Hand Made Love Letter

With hardly a few days left for Valentine’s Day, this is the best time to select or create a perfect gift for your special one. V-Day is the best time to make her special and feel important. So buck up and select the best gift for your wife or girlfriend or the one whom you adore. In case you are finding it hard, we are here at your rescue. Read more to know the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

1. A Bouquet of Red Roses

Bouquet of Red Roses as Valentine’s Day Gift

Gifting a bouquet of red roses might seem traditional and old school, but trust us, it is one of the best gifts to give your loved one on Valentine’s Day. The red color is a symbol of love and passion, so nothing could be perfect than a red rose. Moreover, there will be no girl who does not like roses. You can couple it with other gifts to amaze your wife or a girlfriend.

2. Gift Scented Candles this as Valentine

Scented Candles

If she likes scents, you can gift her a pair of candles that have her favourite scent. Not only will she love it; in fact, she would be able to use it and will remember you every time. Also, a good scent will always up her mood, what else do you want. Opt for light scents as heavy scents are not liked by every girl also; she might get uncomfortable because of the heavy fragrance. A light musky, fruity or floral fragrance is just perfect.

3. A Box Full Of Chocolates

Box Of Chocolates as Valentine’s Day Gift

Ideally, a box of chocolates should be given on the chocolate day that is just before V-Day. However, it is an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day gift as well. You can either buy a box of her favourite chocolates or customised the pack with all the chocolates that she likes to give it a personal touch. It will instantly make her happy, and she would definitely realize how much you love her.

4. A Branded Bag – A Perfect Valentine Gift

Gift Branded Hand Bag as Valentine’s Day Gift

Every girl likes to have a trendy and branded bag that creates a fashion statement for her so you can consider a branded bag for her. Brands like Gucci and Chanel have a wide range of bags amongst them; you can get her ideal bag that she could carry with most of her dresses. Though brands do not matter, it is all about your emotions. However, a branded bag will make her feel special. Alternatively, you can consider a wallet of her choice as well.

5. Hand Made Love Letter

Hand Made Love Letter

Love letter might sound cliché, but nothing can overpower it. A handwritten note or love letter is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her. What could be best than telling your girlfriend or wife how much you love her. Also, it is the best possible way to express your feelings. So don’t think much look for a nice paper and pen down your thoughts for her that would make her fall in love with you again.

6. Gift Makeup Kit this Valentine

Makeup Kit

A customised make up could be the best Valentine’s Day gift for her. Even though if she is not a makeup person, she would love to have her own makeup kit that has all the essentials, especially lipstick and kohl, that she would love to use regularly. And, if she is a makeup person, then nothing could beat a customised makeup kit.

7. Gift Books this Valentine


This too might sound cliché, but it is amongst the best Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or girlfriends. No one can deny the fact that books are your best friend. You could give her a book of her favourite author or a love story. Reading together is also the best way to spend time with each other and enrich your knowledge.

8. Jewellery – Best Valentine Gift

Gift Jewellery as Valentine’s Day Gift

What could be an ideal day than Valentine’s Day itself for letting her know your love for her? And, a diamond ring is perfect to seal your relationship with her. Besides, you can also gift her a classy neckpiece or pendent with hers and your name initials. Or, you can gift her pair of earrings that will mesmerize her.

9. Perfume


Who does not like to smell good? Thus, perfume is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Invest in the perfume that has her favourite fragrance or the one she likes. A nice floral and fruity fragrance is liked by one and all.

10. Watch

ladies watch

Watch is a perfect gift for all the occasions, be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. Invest in a one that has all the features which she looks for in a watch. If she is a fitness freak, you can gift her smartwatch through which she can track the number of steps she has walked and connect here phone easily. Or you can gift her wristwatch with a trendy strap or one from her favorite collection.

11. Collage or a Scrap Book

Photo Collage

Along with a handwritten love letter, you can also gift her personalized collage that has all her pictures. Add a bit of your personal touch to make it stand out. Alternatively, you can also create a scrapbook that would have all her pictures and nice quotes that defines that particular picture. Nothing could be as precious as good old days, so go ahead and put your thought into the action.

12. Pet

Cute Dog

If she is an animal person, then you can gift her pet dog or a cat. Or, you can consider a cage full of birds. She will definitely love it, and her love for you will get even stronger. It will bring a smile on her face whenever she plays with her, and also, it would be a perfect stress buster for her. \ Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and this is the best time to plan a surprise gift for your special one. To help you, we have curated some amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her that will surely make V-Day even more special. Do let us what you are gifting your special one this Valentine’s Day.

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