Best Property Sites in India

Gone are the days when one had to look for a real estate agent who could help him to get the best of the property at the preferred location and within the budget. In today’s day and age we have hundreds of online portals that could guide you for the best property. Most of these websites directly connect customers with the homeowners, and some help you to find out the best property agent for buying selling or renting the property.

Amongst all, here we have curated 15 top-rated property sites in India. These websites have received positive feedback from their customers and offer you vast information with suitable information about the property.

Best Property Sites in India:

1. 99 Acres

99 Acres

First, in our list of best property sites in India is 99 Acres. Undoubtedly it is one of the famous portals for real estate in the country. All thanks to the vast features and services it promises to offer. 

The USP of this site is resale. Yes, you can resale the property that you have already bought on 99 Acres. It also offers you an array of societies in different locations. Adding to it, the online portal also allows you to rent, buy, and sell the property at the price point you like.

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2. MagicBricks


Led by Times Internet Limited, MagicBricks is one of the most preferred websites for renting and buying a property in India. It provides a platform to the property sellers and buyers to locate the properties of their interest and source detailed information about all the property-related problems in the country. 

It has a user-friendly, buying search engine, and its results are quite satisfying. If you are planning to rent your apartment, office, or any other property, the portal has a sufficient database to help you. What makes this platform stand out from others is the fact the images shown on the website are good quality, and it offers detailed research that helps you to buy an ideal property.

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3. NestAway


Known to be India’s fastest growing managed home network, NestAway is amongst the top property listing sites in India. It started in the year 2015, and by now it has contributed to its users in a huge way. In the last five years, NestAway has become one of the preferred portals for men, women, and families that need to relocate due to work.

It has been associated with the leading organizations that higher foreign staff. Also, the online platform has come up with the referral program wherein you can earn a hefty amount while referring your friends and relatives to buy or rent the property via NestAway.

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4. Makaan

Makaan com

Known as India’s only real estate platform with more than 10, 000 highly rated sellers; Makaan is one of the best websites for buying properties in India. It provides quality data and information about the properties that help the users to make a sound decision while buying or renting the property. It has a mobile app with the same name from where you can go through all the properties effortlessly.

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5. Sulekha Properties

Sulekha Properties

Another best property sites in India is Sulekha properties. What makes this portal unique from other similar websites is the fact that it provides detailed information about the property search in your city or the city you are planning to move to. Also, it caters its services in small cities as well, including south Indian cities.

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6. NoBroker 


This property site is ideal for all people out there who are struggling to buy a property within their budget. NoBroker, as the name says, allows you to search for an array of properties at your preferred location, and then it does not include the fee of the broker. It directly connects the seller with the buyer and eliminates all the other hassles. Since there are no broker’s fees included; thus, you tend to save a lot of money each month. With thousands of happy customers, it is one of the top-rated property sites in India.

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7. IndiaProperty 


What made this site in this list of best property sites in India is the fact that it offers detailed information about properties. Thus, it is the perfect portal for buying properties in your preferred location. It also provides vast information about the location and the area, including smaller cities in which you want to buy a property.

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8. Housing

Housing com

The next best real estate website in India is Housing. What makes this website top rated portal for the property is its accurate information. The portal lets you know every single thing about the property without making exaggerating it. So you can rest assured for all the information and data as it will be accurate and updated timely. The portal has quality data, which is the reason why people prefer to buy or sell the property on Housing. Also, you can buy a property outside the country as well through Housing.

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9. CommonFloor


CommonFloor initially started as an apartment management solution provider in the year 2007. Soon the company expanded its services and became a go-to real estate platform for buying property and managing vendors and apartments. CommonFloor allows you to purchase your favorite property in metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other to name.

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10. PropTiger


This online real estate advisory portal has an exhaustive range of properties. The portal helps you at every stage of property buying. The website has more than 139, 000 verified properties listed with all the related information and images of the properties. Besides, the site has also curated amenities provided by each property listed here. In addition to this, PropTiger can also help its users to get a home loan and complete the formalities included in the property registration.

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11. Nestoria


If you are looking for the property website where you can get a list of all the properties along with real estate agents, developers, and builders in India, then Nestoria is the perfect option for you. Nestoria bridges the gap between homeowners and you. It has affordable apartments in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Also, it provides you the option to buy or rent the property directly to the sellers or through the real estate agents.

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12. OLX Homes

OLX Homes

OLX is a top-rated free classifies website in the country. It has a list of a variety of advertisements, including property ads. People across the country can easily sell or buy a property through OLX Homes. It allows you to search for properties in any city and not to forget its database is regularly updated.

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13. GrabHouse


Grabhouse is a part of This is an ideal portal for finding shared accommodations and PG’s in your desired location. The properties listed on the sites directly from the source which eliminates all the hassles involved in brokerage. You can easily log in to the website and put a filter according to your preferences.

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14. Real Estate India

Real Estate India

This online platform is your go-to place for all the services related to real estate. From helping you to buy and rent properties to sell commercial properties or homes in India, you can get all the services from Real Estate India. It has a comprehensive list of properties along with the amount and information of the place and property.

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15. PropertyWala


PropertyWala is an apt portal for renting and buying the properties. It offers you wide number of property options to choose from.

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While there are more than hundreds of property sites in India, here we have listed 15 top-rated property sites that offer an array of property solutions and details in you’re your preferred location.

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