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Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live entertainment themed park in Gurgaon. When you enter the place, you will fell transcended to a grand heavenly place. The park is stretched in a vast land of six acres developed by Great India Nautanki Company (GINC). The magnificent building stands tall to lure you with its utmost beauty and sparkle. The entire setup is divided into two segments, Cultural Gully and Nautanki Mahal.  In this blog, we have listed the important details you would need to know about the Kingdom of Dreams (KOD), including ticket price, timing, show details, and more. So let’s go and read more about this fantastic place. 

Kingdom of Dreams Tickets Price & Booking [2023]

To visit the Kingdom of dreams, you need to buy tickets accordingly. If you are interested in Cultural Gully and the eateries, you can buy a ticket for that alone. If you are interested in magnificent theatre shows, there are various KOD ticket price categories available.

Ticket CategoryWeekdays (Monday closed)
(Ticket price per person)
(Ticket price per person)
Cultural GullyRs. 600Rs. 750
DiamondRs. 2,999Rs. 3,999
PlatinumRs. 2,499Rs. 2,999
GoldRs. 1,999Rs. 2,499
SilverRs. 1,499Rs. 1,999
BronzeRs. 1,249Rs. 1,499

Kingdom of Dreams Entry Fee

You can purchase the ticket after reaching the venue. To avoid doubt and confusion, you can also look out for Kingdom of dreams tickets online booking apps and websites. You can also visit the site and book your seat.

Call for further information – +91-124-4528000

Kingdom Of Dreams Show & Visit Timings

Kingdom of dreams remains open all round the year. It is an indoor setting, so you can plan to visit it in all seasons. If you visit the Kingdom of dreams, you can either visit Cultural Gully or plan to attend live theaters. Cultural Gully is open for a visit anytime when they are open. However, visiting theaters would depend on the show timings. The place is closed on Monday, so plan accordingly.

Weekdays(Tuesday-Friday): 1 PM to 6 PM

Weekends: 1 PM to 12 AM.

Culture Gully: Showcases culture of 14 states

cultural gully

When you step inside the cultural gully, you will be amazed and thrilled by the architecture, grandness, and the time delusion. The artificial skydome will keep you hanging there for long, and you would not realize when the clock struck midnight.  It is designed beautifully, and every corner gives you an ideal backdrop to click photographs. There are different sections where its architecture and food represent 14 states of the country. You can have delicious Punjabi food at Pind Baluchi or go to Monk and try Naga food. It is an incredible place to hang out with family and friends. The best part is, the amount you paid for a ticket can be completely used inside for food and shopping. 

Theatres at the Kingdom of Dreams

The vast premises of the Kingdom of Dreams have two large theaters for live art performances. The vibrant plays and amazing story performed in the theater is worth watching once in a lifetime. The artists and performers have elevated the theater, acting to the next level. There are two theaters in KOD Gurgaon, namely, Nautanki Mahal and Showshaa theatre.

Nautanki Mahal Theater

nautanki mahal theater

If you visit the Kingdom of Dreams, you cannot miss watching a show in the Nautanki Mahal. It is a vast theater where more than 850 spectators can sit and enjoy the show. The stage is spectacularly designed, infusing the latest technologies like a hydraulic stage, automated fly bars, matrix sound effects, life-like backdrops, and amazing props. The skilled artists will marvel you with the grandeur of the scene. This theater is nothing like the traditional theaters you might have visited. Rather it will make you feel that you are watching a movie. This theater is also used for screening of national and international screening in multiple languages.  There is two most famous show which runs in this theater. 

Kingdom of Dreams Zangoora Show

Kingdom of dreams zangoora show

One of the famous shows is Zangoora; it is nothing less than a brilliant fairytale. It is the story of a gypsy, Zangoora who goes through the adventurous journey to become a Prince. Skilled performers and artists perform it. The musical performance is written by Javed Akhtar, and famous Shankar, Ehsan, Loy create the melody.The story will take through captivating visuals and effects that will keep you in awe.

Kingdom of Dreams Jhumroo Show

Jhumroo is another fantastic show popular among people. It is a live musical program that brings together music and art on stage. The show is themed with evergreen shows of Kishore Kumar and the artists performing vibrantly in these retro tracks. It is best to experience for elderly people as they can relive their youth. Even youth can enjoy the beautiful melody and meaningful lyrical songs with illustrative performances.

Showshaa Theater

Another theater in KOD is Showshaa. It is a little smaller than Nautanki mahal with a seating capacity of 300. This theater also holds superior décor and setting, enriched by the latest technologies. You can enjoy the show here with a lesser audience. It is ideal for thematic production activities and other vibrant visual shows. When the show starts, you will be taken away with the light and sound effects and various colorful props.

Eating Outlet

Inside Cultural Gully, you will see multiple outlets which have many eatery options. You can enjoy the cuisines of different states along with the appropriately decorated outlets. They offer mouthwatering dishes, which is another reason why you should visit KOD. You can go to the Punjab outlet, and you will get Punjabi welcome with beautiful decor and amazing authentic Punjabi food. There is a Naga food center right opposite to it; you can enjoy amazing moms from there. If you go further, on the left, there is a line of tempting sweet dishes. There are south Indian food stalls on the right. If you prefer non-veg food, just walk to the Lucknow outlet and enjoy authentic Mughlai food.  It is the perfect place for the foodies. You will get all of these at a very reasonable price, and this way, your entry fees would be well utilized.


The Kingdom of Dreams is one of the most beautiful and happening places in Gurgaon. The moment you step in, you will be amazed to see its grandeur and the spectacular display of art, culture, and food. If you have never been there, it is the time that you plan to do that. For the people who are staying in Gurgaon, it is one of the best weekend visit plans. For the rest, whenever you visit Gurgaon, you need to visit this place. Spend a good time with your family.

This can be counted among new party places in Gurgaon.  Even if it is summers, you can just visit and enjoy the clear domed sky, cool temperature, and good food. What else would you want to relax?  Before you plan, please read the above blog to know all about KOD, its timing, fees, and shows. We hope this blog was useful to you.


1. What is the entry fee of the Kingdom of Dreams?

The entry fee for Cultural Gully is Rs.600 per person on weekdays. There are different prices for different categories. To know the fee in detail, go through the blog.

2. Is food included in the Kingdom of Dreams tickets?

Yes, when you buy the ticket, you will get the card recharged the same as the ticket fees. You can use this card to pay for any eatery or for shopping. But remember, the leftover amount would not be refunded.

3. What is the kingdom of dream?

Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live theater and amazingly constructed indoor amusement park. This has different sections of 14 states, and you can enjoy the food and ambiance.

4. Which is better zangoora or jhumroo?

Both are fantastic shows, but if you are going with kids and friends, you will enjoy Zangoora, and if you are going with elderly people, you will enjoy the melodious Jhumroo. To know more about the shows, you can read the above blog.

5. Who runs the Kingdom of Dreams?

The Kingdom of Dreams is owned by Great India Nautanki Company (GINC). Sharukh Khan is the brand ambassador of KOD.

6. Is photography allowed in the Kingdom of Dreams?

Yes, photography is allowed for Cultural Gully, but you cannot take your camera inside.

7. How can I book a ticket in the Kingdom of Dreams?

You can visit the venue and get the ticket or use online websites or apps to book the event.

8. What is the duration of Zangoora?

The Zangoora show runs for 2.5 hours, and you will not know how the time passes.

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