling. However, arranging documents, visa, passports, and other documents could be a daunting task for many. Thankfully, there are many countries in this world where Indians do not need a visa to travel. Yes, you read that right. Above, we have curated a list of visa-free countries for Indians and a list of countries where Indians need a visa on the arrival. Do check out the list and let us know which country you are planning to visit next.


1. In how many countries can one travel with an Indian passport without Visa?

Indians can travel to more than 50 countries either without visa or visa on arrival.

2. Which country is Visa free for Indian?

Nepal, Bhutan, Haiti, and many more listed above, countries are visa-free for Indian.

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