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The fun of board games rewinds our childhood memories. Isn’t it?  Now when we have shifted to online entertainment, we get so many online gaming options. Thanks to these online games, we don’t get bored even when we are alone. While traveling or when alone, we can enjoy online games that introduce us to the excitement of competition and making in-game friends.

Best Real Money Earning Games in India 2021

Wonder how amazing it would be if you could earn money while playing the game! Yes, this is possible, and you can play games and earn money on your phone.  We have listed 25 online money earning games on this blog. I hope you would give it a try.

1. Rummy Passion

Among many Rummy online games, this is one of the most trusted and loved online money earning games. If you are a card game lover, you might have tried other card games like deals rummy, rummy circle, etc but this version will give you good graphics and a chance to play with real opponents. 

About the game

Like poker, this is an exciting card game where you need to deposit money and bet. If you are lucky enough or have skills and tricks to win the game, you can win good rewards.

Cash Prizes

  • Get Rs.7000
  • Registration is free

2. My11Circle

Similar to Fantasy cricket, in this game, you become the selector of a cricket or football team and choose 11 members. Further, you can direct the player placement and strategize to win matches.

About the game

According to their statistics, you have to choose the players, decide the batting order, plans, attacker players, defender, and strategies that you win the match. After the free registration, you need to deposit to participate in the active game.

Cash Prizes

  • The registration of players is free.
  • The players can win upto Rs.1500

3. PokerBaazi

It is one of the most trusting online money earning games in India. PokerBaazi is legal and listened so you can safely join the game. It is the ultimate destination for a variety of card games.

About the game

PokerBaazi has many varients of interesting online poker games. It allows the players to be involved in playing tournaments, Supper Sunday bazzi games, and multiple series depending on your skill level.

Cash Prizes

  • The players can take part in the Indian Micro Poker series to win from 2 crores.
  • If you participate in a free entry tournament, you can win up to 15 lakh.
  • The players will get 100% deposit bonus.
  • You can get 40% cashback.
  • The players can earn loyalty rewards.


LOCO is one of the most downloaded online money earning games in India. It is an online adaption of the well-known TV quiz game, KBC. You can sharpen your knowledge and play this quiz game to win rewards and real cash.

About the game

The game will give you four options for every question. You need to pick the correct answer and gain points. The more you point you win, the more cash you can withdraw. If you give wrong options you will need to restart the game.

Cash Prizes

  • The players can win up to 1 crore every day.
  • There is a chance that you win in every game.

5. LeoVegas

Leo Vegas is not a gaming website, but you can play live casino with a place bet on the well-known sports. You should play the game if you are above 18 years and not break the rule.

About the game

This game offers live betting on Cricket, football, basketball, or virtual games. This is a user-friendly website and one of the most trusted online money earning games in India.

Cash Prizes

  • The player can register and get up to  Rs.35000.

6. Royal Panda

The games offer a wide range of casino games which has real dealers and real players. You can play it on the app or website.

About the game

There are many variants of casino games for active players. You can visit the website to explore the game. If you are new in this game, you can take up tutorials as well.

Cash Prizes

  • The players will get 100% deposit bonus.
  • One can win a bonus of up to Rs.10,000.
  • Win 10 spins for in-game fortune wheel.

7. Genesis Casino

If you are a big fan of casino games, you will surely love the casino game’s online version. There dealer and player are real, and the winners can win real cash.

About the game

There are variants of games you can choose to play on the website. The players can try their hands on Monopoly, Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and many more.

Cash Prizes

  • The players can win Rs.10,000 on wining.
  • The Deposit money comes back to the player with a 100% bonus.

8. Funbet

If you are a sports lover, you will surely love to take active participation in the games. This is one of the loved online money earning games in India. However, this game is only for the players above 18 years old. If you have play Cricket PC games, then you are sure to love this platform too.

About the game

You can play cricket, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball using this platform.  Primarily you are the selector of the team and director of the game.

Cash Prizes

  • Rs.4000 bonus on first deposit.

9. Poker Dangal

This is another poker game loved by gamers. You can register and bet to win cash and entertain yourself.

About the game

This is a smooth, exciting, and fair game which is ready to thrill you. Play a different variant of poker in this one platform.

Cash Prizes

  • The players can register and get Rs.500 as a welcome bonus.
  • Play more cash as you keep winning.

10. Spartan Poker

This is one of the best poker online money earning website in India. This is user friendly, smooth, and fair gaming website. You can experience to play using this platform if you are a beginner.

About the game

You will find various poker variants, including rummy, stud poker, and more. You can explore the website to learn more.

Cash Prizes

  • The registration is free for the players.
  • The players can get Rs.1000 bonus as welcome cash.
  • You can get Rs.100 for playing free poker online.

11. Ace2Three(A23)

This is one of the best rummy apps to win cash through online games. It offers you tutorial games if you are a beginner.

About the game

The game offer interesting variants like Sit & Go, Points Rummy, Pool Games, Gun Shot, and more. They also host periodic contests. So what are you waiting for? If you are `8 years and above, then you can start gaming here.

Cash Prizes

  • The players can win up to Rs.25 lakhs.

12. Pocket52

This is one of the best pocket poker online money earning games. You can play poker anywhere you feel like.

About the game

The players have to be 18 years and above. The game has various variants of pokers in the platform.

Cash Prizes

  • The player can register and win a bonus amount of Rs.5600
  • You can win up to Rs.50,000 in the game.

13. Casoola

This is another casino gaming platform in India. It is a safe and legal gaming website. You can enjoy your time with yourself and this entertaining game.

About the game

The website offers various casino games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Baccarat, and many more.

Cash Prizes

  • The players will get a 100% bonus cash.
  • The players can earn Rs.30,000 on winning the game.
  • The winners will get 20 free spins.

14. Pure Casino

This is another casino game which will make you earn real money while playing. This is so entertaining that you will easily get the hang of it. However, make sure that whoever is playing the game is 18 years and above.

About the game

This is a casino game with variants, including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and more.

Cash Prizes

  • Free registration
  • 100% bonus on welcome deposit
  • Rs.10,000 on first deposit

Best Paytm Cash Earning Games in India

Paytm is a well-known app that has extended its arena to the gaming industry under the name of Paytm First Games. Paytm gives a unique platform of hundreds of games under one roof.  It has the following features.

  • It has more than 300 games.
  • There is more than 4.5 crore of active players.
  • The money earned in-game can be instantly withdrawn
  • This gaming platform is 100% legal and safe.

How to Register

It is effortless to register for Paytm First Games. Download and register with Paytm App or Paytm First Game App from the app store.  Further, verify your account to get the withdrawal money.

1. Ludo – Paytm First

Ludo is a fun board game that can be enjoyed by the family with laughter. This famous house game has easy rules, and the online version is very transparent to make it a fair game.

About the game

The online board game allows four players for a round. There are four color sections, red, green, yellow, and blue. Players need to take their pieces from home to the endpoint while moving each step, rolling a dice. The one who reaches home first is the winner.

Ludo Lakhpati Tournament is a series of Ludo matches. In every round, three players are eliminated, and one stands out to be the winner. By the end of the matches, we get one champion who is declared as a winner.

Cash Prizes

Paytm Ludo is one of the interesting free online money earning games. You can earn real money by following ways:

  • The players can win 10 lakh Paytm Cash according to their ranks in the tournament.
  • If you refer this game to your friends, you can win Rs.1000 Paytm Cash

2. Rummy Circle

Rummy is a popular card matching game very similar to solitaire. There are multiple variants of this game, like arranging the cards in suits or sequences in many online Rummy Apps. Here you can comfortably choose the preferred region while logging in and choose to play. The player across the globe participates in this game with a personal avatar.

About the game

There are many variants of rummy, and you can play Classic Rummy or Indian Rummy. Paytm rummy has designed 13 cards points rummy. The game allows a multiplayer table where 2 to 6 players can play together. You can play with top rummy real players and show your skills.

Cash Prizes

  • The Rummy Circle players can win upto 20 Lakh daily.
  • Paytm assures 100% bonus on the first deposit.
  • If you use a referral code or refer this game to a friend, you can win Rs.350 to Rs.500.

3. Quiz

Paytm First Quiz is a simple knowledge-based game. If you believe in your brainpower and knowledge, then this is the game for you. This is game that you can allow your kids to play as you allow them to use learning apps.

About the game

Paytm Quiz is an interactive mind sport that shoots up questions with four options, and you need to click on the correct option. With each correct choice, you will accumulate points. If you clicked on the wrong answer, you need to restart the game or use the life to continue playing.

Cash Prizes-

Paytm Quiz is one of the most engaging online real money earning games in India. Look for the following ways of earning through the game:

  • The players get 10 points for every correct answer.
  • You can accumulate the points and redeem in the form of coupons or cash.
  • The players can win Rs. 5 crores Paytm Cash daily.

4. Fantasy Cricket Game

Cricket is the most loved sport in India, be it on field or online. Now you can play Cricket in Paytm and join the thrill of domestic, international, T20, and premium league fixture to win in lakhs. 

About the game

Paytm Cricket Fantasy has detailed cricket rules and a points system. You can gain points for batting, bowling, and fielding. The game players are the team selectors and determine the minute details, including batsman order, captaincy, and much more.

Cash Prize-

  • You can win 10 crore every single day.
  • Players can get 100% Paytm Cash.

5. Snake Wars

The oldest game we can remember playing is snake and maze. The upgraded format of that game is snake wars in Paytm First Games. You can play this easy yet engaging game and win real cash.

About the game

The game comes in good graphics, and multiple players can play together. You have to control the snake to collect most stars while avoiding hitting any other player. All the players and their scores are displayed on the top right.

Cash Prizes

  • Get Rs.50 on sign-in.
  • The players can win Rs.5000 Paytm Cash.

6. Cooking Master Games

If you love to cook and aspire to become a chef, you can feel the chef vibes while playing this game. Here you need to deliver delicious-looking food and win exciting cash prizes.

About the game

When you start playing the game, you become the chef of high-end restaurants. You need to assemble the dishes ordered and deliver as fast as you can. This game can improve your visual memory as well.

Cash Prizes

  • The players can win Rs.1000 daily.
  • You can get Rs.50 when you sign-in.

7. Wheel of Fortune

Paytm Wheel of Fortune is the real online money earning games in India. You can play with real players and guess the right number to win.

About the game

Paytm First Game, Wheel of Fortune, is a complete luck based game. You need to pay small amounts to spin the wheel and vouch on the number on the wheel. If the pointer stopped at the number you paid for, you would get the amount by other players. You need to pay Rs 10 for one spin, Rs. 100 for 10 spins and Rs.1000 for 100 spins.

Cash Prizes

  • The players will get the Paytm cash of the exact amount one wins.

8. Ball Pool

Paytm 8 Ball Pool is one of the most played online cash earning games in India. You can play with real players and enjoy the game with a wide chance of winning cash and rewards. 

About the game

A group or two players can play this game. The players have to pocket balls of solid color and striped balls by rival teams. After pocketing the balls, players can then legally pocket 8-ball to win.

Cash Prizes

  • Refer to friends and let them earn Rs.15 for each referral.
  • The players can receive 100% Cashback with Paytm First Game Membership.

9. Candy Match

One of the most simple and exciting online game to earn money is Candy match.  You can play this game for hours and unlock new levels. You would not have thought that playing a matching game can help you win real cash.

About the game

The players have to match the similar candies to destroy it and gain points. It is a straightforward game which anyone can play when they get bored. So you can try playing this fun game.

Cash Prizes

  • You can use the referral codes and earn Rs.350 to Rs.500.
  • The players can win exciting cash rewards and cashback. 

10. Social Casino

Three cards game is a social casino game, which is very interesting, and one has to involve with it to win. So show your card skills and bet the opponents to win the game.

About the game

This common poker variant is a very common online game where people spend hours enjoying the game. The game distributes three cards to each player and decides on the bet after analyzing the hand rank. The player needs to decide whether to challenge the bet or not. One who bets the opponents with higher card ranks eventually wins.

Cash Prizes

  • You can refer to friends and earn upto Rs.500.
  • The sign-in by the new player will make you earn Rs.50.

11. Block Puzzle

The block puzzle game is one of the most loved online money earning games in India. It is a simple yet good brain booster game to play.

About the game

You need to arrange the dropping blocks incomplete vertical or horizontal lines in the game without leaving any space.  If you happen to leave the space, then the screen with gradually be filled with blocks, and you would need to restart it. The more lines you make, you gain more points.

Cash Prizes

  • If you join the game using your referral code, you can win Rs.350 to Rs.500.
  • You can win upto Rs.1000 by merely playing a block puzzle. 

How to Withdraw the Paytm First Games Winning Cash?

The most asked question about the Paytm online game is- Will I really get the money? The answer is yes. Follow the steps below and get the money withdrawal from you game app.


  1. Go to the Paytm First Games App.
  2. Click on the verify option as you cannot withdraw money unless you are a verified user.
  3. You need to enter PAN number, your name, state while verifying.
  4. Now click on the ‘Balance’ icon on the homepage.
  5. You can see the list of winning amounts.
  6. Select the amount you wish to withdraw.
  7. Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button to activate.
  8. Use the amount to transfer in your Paytm wallet or bank account.


Gaming is not just an activity to pass the time; rather, it can be brain booster, entertaining, skill improving, and add value to you. We love to play the game, but it is even wonderful when we can win real cash playing the game. Therefore, we have listed the 25 best online money earning games for you, which is safe, smooth, and legal. We hope you try a few of these games and let us know which one did you like.

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