Good habits for kids are stepping-stone. They help them to evolve as a good human being and citizen. While we all want our kids to be smart and intelligent, but we hardly motivate them for the same. Moreover, in our hectic schedules, we hardly find time for our kids, which can also impact their growth and development.

Parents should spend quality time with their kids and make them learn the basics of life in the best way possible. Being a parent, we want our kids to be sincere and true to everybody, but do we practice the same? The answer would be no for many of us. Most of us lie to our kids in order to hide things from them, which is not the right way. Instead, you should make them understand what is right and what is wrong, another mistake that most of the parents commit is –they scold their kids, which in a way leads to a bad impact. Rather than scolding the kids, we must try to make them understand in the creative ways or in a different way, which would be ideal for them to understand.

It’s not wrong to say every parent learn with their kids. In this blog, we have curated 12 good habits that you can inculcate among your kids from the right age so that they grow up a better person.

List of Good Habits for kids that Every parent Should Teach:

1. Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating habit for Kids

Healthy eating is one of the important habits that parents should teach amongst kids from an early age. Parents should teach their kids about the importance of eating healthy food, vegetables, and fruits. Kids should avoid eating junk foods from a very early age as it could harm their health. While teaching about eating habits, parents should themselves follow the same. However, if the kid urges to eat something fancy, parents can prepare easy to make healthy snacks for kids at home. Also, kids should be taught to follow an ideal diet.

Parents should ensure that their kids consume breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. Do not encourage your kids to skip their meals; also, they should finish their food. In addition to the food, they must drink 7-8 glasses of water and milk and freshly made juices.

2. Maintain Cleanliness

Cleanliness and good hygiene go hand in hand. Parents should teach their kids about good hygiene and how they can maintain cleanliness around. First things first, teach them to wash their hands properly before and after having food.

They should also know the importance of regular brushing. While most of the focus on brushing but what we avoid is how to brush. One should educate kids about the right way of brushing teeth in the morning and before going to sleep.

Keeping a check on their hygiene will ensure that they do not suffer from any diseases. Moreover, one should make sure that kids regularly take a bath that, too, in the morning before going to school. Also, take them regularly to the salon for a hair trim. Most importantly, they should trim their nails as soon as they grow and not forget to clean their ears regularly.

3. Sound Sleep is Must

It is essential for kids to develop good sleeping habits from the beginning itself. Otherwise, they would find a problem to get a sound sleep later in their life. Like adults, kids need to take sufficient rest and what could be better than a good night’s sleep. Ensure your kid sleeps for 7-8 hours.

Also, he should follow a time table that has his waking up and sleeping timings. A sound sleep is beneficial for the healthy development of the child. They should follow the mantra ”Early to rise, early to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

4. Exercising Regularly

Teach Exercise to kids

Exercising regularly is not only good for kids but is also suitable for parents. It maintains the peace of the mind and kips your healthy and fit. Kids can start their day with the light exercise, followed by a healthy food plant that keeps them going for the entire day. Parents should also encourage their kids to play outdoor games as such games help strengthen the muscles and keep them active.

Besides exercises, yoga is also an excellent way to lead a healthy life. You can practice light yoga asanas with your kids regularly.

5. Kids Should Respect Everyone

teach respect to kids

Next in our list, good habits for kids is to make your kids learn to respect everyone. Regardless of age and status, kids should respect everyone. They should talk politely with their elders and youngsters. They should be respectful to every person around them, including house help. Start with teaching them two magical words that are Sorry and Thank you. These two words are not only respectful but also make them a good human being.

Tell your kid to say Thank you whenever someone helps him or her or do good to them and say Sorry when they commit a mistake unintentionally. Greeting words like Thank you and Sorry will make your kid a warm-hearted and polite person. Also, they will understand the importance of forgiving.

6. Handling Money

Being a parent, we either do not give money to the kids thinking that they won’t be able to use it wisely or if we have to provide them with, we choose not to ask the whereabouts of the money. Instead of doing this, from a very early age, they should be taught about the importance of a single penny.

You can start with-giving your kids are regular pocket money and advise them to use it wisely. They should also learn the benefits of saving. You can also gift them piggy banks and help them to save money in the piggy bank. Besides this, ask your kids to buy stuff from nearby shops to observe how they are at buying.

7. Help Them to Read and Write

reading habit for Kids

One of the crucial good habits for kids is to learn the importance of reading. Reading can help them understand things fast. For this, you would have to gift them good reading books. If your child is too small to read, you can start by reading them a bedtime story and later ask them to read the story. Besides books, there are many best learning apps or kids that can help your kids to clear basic concepts.

Educational apps are also useful for making your kids understand a particular subject like maths and English. Apart from reading, you should also encourage them to write, to pen down their thoughts. It will also improve their creative skills and sharpen their brain.

8. Stop them From Littering in the Public Area

While it is essential to make your kid understand the importance of cleanliness at home, it is equally necessary for them not to litter the public places. They should understand that as an ideal citizen, it is their responsibility to maintain cleanliness in public places.

They should use the dustbin to throw waste. Also, ensure they do not write on the walls and follow all the rules and regulations that are listed on the entrance of the particular place. For example, they should pluck flowers and leaves in the garden.

9. Kids Should be Honest

While we all know that ‘’Honesty is the best policy’’ however, we hardly follow it. If you do not want the same to be repeated by your kids, ensure that they are honest. They should be honest in every circumstance. The best way to teach the value of trues honesty amongst kids is to not yell at for petty things.

Sometimes they lie to others to save themselves from the scolding. Motivate them to speak the truth. You can do so by maintaining the same value in you.

10. Hard Work and Patience

Patience and hard work go hand in hand. Your kid must understand the value of hard work. They should be smart at times, but the end of hard work will only pay them right. Besides hardworking, they should have patience. Hardworking would make them a better person. This also goes for the studies. They should be hardworking and open to new learning.

To make them learn the importance of patience and hardworking, you can give them creative tasks or encourage them to participate in activities like gardening, cooking, poetry, etc.

11. Importance of Sharing

Teach Kids to Sharing Things

One of the good habits for kids is to learn the importance of sharing. To inculcate this habit in your kid, you can ask them to share their lunch with their friends. Not only this, but they should also be kind enough to share their things with others.

Sharing is not only about objects. It is about emotions, feelings, and other elements. Moreover, they should not be rude to each other instead of try to help others.

12. Time Management and Punctuality

Parents should also teach their kids about time management and how they should remain organized in life. Good time management will allow your kid to prosper in life as they would be able to manage their time wisely and make most of it. In this way, they would be able to all the activities and work at the promised time.

Time management will also make them understand the importance of punctuality. They should not others wait; instead, learn to respect time as time waits for none. They should be punctual and organized.


Here we have listed some of the fey good habits for kids that every parent should teach them from the beginning. It is good to make your kids understand the meaning of hardworking, sharing, time management, sincerity, cleanliness, and others at an early age so that they mold accordingly. These habits would not only help them to be good person but will also help in their proper development. Do share some of the good habits that you have taught amongst your kids.

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