Live with Covid-19

The health ministry of India has said that we would have to learn to live with Covid-19. With the increase in the number of people infected with Coronavirus, there is no early tapering of the diseases. People would have to adjust to a new normal – of sanitization and social distancing. It will become part of our regular life. According to the latest reports, corona cases will be drastically going up in coming months. In order to save yourself, follow all the safety measures as directed by WHO.

Tips to Live with Covid-19:

There are certain tips and safety measures that one must abide by in order to live with Covid-19, without infecting themselves.

Tips to Stay Safe at your Home:

With all the information related to COVID-19, pouring-in, we are sure that the only places that are safe for use during this pandemic are our home or the place where we live. However, to cope with the situation, one should follow all the safety measures at home.

1. Wash your hands with soap and water or Uses Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

First things first, in order to save yourself from the Coronavirus, it is essential to wash your hands thoroughly frequently. Besides washing hands, one should also use a hand sanitizer that has above 70% of alcohol. The alcohol tends to kill all the bacteria surfacing on the hands and helps you to live with Covid-19. Also, one must wash his/her hands for 20 seconds.

2. Avoid Going in the Crowded Places

It’s good to be safe rather than sorry, so it would be wise to stay at home if possible. However, if you have to step out of the house, make sure you make do not join the crowd; you never know who might be carrying the virus.  Make sure you wear face mask – ideally N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks and hand gloves while moving out. It is found that people who have a weak immune system are mainly affected by the Corona Virus. Since kids and senior citizens are more prone to this deadly virus, they should avoid stepping out.

3. Frequently Clean Things Around

Even dust particles can be carriers of Corona, so it is better to clean all the objects around you. You can use the same hand sanitizer to clean all the objects.

4. Keep New Things Under Sun

There is no official report stating that high temperatures can kill the virus, but it is one of the most effective ways to live with Covid-19. Keep all the things, including groceries etc. in the sun for a few hours. You can also keep non-edible things in the sun for a few days, or at least seven days until the germ or virus does not wards off completely.

5. Social Distancing is the New Mantra

Though being India, our culture teaches us to fold hands and say Namaste in order to greet others. However, most of us like to follow western culture and shake hands with people instead. With Covid-19, this western practice might prove dreadful to you. You ever know with the person who is shaking hands might be carrying the virus. So maintain a social distance with everyone around.

6. Do Not Let Others Step in your Home

To save yourself from the COVID-19, it would be wise not to let garbage pickers or delivery boy enter your house. You can create a spot around your home where you can keep the garbage, and the garbage picker can pick it. The same goes for the delivery boys as well. Ask them to keep the currier on the main door.

7. Go Cashless

Though it is not that easy at it sounds. Using cash has its benefits. Since it saves your time, and it is one of the traditional modes of payment. However, you can sign –up at digital platforms like Paytm and Google Pay to pay the money. You can even transfer the money from one bank account to the other. One of the main drawbacks of using cash is that it could work as a carrier of the virus-from hands to the other. To prevent yourself from all kinds of exposure, it is good to avoid using cash instead of using digital platforms for smart payment.

8. Boost Your Immunity

Exercises and certain foods can help you boost immunity. A strong immune system means that you are at low risk of getting infected from the virus.

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Tips to Stay Safe at your Work Place

After much of precautions, the government of India has finally allowed some of the offices to open. Initially, only 33% of the staff was recognized at the office premises. However, with the latest update, management can ask all their employees to come office. Yet, there is a set of guidelines directed by WHO, which every organization must follow. Being an employee, you can take simple measures to prevent yourself from the infection in the office.

1. Social Distancing is the Key

One of the best practices that would help you to live with Covid-19 is social distancing. By now, we all are used to the same, and same we should continue at the workplace. Maintain a distance from your colleagues also, avoid sharing lunch and snacks with others. Moreover, wear masks and hand gloves.

2. Regularly Clean the Surface in Objects

This goes without saying-clean all the objects that include table surfaces, laptops, smartphones, chairs, and other objects around thoroughly. Also, avoid touching your face- eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Regularly Wash your Hands with Soap and Water or use Hand Sanitizer

Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. Moreover, keep a hand sanitizer along with you and sanitize your hands now and then.

Tips to Stay Safe from Covid-19 while Traveling

People who ought to travel because of the unavoidable reasons must follow all the basic hygiene rules listed above. In addition to it, clean your hands regularly and make the distance from people in the queue.


With the spread of the Covid-19, we have to learn to live with the pandemic.  To deal with the current situation and stay safe, one should follow some safety measures like cleaning hands frequently, wearing masks, and hand gloves, making a social distance. Also, one should avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth as they act as the main entry gate for the virus.

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