Betnovate C Cream

Known as a staple in every first aid kit, Betnovate C cream is a doctor’s prescribed ointment for the treatment of bacteria and fungus on the skin. It is a kind of steroidal that has Betamethasone and Clioquinol as active ingredients. It is applied topically on the affected area. Since it has antifungal and antibacterial properties thus, it helps to cure a host of other skin problems, including redness, itching, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. The cream is readily available in Indian Pharmacy stores, or you can also buy it from online stores like 1 MG, Medlife, Apollo etc. Read more to know about Betnovate C Cream uses, benefits price, composition etc., in detail.

Salt Composition: Betamethasone (0.1% w/w) + Clioquinol (Iodochlorhydroxyquin) (3% w/w)

Manufacturer: Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Medicine Type: Topical Steroid Medicine

Betnovate C Price: ₹ 42.64 (30gm)

Betnovate-C Cream Variants:

  • Betnovate C Cream
  • Betnovate N Cream
  • Betnovate M Cream
  • Betnovate GM Cream
  • Betnovate S Ointment
  • Betnovate P Cream
  • Betnovate 01.% Cream
  • Betnovate 0.12% Lotion

Betnovate C Cream Uses and Benefits

Betnovate C skin cream is readily available at Indian pharmacy stores, but you would need doctor’s prescriptions for purchasing the cream. Betnovate C is composed of two main ingredients -Betamethasone and Clioquinol. These two possess anti-bacterial and antifungal properties and thus, helps to cure skin infections that are caused by fungus or bacteria. It is majorly used to treat itchiness and redness on the skin. This ointment is for external use only. You can directly apply it to the rashes, redness.

Clean the infected part of the skin, let dry and then apply the cream or apply it as suggested by your doctor. Do not forget to read its label in order to know how to use it.

Following are the benefits of using Betnovate C skin cream

1. Cures allergy

Betnovate C cream prevents or reduces the swelling and irritation that could be due to Asthma or Colitis- inflammation in the colon.

2. Treatment of Joint Inflammation

Betnovate C cream alleviates the symptoms of tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, gout. It cures swelling and pain that is associated with the above-listed problems.

3. Cure Eye Inflammation

Betnovate C is one of the helpful remedies for swelling, burning and itching around eyes that are caused due to allergy and infections or due to side chemicals.

4. Treat Skin Disorder

The ointment provides a quick relief in swelling, itching, burning and redness that could be caused due to several skin infections and allergies like pemphigus Vulgaris, seborrhoeic dermatitis and others.

5. Cure Fungal Infection

Betnovate C is known to cure fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections.

Note: This is not a fairness cream thus;, one should not use it to enhance their skin complexion.

How Betnovate C Ointment Works on Skin?

Known to be a corticosteroid, Betnovate C reduces inflammation and aids in improving the immune response of the body to several conditions. It provides relief from inflammatory skin conditions by producing antiseptic actions. This ointment has two prime ingredients: Clioquinol and Betamethasone, which are used to cure several skin infections. Betamethasone is known to block the production of chemical messenger that could lead to swelling, redness and itchy skin. On the other hand, Clioquinol is an antibiotic and helps to cure fungal infections. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus helping to get rid of fungal and bacterial infections.

Ideal Betnovate-C Dosage

Betnovate-C is an antifungal and antibacterial cream that can be applied tropically two times a day on the affected skin. Before applying the cream, clean the affected skin area and let it dry. Subsequently, apply a thin layer of the cream to your affected skin and let it rest. Wash your hands as soon you apply the cream. Keep it away from your eyes and mouth. 

Betnovate C Side Effects

Betnovate C cream is applied topically, and thus, it does not have side effects. However, if it is used for a more extended period or applied on sensitive areas such as the armpit, face, skinfolds the cream might have the following side effects:

  • Drying skin.
  • Acne
  • Changes in the skin-colour
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin thinning
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Persistent skin reaction
  • It might worsen other skin conditions, including ringworm, chickenpox, herpes etc.
  • Burning sensation

Warnings and Precautions Related to Betnovate-C Cream

Pregnant and lactating women should avoid the application of this cream. However, if you have to take it, do consult with your doctor. In addition to this, one should take the following precautions.

  • The cream has steroids, and thus, it should be used with utmost caution.
  • In case you are allergic to any of the prime ingredients such as betamethasone or Clioquinol, then you should avoid the usage of this ointment as it might worsen the condition.
  • This cream has betamethasone as the main ingredient. Thus, it should not be used for more than four weeks as it might lead to severe skin complications.
  • Before starting the course of this medicine, do inform your doctor about the ongoing medical condition and over the counter drugs that you have been taking.
  • If you have any of the side effects listed above or if the ointment does not show results as it supposed to be, immediately consult your doctor.
  • This cream should be applied topically on the affected skin and not exposed to the eyes and mouth.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun after the application of this cream.
  • Avoid applying the cream if the skin condition is severe.
  • Avoid covering the skin area after applying the ointment.
  • Avoid applying moisturiser just before or after applying the Betnovate C.
  • Do not forget to clean the area before the application.

Betnovate-C Cream Interactions:

Since this medicine is applied topically thus, it does not have any known interaction with alcohol. However, avoid taking the ointment with the following medication-

Ethinyl Estradiol, Warfarin, Mifepristone, Insulin, BCG vaccine and Ciprofloxacin. In addition to this, one should avoid mixing the cream with Vigabatran, Ritonavir and Vigabatrin.

Betnovate-C Cream Substitutes:

If you do not find the Betnovate-C Cream at your nearest chemist, you can also opt for its substitute listed below.

  •  Bactioderm
  • Valeratec


Commonly found in drug stores, Betnovate-C Cream is mainly used to treat a number of skin’s fungal and bacterial problems. It can also alleviate skin concerns like acne and pimple. However, it should be used as prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise, its prolonged application could worsen the condition or lead to a couple of side effects, such as allergies.


1. What is Betnovate C used for?

Betnovate C has antifungal andante-bacterial properties that help to cure bacterial and fungal infections on the skin.

2. Can we apply Betnovate C on the face?

Do not use Betnovate C ointment for long on the face as it may lead to skin thinning.

3. Can we use Betnovate C for pimples?

Betnovate C can be used to cure fungal infections like acne, pimples etc.

4. Is Betnovate harmful for the skin?

Avoid using Betnovate on the skin in case you have poor circulation of blood in the skin region, as it might lead to a number of skin problems, including skin ulcers.

5. What is Betnovate C price?

The current price of Betnovate C is ₹ 42.64 (30gm)

6. Can Betnovate C be used for stretch marks?

No, Betnovate C should not be used to get rid of stretch marks.

7. What is the difference between Betnovate N and Betnovate C?

Betnovate N has Betamethasone and Neomycin as primary ingredients that help to cure black and white scars on the skin. On the other hand, Betnovate C has Betamethasone and Clioquinol as main components, and it is used for treating fungal and bacterial infection on the skin.

8. Does Betnovate C contain steroids?

Betnovate C has betamethasone valerate, which is known to be corticosteroids, a type of steroids.

9. Is Betnovate C good for pimples?

Being a steroid, Betnovate C helps to cure pimples, but it should not be taken for a longer period as it might lead to a couple of side effects that include facial hair growth or can even worsen the skin condition.

10. Can Betnovate C be used in children and infants?

Yes, Betnovate C can be used for children above two years. However, do consult the doctor or dermatologist before using it.

Garima Kaushis

Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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