How to Check JIO Number

Did you get a new JIO number and need to share it with your friends, but you do not recall? It is not easy to remember the new number, and we are here to help if you are thinking about how to check your JIO number.  There are some easy methods to know your JIO SIM number using your mobile phone.  We have explained each method in steps for your convenience. So do not panic and go ahead and read the blog.

How to Check JIO Number in Mobile?

The following are the three easy methods to know your mobile number when you need it the most.

Method 1: JIO Number Check using USSD Code

There is a set of USSD codes that makes it very easy to check your mobile number. These are the shortcodes you need to dial, and you will receive a flash message containing your number. Go through the steps to know the method in detail.


  • Open your caller dial panel.
  • Enter the JIO check code *1# and dial.
  • Flash messages will be displayed.
  • This will show your number.
  • Save the number in your contact.

Method 2: Know JIO SIM Number, Data, Balance via My JIO App

One of the easiest ways to know all the details related to your number is using My JIO App. Here we are assuming that do not have the app and hence follow the steps.


  • Go to Play Store or iTunes to download MY JIO App.
  • Open the app and allow it to detect your SIM.
  • Register your account with the app.
  • Reach the homepage to know all the details of your Jio Number.
  • There you will able to see your mobile number, main balance, data usage, validity, and more.

Method 3: Call Customer Care to Check JIO Mobile Number

Another method to know your mobile number is calling JIO customer care. It is easy to dial the number and get the details simply. Follow the steps to know in detail.  


  • Open your phone dialer.
  • Type 198 or 199 to call customer care.
  • You will enter the Jio customer service IVR.
  • Follow the instruction and choose the language.
  • You will get the information regarding your last recharge, jio daily data balance, and jio validity check number on your mobile number.

Method 4: Get your JIO Mobile Number via SMS

You can also get an instant message on your phone with your number details. It also informs you of your active plans, data usage, and more. Further, save the number for further use. 


  • Go to your message box.
  • Type “MYPLAN”.
  • Send it to 199.
  • You will receive a detailed message containing your JIO number, JIO net pack, and other details.


There are some situations when we need to know our mobile number but can’t recall. When we get a new number, it is more likely that we do remember our number. In these situations, you need not panic; rather, know the ways to check JIO mobile number. In this blog, we have listed a few methods to help you see the number of details using your phone. 


1. How can I check my JIO mobile number?

There are few methods to check the JIO number. You can use USSD code *1# or call on 199 or use MY JIO App. Go through the blog to know the steps for all the methods.

2. How do I find my JIO number without the app?

You can call customer care or send SMS instead of using the app. Type ‘MY PLAN’ and send it to 199 or call 198 to know your mobile number of JIO SIM.

3. How can I check the JIO number online?

Yes, when you have registered your number with My JIO app, you can log in to the Jio website to check the number, data usage, plans, and many more.

4. How to check the JIO data balance?

You can go to a new message in your message box and type ‘BAL’ and send it to 199. You will receive an instant message with your number of details and data usage. You can so check that using the Jio App. Read the above blog to know more about the ways to check data balance.

5. What is the simplest way to check my JIO number?

You can call a friend using your new JIO number and ask them for the number displayed on their screen. There are many other ways to know your number, so go through the blog to know all the different ways.

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