Children’s Day Ideas

Children’s day is just round the corner and all the kids are full of excitement. So, if you are planning to celebrate children’s day at home or school, then you might probably be looking for a lot of children’s day ideas. Well, to help you with that, we have listed down some of the best children’s day ideas for party, for games, food, decoration, and so much more. You can use these ideas and host a spectacular party or celebration and have fun with the kids and make them enjoy as well.

Children’s day ideas for party

Jungle Theme party

A jungle theme party is one of the best children’s day ideas for throwing a party to kids. You can ask all the kids to dress up like the various animals of the jungle and do a fancy dress competition as well. All of them will look super cute with their beautiful jungle themed dresses on with all the makeup on their little faces. Also, you can play some jungle rhymes for them and do the decoration of the same kind. Kids love such parties where they have to dress up as someone else.

Movie Date for kids

If there has been a release of a movie recently which is good for kids, then taking the kids to a movie date is simply perfect. You can arrange a commute option for them or accompany them along for a movie and you can relish 2 to 3 hours of entertainment together. Usually, schools tend to take their students for a movie on children’s day. It is a great idea and children enjoy a lot during the movie.

Picnic party

You can choose an open park spot, like a zoo, or an amusement park and take all the children there. They can enjoy a lot on the various swings and slides that are present in the parks. If you take them to a zoo visit, they can look at various animals and get to know more about them. Also, each one of them can carry food from their homes and have fun sharing it with one another.

Water park party

Water parks are so much fun, especially for kids. This place may not be apt for small kids, but younger kids can enjoy a lot at water parks. You can book a water park for the kids and take them to via a bus ride. Kids will enjoy it a lot. If you are going for a family outing, then also the kids will enjoy it thoroughly. You can get some home-cooked food and after enjoying all the water rides and slides, sit together and have delicious food.

Children’s day ideas for games

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is an excellent game idea for kids. They will love to play with one another. However, this game gets more fun if more people are playing. If there is an open park or a bigger area to play, then the fun just doubles. One person has to count till 100, and the rest will have to hide. Then that one person will have to spot all the hidden kids and the first one to get caught becomes the next seeker.

Exchange gifts

Enhancing gifts is one of the children’s day ideas for games for kids to play. All of them can bring one gift from their houses and exchange them with one another. This will create excitement among them as to what they will get in their gift.

Children’s day ideas for food

Burger and fries

This combination is one of the most lovable children’s day ideas for food for kids. All the kids enjoy this fantastic combination, and you can serve them the same with juice or coke and they will love it. The kids can also eat it easily and if it’s a school celebration, distributing this kind of food is also very easy.

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Pizza party

Pizza is the best option for kids as they love them. They tend to enjoy almost all kinds of pizzas, and they can eat it easily also. If it’s a school celebration, then you can order pizza for kids, and if there is a celebration at home, then you can also make pizza at home as well. Also, pizza is quite healthy with all the vegetables and cheese on it.

Chinese food

Chinese food is also a safe option to go for kids. You can make a combination of two things like fried rice and chilli paneer, chowmein or chilli paneer, honey chilli potatoes, and rice, and so many more. You can serve the kids the same on their desks or in a box so that they can eat it with ease.

Children’s day idea for decoration

Theme decoration

Decoration can be done keeping in mind a particular theme, which can be a color also. Like we mentioned, you can go for a jungle theme; then, the decoration can also be like a jungle looks like. You can also ask kids to do the decoration themselves as it will be quite entertaining for them as well.

Balloons and lights

If you want to go for a simple decoration, then you can add a lot of color to the room or the place you are decorating. Kids love it when there are a lot of colors involved, so you can bring in some color, add balloons, and a lot of lights as well. This will do for the decoration part in itself.

These are some of the best children’s day ideas. The kids will love spending time with each other and also individually. They will enjoy and have while playing games and eating food. Give them the best children’s day ever with these amazing children’s day ideas and enjoy together with them as well.

Happy children’s day kids!

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