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The competition between mobile network service providers has grown significantly in the recent past. The Jio mobile network entered the market with a great pump with free SIM and unlimited calls. But gradually, the customers enjoyed similar benefits offered by other service providers as well.

The Telecom sector of India allows the port of one SIM to another. This service is called Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which helps you keep the same number yet change the service provider. So if you want to port Jio to Airtel number, then you can use this service easily.

In this blog, we have guided you with all the details necessary to answer how to port from Jio to Airtel? 

How to Port from Jio to Airtel?

Today, porting your present number to another network is hassle-free through the Mobile Number Portability service.  There are simple methods that allows you to place the request through SMS, and you can port Jio to Airtel easily. Here we have listed all the necessary steps involved in this process.

Methods to Port Jio to Airtel Number

There are some methods to port your Jio to Airtel number as listed below.

Send an SMS to 1900

This section of the blog will address your question of how to send a port message from Jio to convert it to the Airtel network.  Read the steps below:  

  1. Go to your message box to start a new conversation.
  2. Type PORT, give space and enter a 10-digit Jio number that is presently in use.
  3. Send this message to 1900.
  4. Soon, you will receive the message with UPC (Unique Porting Code) along with validity details.

Visit the Airtel Store

  • Locate the nearest Airtel store for further steps.
  • The customer care executive will ask for the UPC to process the porting request.

Produce Required Documents

  • You need to produce the identification and address proof documents.
  • Take two passport size photographs along with the documents.

New Airtel SIM will be issued

  • The customer executive will carry out mandatory eKYC verification.
  • The new Airtel SIM card will be handed over to you or delivered to you.
  • The SIM will be active in a few days.

Jio to Airtel Port for Prepaid Users

All prepaid Jio numbers can be easily be converted to the Airtel network by following the steps above. If you are presently using the Jio prepaid number, then wait for its plan to get exhausted. After that, you can go ahead to change your Jio to Airtel number. Likewise, Vodafone to Jio port number also requires similar steps. You can contact customer care if you have any queries regarding this. 

Port Jio to Airtel Number for Postpaid Users

Jio to Airtel port for postpaid users includes similar steps. However, you have to make sure that all your bills are paid to date. This is because you have to produce your latest bill receipt for KYC verification. We would advise that we start the porting process by the end of the payment cycle. This will save you from unwanted dispensaries.  

How Long will it take to Port from Jio to Airtel SIM?

Generally, the entire porting process takes around 3-7 days after raising the request. So converting Jio to Airtel number will also take around 7 days depending on certain conditions. Let’s look for various situations which decide on the porting duration:

  • It will take around 3-5 working days if your Jio to Airtel number Change is within the same telecom circle.
  • The process will take 7 days if your Jio to Airtel port is for other telecom circles.
  • It will take around 15 days if you have applied for port within or outside J&K circle and North Eastern states.

How to Port Jio to Airtel Successful?

If you are wondering how to check Airtel mobile number from SIM was successful or not! This section will help you with methods to ensure it.

MNP of Jio to Airtel is easy and simple. Till now, you have read how to apply for SIM porting. So, after submitting the MNP application, you will receive the notification on the alternative number provided.

This notification contains a verification code.

Now insert the new Airtel SIM in your phone and call 59059 and verify the code received in alternate number. You can start using the new Airtel number and discard the old Jio sim card.

Using the same method, you can port Vodafone to Airtel network as well.

Are you Eligible for Porting Process?

If you wish to apply for Jio to Airtel port, then you need to meet just one criterion. You need to be a user of Jio for three months or 90 days and above. Through MNP services, you can change Jio to Airtel number.

Required Documents for Porting Process

The services of MNP from Jio to Airtel require to identify the customer and assure that they are the valid customer. For the process of porting, KYC, or eKYC is necessary. The customer care executive accepts selected documents for preceding the process. We have listed the documents that you can carry with you when you visit the Airtel store:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Monthly bill receipt (for Postpaid customer)

What is Unique Porting Code (UPC)?

Unique porting code (UPC) is a code for verification that is sent to the subscribers after applying for Mobile Number Portability services. When you visit the store, the customer care executive will ask for UPC to further precede the process. It comes with validly and expiry duration. Further, we will read about that too.

What is the validity of UPC, and when it expires?

In the process of the port from Jio to Airtel, UPC has an important role to play, as discussed above. The UPC is valid only for five days from the day of its generation. It will be used in the Airtel store for porting the mobile number. In fact, you can use it only once at one Airtel store. 

This code expires in five days, and in such cases, you need to apply again. Further, new application requests will be made, and a new UPC will be generated to port from Jio to Airtel.


To convert from one mobile network to another has become easy by TRAI. It provides the facility of MNP services that requires you to submit an application, and the process begins for the SIM change.

Here we have listed the detailed method of Jio to Airtel port. It has different requirements for prepaid and postpaid Jio customers for the conversion. Go through the blog to know more about the porting process.


1. Can we port Jio to Airtel online?

You can port Jio to Airtel number through an online website as well. Go to the Airtel official website and find Postpaid and Prepaid tabs on the home page. Click on this tab and go to the port to Airtel. Fill doorstep KYC form and select plans. Now generate your UPC verification code and get the SIM delivered to your doorstep.

2. How much does it cost to port Jio to Airtel?

Every time you apply for port Jio to Airtel, you will be charged Rs 6.46 as Jio porting fees.

3. Can I port Jio Sim to another network?

Type PORT space your Jio mobile number and send it to 1900. Go through the blog to know the details of each step involved.

4. Is porting to Jio free?

No, Jio Porting charges are around ₹ 6.46 per convert.

5. How do I port my SIM card?

Go through the detailed blog to know the steps for Jio SIM conversion to Airtel. Similar steps are followed in porting the other SIM numbers as well.

Garima Kaushis

Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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