moustache styles with beard

A Moustache with a beard is a great way to boast your masculine features. Moustache styles with a beard will have a combination of two different styles – beard styles and mustache styles.

There are a number of mustache styles and beard looks that you can give a try and look your best. Before planning to sport the look, make sure you have all the grooming products, including beard oil, beard wax, beard, and moustache shampoo, trimmer, and comb to give your look a neat look.

Also, in order to take your entire look a notch higher, you can ask your stylist to give you a complimenting hairstyle.

Don’t restrict yourself with the mundane look, instead give a short to below-listed styles and give yourself a much-needed makeover.

List of Trending Moustache Styles with Beard for Men

1. Classic Beard with Moustache Style

Classic Beard with Moustache Style

As the name suggests, the classic beard with a moustache is the traditional look that men of all ages can sport.

Do not keep it too long or too short. To complement the moustache style, you can go for a youthful haircut. If your profession allows, you can also go for side parts along with the beard style.

2. Full Beard with Full Moustache

Full Beard with Full Moustache

If you are in a profession where keeping a rugged look will be ok, then this is one of the ideal mustache styles with beard for you.

The only problem you might face with this style is that, it would require regular maintenance. Make sure you have all the essentials products in your grooming kit so that you can tame the look whenever you want.   

3. Bushy Beard and Moustache

Bushy Beard and Moustache

In case you are planning to add some texture and enhance the shape of your face, you can choose to have a bushy beard and do not forget to combine it with a rugged moustache.

It will give you a more mature look and will be perfect for a creative profession where there are no rules of look to be followed.  Make sure you invest in good beard oil to keep the beard soft and tamed.

4. Viking Beard & Moustache

Viking Beard & Moustache

Vikings are known for their skills on the battleground and their beard styles. You, too, can don the look along with a moustache to look your best.

To ensure you look like Viking and not like wildebeest, trim your beard with a suitable trimmer on a regular basis. To up the look, complement the beard style with long locks like original Vikings.

5. Short Beard with Short Moustache

Short Beard with Short Moustache

Next in our list of trendy moustache styles with beard is this nonfussy style-Short beard with short Moustache. Ensure the beard and mustache looks polished rather than patchy.

This style is apt for summers and professions where you are asked to keep a short beard. This style is effortless, and you would not require much of the products to maintain the look.

6. Stubble Beard and Moustache

Stubble Beard and Moustache

If you do not want to keep your beard too short with moustache then, a stubble beard with moustache is the ideal style to rock. This is one of the attractive moustache styles with beard.

It will give you a fresh and youthful look, and this type of moustache style works well with all shapes of face.

7. Corporate Beard with Short Moustache

Corporate Beard with Short Moustache

The name says it all! Ideal for all corporate professionals. This moustache style with a beard is easy to maintain and is ideal for all the age groups.

Even college-goers can sport the look with a dapper hairstyle. Ensure the mustaches are not bushy or full. Otherwise, it would not match up with the beard style.

8. Short Boxed Beard with Trimmed Moustache

Short Boxed Beard with Trimmed Moustache

A short boxed beard with a trimmed moustache is an ideal alternative to a full beard look. To achieve this look, you would have to crop and groom your beard meticulously.

It is a much refined and polished version amongst all the moustache styles with beard combo. Short boxed beard with trimmed moustaches are recognized for their short length and defined contours. You can achieve this look for by regular trimming the beard.

9. Hollywoodian Beard Look with Moustache

Hollywoodian Beard Look with Moustache

Take inspiration from Hollywood actors like Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others to get the look.

This beard and moustache combo will give you a vintage look. The look was quite famous in the retro era and has made a comeback this year, with many A-Lister actors sporting the look. In order to grow it, you can follow tips to grow beard on cheeks.

10. Verdi Look with Moustaches

Verdi Look with Moustaches

The Verdi beard and mustaches are a defined and polished version of a full-grown beard with a moustache. Verdi beard is characterized as around and short beard with a nicely styled moustache.

Moustache plays a vital role in this look. This style is named after composer Giuseppe Verdi is known for his melodious voice and hairstyle in the 19th century.

11. Corona Beards with Moustache

Corona Beards with Moustache

If you trace the history of the Coronabeard along with moustache, you will find that the look does not have any prevalence in the history.

This particular moustache style with a beard has been invented in the year 2019 and all thanks to Pandemic- Covid-19 that gave way to lockdown. Since all the salons were shut, men of all ages were left with a rugged and natural look. Seeing the look, one thing you would be happy about, that it is easy to style. Now you can experiment with the style to get a dapper look.

12. Power Beard Walrus Moustache

Power Beard Walrus Moustache

If you like to have a tamed yet long beard, then a power beard is the most suitable style of beard for you. You can combine the style with a walrus moustache. This style is a perfect combination of the rugged and contemporary beard style.

Don’t worry if your beard is wavy; that’s the charm of this style. For a subtle look, you can comb down your moustache and apply a hair wax to tame it. Or can even roll it like a handlebar moustache.

13. Power Beard with Trimmed Moustache

Power Beard with Trimmed Moustache

This is another variant of the moustache styles with a beard that is discussed above. The only difference in this style is the trimmed moustache.

For a simple and sophisticated look, you can go for trimmed moustaches that would be easy to maintain and go well with most of the face shapes.

14. Simple and Chic Moustache Style

Simple and Chic Moustache Style

This is one of the multipurpose moustache styles with a beard. It is easy to attain and perfect for daily wear. This style is inspired by the Bollywood actors.

This look is unobtrusive and well kept. It features light facial hair that would widen up your face and give an impressive look.

15. Bandholz Beard

Bandholz Beard

Bandholz Beard, with moustache style, features a moustache that is connected with the beard. The style can have a beard of any length. You do not have to restrict the size and instead grow the beard freely.

This style was founded by Eric Bandholz, the first urban beard man who founded Beardbrand. The Bandholz beard with mustaches works as a magnet for women because of its charming look that would surely attract women around you.

16. Patchy Beard with Moustache

Patchy Beard with Moustache

This particular beard style with a moustache does not have any thumb rule to grow. It is an ideal alternative to the rugged look this style has a patchy beard with patchy moustaches.

The style is definitely easy on maintenance ideal for college and school goers. To achieve a more polished look, let the moustache and beard grow. Later you can convert it into a more defined look

17. The Horseshoe Moustache

The Horseshoe mustache

Also known as biker moustache, the tamed horseshoe beard is characterized as full moustaches with the vertical extensions that end on the lips’ corner. This style also resembles upside-down U and horseshoe, from where it got its name.

It is one of the trendy moustaches styles for men of all ages. Do give it a try!

18. The Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard

This is one of the classic beard styles inspired by Hollywood megastar Anthony Edward Stark. This is one of the exceptional beard styles that have goatee as well.

 Though the style is not easy to gain, however, your sheer grooming skills and patience will give you the desired look.

19. Beard with Defined Lines

Beard with Defined Lines

While every beard style, looks different on every face, but in case you wish to set the bars with your look, then do go for a beard with sidelines.

These look polished and well kept. Also, the defined lines will enhance the contours giving you a dapper look.

20. Full Beard with a Thick Pointed Moustache

Full Beard with a Thick Pointed Moustache

Besides other full beard styles and a full moustache, you can also go for a full beard with a thick and pointed moustache.

If you have been following one of the highest-paid actor-Ranveer Singh’s looks, especially the one he donned in his movie Bajirao Mastani, then you would surely know that what a thick and pointed moustache looks like.

Combine it with a full beard and rock the look this November!

21. Urban Style Beard with Moustache

Urban Style Beard with Moustache

Also known as college beard style, this style perfect for college goers and youth that love to keep simple yet classy.

This look would definitely go with all types of attires that include casuals and formals. Since November is around the corner, you can sport the look and promote No-Shave November!

22. Fluffy Beard and Moustache Combo

Fluffy Beard and Moustache Combo

This is one of the decent variants of full beard styles. Fluffy beard has volume and is perfect for men and boys that oval face shape. Wear it with a sleek moustache to up the look.

Trust us; you will get many compliments for the look. Ensure the fluffy beard and mustache is nicely styled

23. The Mutton Chops Beard Style

The Mutton Chops Beard Style

Whether you have a round face shape or box face shape, this style of beard and moustache will compliment your overall look.

The style is also known as sideburns and is stretch down till the jawline. The beard connects with the moustache. Or you can give a miss to the moustache. 

This style was quite fashionable in the 19th century. It represented intellectuality and masculinity.

24. Salt and Pepper Look

Salt and Pepper Look

Next in our list of moustache styles with beard is this interesting style that has time and again followed by many senior actors, including Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor.

This style is ideal for all the men out there who do not shy away from hiding their greys! Make sure the beard and moustache are not overgrown to achieve this look.

25. Taper Fade Beard with a Handlebar Mustache

Taper Fade Beard with a Handlebar Mustache

Remember the legendary dialogue – ‘Mooche Ho Toh Nathulal Jaise, ‘Warna Na Ho from the Bollywood movie Sharabi. This style completely justifies the dialogue.

To achieve the look, you would have to curl your mustaches regularly. Otherwise, they will not appear as handlebars.


With November around the corner, beard and moustache styles have come in trend. What could be better than combining both the styles and donning moustache style with a beard. To sport the style, you can take inspiration from Bollywood and Hollywood actors like Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Ben Affleck, and many others to name.

In order to help you, here, we have compiled some of the best moustaches styles that look perfect with a beard.


1. Should I have a moustache with a beard?

Yes, moustaches with beards look smart. You can don any of the above mentioned moustache styles with beard.

2. Are beards in style in 2022?

Yes, beards are in style. In fact, they are never off the trend.

3. Can Moustache wax be used on beards?

Yes, you can apply moustache wax on the beard in order to tame it.

4. How do you attach a beard to a moustache?

Let your moustaches extend till the corners of lips until they connect with a beard.

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