An action camera is similar to other cameras. It has similar features, what makes it distinctive from other cameras is the quality of a photograph or video that it records. It brings life to every captured or recorded moment. Plus, it has a sturdy body, which most of the cameras lack. The action camera is ideal for youtubers and avid travelers. It compact and offers all the essential features that you would need in your profession.

An action camera can withstand extreme conditions. It is also perfect for capturing adrenaline-filled activities such as snorkeling, cycling, climbing, etc. If you are soon planning to invest in an action camera, look out for all the necessary features that serve your need. Read more to know about its features, and best action cameras available in the market.

Features of Action Camera

1. 4K Video Quality

One of the prime uses of action camera is recording videos. Thus it is essential to consider video resolution that an action camera offers. Most of the high-end cameras available in the market offer 4Kresolutions. It is a horizontal display resolution which is equal to 4,000 pixels, perfect for capturing real moments.

Look for the video resolutions that suffice your purpose of investing in an action camera. If you do not need much resolution, 1080p and 720p will work for you. Make sure you have similar resolution TV and computer to see your recorded videos and photographs.

2. Size and Shape of Action Camera

Action cameras are available in different sizes; it’s you who has to decide which size to pick. Some cameras have box-shape, which is perfect for chest mounting. Many have bullet-shaped, that comes handy for helmet mounting. This shape is ideal for cyclers or people who like to indulge in outdoor activities like cycling, climbing, or even snorkeling. Online stores like GoNoise has an array of action cameras. Checkout offers on GoNoise to buy your favorite action camera within your budget.

Regardless, of the shape, it’s always suggested to invest in a most light-weight action camera. The lighter it is, the more it would be easy for you to carry it.

3. Durability and Robustness

Another factor that you must look in an action camera is how much durable it is. Look for features like waterproof or weatherproof. The key idea is purchasing an action camera which can withstand all the weather.

A few action cameras have waterproof exteriors, and others have both waterproof interiors and exteriors. If you often indulge in water activities, one with waterproof interiors and exteriors is best for you. Otherwise, you can opt for other options.

4. Camera

Obviously, you won’t buy an action camera for only recording videos and moments; you will also use it for clicking pictures. Like video resolution, it’s crucial to consider the image quality that the camera offers. The higher will be the megapixels; the higher would be the photo resolution.

Action cams are equipped with large sensors that help you to capture a perfect photo in daylight and during the night. It also allows transferring all the photographs in your smartphone or computer for further use.

5. Battery Life  

Every action cameras has a different battery life. An average action can work for 3 hours. The battery life of the action camera depends on its usage, also. The Battery is drained fast while recording higher-resolution,

The battery life of cameras varies according to connectivity features as well, since Bluetooth and Wi-Fi require more battery. It’s always good to purchase an action cam that has long-lasting batteries since they do not need to charge frequently.

6. Inbuilt Connectivity

The action camera has in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which comes handy for transferring the data into a smartphone or computer; this eliminates all the hassles of connecting wires in. Plus, it allows you to upload the video or photograph on the web instantly. The built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi feature also enable the user to access different application and accessories.

7. Storage

Action Cameras with 4K have 128GB storage space with an additional microSD card. This might be ideal for avid travelers since they need more room to store pictures and videos. On the contrary, if your action camera occasionally, decent storage space is sufficient for you. For extra storage, you can buy a microSD card and replace to a new when its storage space is full.

8. Accessories Available

There is a gamut of action cameras accessories, choose the best that serves your need. Different attachments available with action-cam are headcam attachment, handlebar, and windscreen, underwater control, and remote control.

Headcam attachment is ideal for people who are regular at activities mountain climbing, surfing, snowboarding, etc. The camera is attached on the helmet, which makes easy for a person to record every moment without holding the camera.

Handle hand bar attachments can be fixed on handles of the cycle, bikes, etc. With the underwater cover, you can easily cover all the footage inside the water without clasping the camera in your hand. Other action camera accessories that you can consider are pet harness, chest harness, handheld gimbal, and drones.

Best Action Cameras to Consider

1. GoPro Hero7 Black


This is one of the high rated action camera available online and offline stores. The action-cam features 4K video, Live Streaming, hyper smooth stabilization with automated features for clicking photographs. It is waterproof and robust and comes with a touch screen, which makes it convenient to use.

2. Go Pro Hero 6


The features of this action camera are almost similar to GOPRO HERO7 BLACK, it is on the cheaper side. It has impressive image stabilization, 4K image, and video resolution, excellent photos in low light. It does not have a live stream video option.

3. Noise Play Vlog Edition


If you do not want to spend much on an action camera, you can consider Noise Play Vlog edition from GoNoise. The camera can record all the adventurous activities with stable videos. Plus, it comes with multiple accessories. It is perfect for live vloging since it captures high quality with videos sounds.

4. Procus Rush 2.0 16MP 4K HD Action Camera


The camera clicks high-quality images and videos. It offers a smooth rendering of videos, with 4K video and photo resolution. It also features a wireless remote camera with inbuilt Wi-Fi.

5. YI 88012 Action Camera


This action camera has low-power digital signal processing technology, HD H264, and application processor with 700-MHz ARM11. With all these features can record outstanding videos and pictures. Plus, the user can adjust its resolution and FPS according to the type of image he needs.


Action cameras are becoming a rage among people, whether you are a traveler or Youtuber, an action camera is a must to have. It comes with hosts of features that give you outstanding quality images and videos. If you are a beginner or a one planning to buy an action camera shortly.

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