We all have been guilty of not taking good care of our skin and hair like women do. Though we do not have to follow an extended skin and hair care regime for day and night separately, but it’s good to have our basics covered. The market is flooded with a wide range of products that promise to improve your complexion and give you bouncy tresses in no time; however, you have to choose the products wisely. To help you what you must have, here we have listed a few must-haves for Men Grooming Kit.

10 Must-haves for Men Grooming Kit

1. A Face Wash


Yes, we do need a face wash! Many men still prefer to wash their face with soap, but little they know is the same soap tends to make their skin harder, and it does nothing useful to the skin. A face wash will remove all the dust and grime from your face making it clean and soothing. While buying a face wash for yourself, consider your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, look for a face wash that is exclusively designed for dry face. The face wash will not rip off the natural oil and keep the dryness at bay.

2. Moisturizer and Sunscreen


Face moisturizer is one of the essential products for men’s grooming kit. It will provide your skin much-needed hydration and make your skin soft. Most of the men skip applying a face moisturizer since they do not feel the need of the same. On the contrary, whatever your skin type is, you ought to use the moisturizer. It keeps the natural oil of the skin intact. Like your face, your body also needs moisture. You can consider a face to toe moisturizer if you do not want to purchase both separately.

Sunscreen is also one of the must-have products. It prevents the skin from the harsh sunlight and all the skin problems caused due it. Look for a sunscreen that has higher SPF since it will add more benefit. You can even consider a moisturizer that has SPF to avoid too many products in your kit.

3. Deodorant and A Perfume


We also have the right to smell good! Besides, hygiene plays an important rule. It camouflages the sweat and gives you a nice scent. It’s good to invest in a deodorant that smells good for a more extended period, especially in the summers. It will keep you odor-free all day. Ensure your deodorant does not have a strong scent; otherwise, it might work against you.

A deodorant will keep your body fresh throughout the day; however, it is a perfume that will gain you many compliments. It’s up to you whether you want both the products in your grooming kit or one will suffice for you.

4. Trimmer


A trimmer can save you from making frequent trips to the salon. You can use it trim your hair and mustaches whenever you feel like. Not only this, but you can also trim your body hair with the help of a trimmer. Make sure the trimmer is not harsh on your skin; otherwise, it may give way to skin rashes and bumps. An ideal trimmer is the one that is portable and has good battery back-up. Also, it should be easy to clean and sturdy enough; otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself.

5. Shaving Kit


A trimmer will help you to trim your beards and mustaches in a jiffy. However, if you prefer a complete shaving regime once or twice in a week than a shaving kit for men is ideal to have. The shaving kit consists of a razor, shaving cream, and gel. Online beauty store such as Naykaa has a wide range of shaving kit and men grooming products. Go through its latest men grooming range and shortlist best for yourself and do not forget to checkout Nykaa offers to save your money.

6. Shampoo


Next in the list of essential men’s grooming products is shampoo. Who does not like clean and bouncy tresses free from dandruff and other skin woes? An ideal shampoo will instantly treat your unruly hair and keep all the hair problems at bay. It is wise to invest in a shampoo that goes well with your hair. Look for chemical-free shampoos since most of them are cruelty-free and have natural ingredients that have more benefits over chemicals.

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7. Hair Styling Gel


A hair styling gel will instantly turn your unkempt hair into a well-mentioned hair. The product has become one of the must-haves for men grooming kit, all thanks to benefits its offer. A styling gel can be used in numerous ways; you can use it to set your locks and maintain your hairstyle for a more extended period. Many types of hair gels suit colored hair as well.

8. Beard and Moustache Pomade or Balm


If you prefer a clean shave look, then you might skip a beard and moustache pomade. However, if you are following the latest beard trend, a beard and moustache balm is definitely for you. It will hold your moustaches and beard, giving you a clean and trendy look. Also, it tames down the frizzy hair and provides the much-needed hydration to the hair. Alternatively, beard oils also work well for a full beard. It makes your beard manageable and gives a neat look.

9. Hair Comb


Your care routine is incomplete without a hair comb. Whether you have to style your hair or give it a neat look, a hair comb is essential. It is always suggested to buy a wooden comb with wide bristles as it prevents hair breakage and provides extra nourishment to your locks.

10. Shower Gel

Last but not the least; your grooming kit must have a shower gel. Needless, to define Shower gels are essentials! Simply keep it in your kit.


Men grooming kit might sound alien to many, but it is as essential as a proper diet is. Here we have curated all the essential products for men kit.

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