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A special day of your loved ones is near and you are struggling with gifting ideas? You want to gift something they have never thought about or something which summarizes your feelings for them, then you are in the right place. It always feels amazing when the gift we present is unique and well-received. You can still make their day special even if you cannot visit them. We wish and celebrate each other’s special days through video calls these days and distance cannot limit us. And continue to surprise them with unique gifting ideas and watch their eyes spark with joy. Here are some unique gifting ideas you can explore to surprise beautiful people in your life.

List of Unique Gifting Ideas in 2022

1. Go Unusual with Green

Plants gifts

Gifting plants feel gifting positivity. Green plant stands out against the white wall, and we also love the contrast. You can gift plants to add the look and feel of their space. You can pick the plant size according to the need of the area. You can gift small succulents or tall standing plants or maybe hanging pots with tender leaves hanging down. This is an excellent gift for someone who doesn’t have garden space assess or one who loves gardening.

2. Photo Collage Frame

Photo Collage

Photographs are the storehouse of memories. A single picture can bring back all a trail of moments in our minds. So when you are planning to surprise, it’s always a good idea to club together with the joyful photographs and help them relive the moments. You can search the best pictures and get it printed in good quality paper and compile it to an attractive collage poster. It might not be a unique gifting idea but get it framed and wrapped to surprise your family and friends.

3. Teaware and Teabox


Tea is a must in every Indian household. If your friend is a tea lover, you can gift attractive tea wares and tea boxes. Today we find a variety of teas available ranging from authentic Darjeeling tea to flower teas like chamomile tea. In this time, when we need to boost our immunity, you can also gift Ashwagandha tea or detox tea. You can shop for freshly picked teas and uniquely clubbed flavors. It would be quite a surprise to their taste buds too.

4. Flowers and Cake

Flowers and Cake

Any occasion of gifting is incomplete without flowers and cake. All of us like to blow the candle on the cake and rejoice with people around. Now even if people are not around, we can still send them their favorite cakes – chocolate, vanilla, black forest, pineapple, or red velvet. Also, if they like flowers, send them beautiful roses, lilies, or orchids and join the celebration online, watching them smile.

5. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

You can also present gift cards to your friends and families on their special day. This gift would surely be appreciated as it could be put to good use. One can purchase online or in-store. While buying gift cards, you should make sure you are buying from trustworthy stores; you read to understand T&C and check it to be functional at multi exit access. This is one of the unique gifting ideas for wedding.

6. Scented Candles might be a unique present

Scented Candles

As they are indoor most of the time, you can gift scented candles. This will surprise them and fill their house with a sweet fragrance. The choice of candle essence can be customized according to their taste. Some may like the aroma of refreshing lemongrass others may like floral mogra or lotus. You can pick any candle and wrap it to make it look more attractive. This will add to the aura and feel of the house.

7. Hygiene Kit

Hygiene kit

If the person is hygiene conscious, this is undoubtedly going to be your best pick. This will be gender-specific, and you can look for your available kit or customize yourself. The grooming essentials would include body wash, body scrub, face wash, shaving kits, moisturizer, or sunscreen. If you are gifting someone close to you, you can add goods they would like. If you are gifting a close female, you can add sanitary essentials as well because most of the time, one who cares for us forgets to care for them. It is an excellent occasion to show your love and care for them.

8. Personalized Mug

Personalized Mug

Coffee mugs imprinted with the name of your loved ones or with slogans that inspire them every day can be your best pick as it never goes wrong. You can pick up any theme according to their personality, be it quirky, inspiring, funny, or witty.  Whether they are settling for working from home or winding up in the evening or brewing before bed, this cup will remind them of you and what you think of them. You can keep inspiring them even when you are not around. You can, of course, play with the color combination of the cup and the text that you wish to imprint.

9. Virtual Parties

Virtual Parties

If you have not heard of the virtual parties yet, then yes, this is a thing now. You can host a party online when your friends have joined in via a common video calling platform. You can hire a guitarist or musician to make the online meet more fun. You can also play games and have a good chat time. Netflix movie party is another fun group activity fun, which allows you to watch movies together. All these activities can light up your special day. Make sure you and all the attendees are in-network stable area so that technical glitch doesn’t spoil the fun. Give it a try and surprise your friends and relatives.

10. Personalized Stationery

Personalized Stationery

Carrying a notebook with your name imprinted on it is something to flaunt. Isn’t it? Personalized stationery goods are a great gift. You can personalize pen, pen stand, notepad or diary. This personal touch in gifting will always make the day special. This does not only need to be their name, and you can be creative to add tag lines, nicknames, or quotes.

11. Natural Organic Healthcare Products

Healthcare Products

The best thing you can gift your loved ones is the gift of better health while the world is facing a health crisis. Gifting organic healthcare goods has never been a better idea as it is now. You can explore the various natural health care products suitable for them. You can gift Amalaki capsules for Vitamin C, and antioxidants boost, Immunity capsules to help boost immunity, turmeric capsules, or Ashwagandha capsules. Make sure that these products are 100% organic and your purchase from a dependable brand.

12. Copper Water Bottles

Copper bottles

It is said copper is medicinal metal. Doctors and experts have approved that copper is an excellent vessel to store water. This water has excellent digestive benefits. Now we see that portable copper water bottles are also available so that you can pick this for gifting. They could carry it wherever they go, and just a single change in lifestyle would greatly benefit them. It will display how much you care for their excellent health. They will surely appreciate it.

13. Books


Book warms inside of us have surfaced through this period of distancing. If your friend or relative is one of them and you know the genre they like, you can pick a good book for them. Nothing better can surprise a vivid reader than a new book. You can gift e-book as well or kindle versions of the book. The bestseller in their favorite genre will uplift their spirits to joy.

14. Journals


In case your friend or relative is a writer or loves to jot down daily activates, the journal would be a good gift. Pick a beautiful vintage leather cover journal with metal lock and present it on their special day. You can also go for a floral-patterned journal cover or a plain traditional one. Whatever you pick, they will love the fact that you know them enough to give thoughtful gifts. This will surely surprise them and make them happy.

15. Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats

Sitting at home is not very healthy for us if we stop any physical activity. To encourage them to work out and get into yoga practices, you can gift then yoga mats. Inspire them with your words too so that they could come out of the mundane life and energize themselves practicing yoga. If they are beginner, advise some sources to start with, which would introduce more active days for them. While purchasing a yoga mat, make sure it has the right thickness, and the length is proportional to its height.

16. Planner

Planner Diary

If they are an enthusiastic planner and loves to live a systematic and organized life. Then yes! A good planner will be beneficial for them to be even more organized. Pick the cover thinking of that person, but make sure it has good paper quality. The size of the planner may vary as per the need to carry it. You can pick the standard  3.71″ X 6.75,” but you can also opt for a compact version of it. One thing that is vital before you purchase the planner is that it should have more writing space and less instructive patterns. They will be pleased if you gift them the perfect planner they were looking for.

17. Posture Support Belt

Posture Support Belt

Mostly we are sitting and working throughout, be it work from home or not. This can cause severe backache because of improper posture. To help them maintain the posture, you can gift the posture support belt. It comes in various patterns and functions. Some are specific for upper back and some for lower back and rest is for entire back support. So if you could identify their needs, you can pick the belt in their size range. This is not just for the people who suffer from backache but for everyone to prevent any back pain in the future. For sure, they are going to thank you for this so useful gift.

18. Night Light Projector

Night Light Projector

For the stargazers and night sky lovers, nothing can be better than night sky light projector. They can project the starlight towards the ceiling for you to lie down and enjoy the in-house star gazing experience. This can change the ambiance of the room entirely, and they would love to enjoy their special day this way.

19. Designer Masks

Designer Masks

Mask is a new member of our wardrobe, and it is here to stay. You can gift a designer mask to your friend and relative. You can customize the costume according to their taste. Some people would like it floral print, some would love it reliable, and some would like it with some fun graphics and text. It’s all up to you how you want to surprise them; in the end, they would be encouraged to use masks more often. It is one of the unique gifting ideas in 2022.

20. Funny Caricature Photo Stand

Funny Caricature Photo Stand

It is so enjoyable to see a funny caricature of self on our desk. You can gift this photo stand to them. The best thing is you can customize it and design it following their profession. If your friend is a doctor, the caricature body will wear a doctor’s coat with a stethoscope hanging from the back of the neck, and the face would be a funny caricature of your friend. This is as interesting as it sounds. You can gift this for them to keep it on their work station, and no one will miss a glance.

21. Customized Chocolates

Customized Chocolates

Chocolate is everyone’s guilty pleasure. You can gift usual chocolates to them with a twist now. Customize their favorite white or black dairy milk chocolate to be molded into the shape of their initials. It will surprise them, and they would love this chocolaty treat. 

To gift or not to gift is the question this 2022?

If it is their birthday, anniversary, promotion, or any other reason, you can show your love with surprise and thoughtful gifts. We understand that thinking of a unique gift is difficult, so in this blog, we have collected the unique gifting ideas for you. We hope that the bond and joy you share with lovely people around you would grow even more. Do share your feedback and share your unique gifting ideas for loved ones.

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