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Bollywood actors are known for their versatile acting. Whether it is a romantic character or a villain character, they will go at any stretch to make it most convincing. You might think it’s easy to play a comical role, but nothing could be as tough as taking the audience at a comical riot. Known for various roles, some actors are not full-time comedians, but some of their funny dialogues have made them earn the title.

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Best Funny Dialogues in Hindi Of Bollywood Actors

Salman Khan

The Sallu mia of Bollywood is known for his supreme acting. The actor has many best comedy dialogues in his kitty that are enough to tickle your funny bones.

1. “Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara?”

Who can forget this famous funny Bollywood dialogue from Dabangg 2? The dialogue has been part of many memes and banter.

2. “Saala, main bhi pheku aur yeh bhi pheku. Circus ka retired Bandar lagta hai.”

Remember this comic scene from film Andaz Apna Apna. The cult classic had many funny dialogues, but the way Salman mouthed this dialogue is commendable. Isn’t it!

3. “Mere baarein mein itna mat sochna. Dil mein aata hoon samajh mein nahi.”

The famous dialogue from Kick is another Salman Khan’s one of the best hilarious pieces that can make you laugh anytime.

4. ‘Hum tum mein itne ched karenge … ki confuse ho jaoge ki saans kahan se le … aur paadein kahan se.”

Dabang was a huge blockbuster, and so were its dialogues. Truly, it is one of the famous funny Bollywood dialogues.

5. “Zindagi mein teen cheezein kabhi underestimate nahi karna – I, ME and MYSELF.”

Who can forget this iconic funny Hindi movie dialogue when bhai gave a pep talk to his enemies in movie Ready.

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood’s very own Khiladi Kumar is famous for his witty sense of humour, and these funny movie dialogues are a perfect example of it.

6. “Mai har test pass karke dikhaonga, chahe yeh mera blood test he kyo na ho”.

Movie Khiladi 786 might not be a blockbuster, but this Hindi funny dialogue was a sure one. Mad in Asin’s love, Akshay promises to clear all test, even his blood test also. Can’t stop laughing!

7. “Don’t Angry Me.”

Well, you definitely cannot get angry after hearing this one of the best comedy dialogue from Akshay movie – Rowdy Rathore.

8. “Tube se nikla hua paste aur tees maar khan ki diyi hui zabaan kabhi vapas nahi jaati”

The half Robin Hood from Tees Maar Khan surely knew how to tickle the audience’s funny bones even in the serious scene!

9. “Aiyyyyhhh !!! Kyo Thak Rahe ho?”

This famous funny Bollywood dialogue has been part of many memes and GIF. How old this dialogue from Housefull 3 may get, every time we hear it, we get a fist of lough!

10. “Is baar angreji mai tumko Barack Obama ki ma bhi fail nahi kar sakti”

Jolly LLB-2 might have not set the box office at the blaze, but this dialogue from the movie surely did. Akki and his comic timings can never go wrong.

Shakti Kapoor

The actor did many villainous roles. However, he got fame with his peculiar characters and his funny dialogues that can make you ROFL anytime.

11. “Main to nanha sa pyaara sa chota sa bachcha hu”

This super hit funny hindi dialogue from Chalbaaz made Shakti Kapoor a star. Not only the dialogue but even his body gestures during this dialogue need a round of applause.

12. “Main hu Nandu, sabka bandhu”

He might be not a Raja Babu, but he definitely knows how to woe the audience with his cute dialogue delivery and dressing sense.

13. “Crime master Gogo naam hai mera aakhen nikaal kar gotiyan khelta hu main gotiya”

This famous Bollywood dialogue became instantly synonymous with Shakti Kapoor. The crime master Gogo from Andaaz Apna Apna won many hearts and is still ruling many hearts.

14. “Samajhta nahi hai yaar”

The dialogue from 90’hit movie Raja Babu is one of the most used funniest dialogues amongst all the generations.

Paresh Rawal

The dialogue from the 90’hit movie Raja Babu is one of the most used funny dialogues in Hindi amongst all the generations.

15. “Yeh Babu Rao ka style.”

Babu Rao from Hera Pheri has his own swag. This peppery short funny hindi dialogue has been part of many memes and can even crack us.

16. “Aree baba wrong number hai to uthati kyo hai”

We still can’t get over Babu Rao. This is another funny dialogue from the same movie that caught many attentions.

17. “Kauva Kitna bhi washing machine mein naha le….bagula nahi banta”.

Paresh Rawal definitely knows how to make his audience laugh even in the most serious scene, and this is definitely one of them, from his movie Hungama.

18. “Teja mai hu…mark idhar hai”

Technically, this isn’t the funniest dialogue, but this dialogue made the audience instantly burst into the laughter.

Nana Patekar

The actor, writer, filmmaker and philanthropist, Nana Patekar has worn many hats in his remarkable career, but he is best known for comical dialogues.

19. “Bhagwan ka diya hua sab kuch hai … daulat hai, shauhrat hai, izzat hai”

Welcome back was not stunner like its preceder but it had some of the best and humorous dialogues from the legend that made the movie a little tolerable.

20. “Achha hai, bahut achha hai.”

The one-liner became sensational as soon as his movie Parinda released. Many famous comedians have mimicked the dialogue, but no one was close to what Nana did.

21. “Aloo lelo, kanda lelo…subah se na ek aloo bika hai Naa bika hai aadha kanda”

Have you ever seen a greengrocer nicely dressed in 3 piece suit? Well, only Nana Patekar can pull this. The dialogue is from the famous movie Welcome.

22. “Sale teri aankhe bahut bolti hai, gali de rahi hai”

Nana is at best when it comes to one liners. This dialogue from Krantiveer might not be funny, but you can’t stop yourself laughing!

Funny Dialogues for Whisper Challenge

There is much famous comedy dialogue in Hindi that one can use while playing whisper challenge. It is undoubtedly one of the fun games that be played during sleepovers, date night, and get to gather. This game is so easy to play. All you would need is a pair of headphones and dialogues to mouthed. The game could be played between two or more people. In this one has to wear headphones and listen songs and another person has mouthed the dialogues. Another person has to guess the dialogue. Here we have listed some of the dialogue for whisper challenge in Hindi.

23. Saanp ke phan se pichwada mat khujao … zeher phail gaya toh septic ho jayega

The dialogue is from the Blockbuster Raanjhanaa. This is a perfect funny dialogue for whisper challenge. Do try this dialogue, we bet your friend would not be able to guess it right.

24. Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti?

There would be hardly any dialogue from the supremely hit movie Sholay, but this dialogue won many hearts. It is one of the apt Hindi dialogue s for whisper challenge.

25. Bahut ghoor raha hai … kya behen ki shaadi karayega mujhse?

This is also one of the peppy dialogues from of the Bollywood movie. It is ideal for whisper challenge dialogues. Do give this dialogue a try!

26. Name toh kamaal che … par surname bawaal che

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela is one of the best Bollywood movies. The dialogue caught much attention and is one of the famous dialogues for whisper challenge.

27. Yeh haath hai ki hathoda … kido ki basti mein kaun aa gaya makoda

This is one of the tricky yet funny Bollywood dialogues that would be fun to mouth during the whisper challenge. The dialogues will definitely tickle your funny bone.

28. Dye karne ki umar mein ladai karne nikle hai

This is yet another famous funny dialogue from the movie Welcome Back. The movie had many hilarious dialogues, but this is amongst the classy Hindi dialogues for whisper challenge.

29. Jinda Hu Yar,Kaafi Hai.

Though the dialogue is not humorous, it surely qualifies for whisper challenge. The dialogue is from the Bollywood film Lootera and is quite famous, unlike the movie!

30. Tension Lene Ka Nahi Dene ka

What could be best than this funny dialogue for whisper challenge? Do give this dialogue a shot, and before guessing the dialogue, the people will burst into laughter!


Actors like Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, and Nana Patekar are known for great comic timings. They have mouthed some of the dialogues that have become popular over the years because of the comical way they have said it. In this blog, we have listed out all the funny dialogues from Bollywood movies that will tickle your funny bones. Not just this, the blog also has a few peppy dialogues that are perfect for whisper challenge.

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