Father’s Day Gift

Fathers are no less than unsung heroes! As they say ‘’ “A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” He is strict and harsh sometimes, but whatever he does is all for our benefits. While we won’t be able to love him back the way he likes, but we can surely make him special on his day i.e., father’s day. Here we have curated some cool gift ideas for father’s day.

List of Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. Smart Watch

Smart Watch

There could be nothing as a perfect gift than a smart watch for fathers. There is a wide range of smart watches available in online shopping stores. Look for a smart watch that belongs to the authentic brand and make sure it has all the features that your father is looking for. Opt for a smart watch that can help him track his lifestyle and health as well. Some smart watches do have the feature to track the blood pressure and count steps that a person covered in a day. Besides, it should have a host of features that allows your dad to manage his work with ease.

2. Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer

While you might not find a trimmer, an ideal present to gift on father’s day, but it is one of the practical and handy gifts that you can give him. It would help him to keep his beard in shape. Also, he wouldn’t have to go to the salon for just trimming. There are many reputed brands that have a beard trimmer, look for the one that has all the essential attachments and is easy to use as well.

3. Leather Wallet with Monogram

Leather Wallet with Monogram

Next in our list of cool gift ideas for father’s day is a monogrammed leather wallet. A wallet is every men’s essential and is one of the common gifts as well. To make it a little interesting, you can gift him a monogrammed leather wallet that has initials of his name. Or you can customize it the way you want to or your father would prefer. Do consider this for the father’s day.

4. Customized Family Portrait

Customized Family Portrait

If you look into your family albums, you will surely find a family picture that is by far everyone’s favorite. You can use it as a professional painter to personalize the same picture into a portrait. Or you can as ask him to make a portrait that has your father as the center attraction. To give it a personal touch, you can go ahead and write a personalized note on the portrait, which would make it even more interesting and would be perfect for gifting your father on father’s day.

5. A Pair of Robust Headphones

A Pair of Robust Headphones

While all fathers might not prefer to listen to their favorite music through a pair of headphones, but these are handy, like any other father’s day gift. You can gift him a pair of branded headphones that are easy to use and one he finds comfortable. They would be his best companions at his gym sessions or while he takes morning or evening. The truth is the dad does not confess, but they do like to use smart things, so consider an intelligent pair of headphones that you would like to use every day. Also, it should have all the ”father’s friendly- features.

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6. A Grooming Kit

A Grooming Kit

What if, he is your father, he still need skin and hair care products to look best of him. While might be reluctant to shop a grooming kit for himself, who can be a person than you to make him use all the stuff. There are a plethora of brands that offer grooming kits for men. You can even go ahead and personalize the one for your father. Infarct, you can also customize a small bag or box where he could stock up all the essentials like shampoo, face wash, body wash, moisturizer, beard serum, etc.

7. Portable Digital Music Player

Portable Digital Music Player

He might be busy with his office chores, but your father would need some me-time. After a long hectic day, he would be able to unwind all his stress. He would spend quality time listening to his favorite music from yesteryears or his favorite radio Jockey and you can buy from Amazon. Also, it would help you to strengthen the bond with your father as you too can join him and upgrade yourself with old songs that you haven’t heard yet.

8. Pack of Tie Bars

Pack of Tie Bars

A pack of tie bars is one of the best yet cool gift ideas for father’s day. What could be even better than gifting your dad something that would give him a dapper look? The tie bars will keep tie on the place. Look for the collection of versatile colors that would complement most of the ties that he chooses to wear. However, do not go for colors that are gaudy as he won’t prefer them to wear them along with his formal wear.

9. A Subscription of His Favourite Magazines

A Subscription of His Favourite Magazines

In case your father is business or some who loves to read, then the chances are that he already has a subscription to the business magazines and other magazines that could help in his job. But he must not have taken the subscription of the books that he might like to read in his free time. For example, a particular author whose content he loves to learn, you can gift him a subscription. It would be one of the best gift ideas for father’s day. Do consider it.

10. Enroll Him to Gym or a Yoga Class

Enroll Him to Gym or a Yoga Class

Unlike youngsters, parents hardly find time for themselves. Most of the fathers have demanding jobs, and thus, they hardly reap off some time for their health. However, if you enroll him in a gym or yoga class a bit, he might take it seriously. If he does so, it would be his physical or mental health. In case he is reluctant to join any of the classes you can consider yourself, you might save your money.

11. Ticket of your father’s favorite Sports Match

Ticket of your father's favorite Sports Match

While fathers hardly get time to follow their favorite sports, it’s only Sunday when they can tune in to the on-going match over the TV and get the update about the same. How about if you send him to watch his favorite sports team playing live in the ground. Since it would be his father’s day gift, he wouldn’t say no and as would watch the match instead. You, too, can join him, or you can plan a family trip. Or ask one of your fathers’ best friends to join him and enjoy the match.

12. Pill Organiser Box and Water Bottle

Pill Organiser Box and Water Bottle

Yes, a pill organizer box. At the age where fathers are, health problems are quite common. It’s good if your father does not have any of the health problems, but in case he takes pills regularly, then a pill organizer box would be one of the cool gift ideas for father’s day. The box helps him to organize his medicines according to the days-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. It would be easy for him to carry all his pills instead of carrying the entire box of the medicines. You can gift a water bottle along with a pills organizer. He wouldn’t have to look for the water while taking medicine.


They believe it or not, but fathers are superheroes, they make both the ends meet to keep us happy. Thus father’s day gives your father special treatment with amazing gifts. This was our list of cool gift ideas for father’s day. Do tell us how you would celebrate father’s day this year.

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