Water Kingdom Mumbai

The widespread cold blue water and stunning water rides are enough for us to desire fun-filled day with family and friends. Water Kingdom Mumbai is one of the largest and water theme parks in Asia. When you enter this beautifully designed water park, you will be amazed by its jaw-dropping beauty and theme. It is colorful, and water is crystal blue, and one can call it a water paradise on earth. It is the best holiday destination for a family vacation if wish to visit water parks in India. In this blog, we have given you vital information regarding the water kingdom.

Water Kingdom Mumbai: Visiting Time & Contact Details

The water kingdom of Mumbai is operational every day of the week. You can visit any day and any season. However, from January to July and October to December is the best time to visit the Water Kingdom. Mumbai face lots of issues during monsoon, so avoid traveling to Mumbai in the rainy season.

Water kingdom address: Global Pagoda Road, Essel world Amusement Park, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091

Visiting daysMonday – Sunday
Visiting time10:00 am to 07:00 pm
Customer Care Contact022 6158 9888(call between 8 am to 10 pm)

Water Kingdom Mumbai: Ticket Prices

The Water Kingdom offers different ticket types depending on the age and height of the visitor. For same-day ticket purchase, you need to buy it before 9 am. The original e-ticket is also acceptable.  You need to carry your identity proof, and senior citizens should have age proof documents as well.

Ticket Categories:

Water Kingdom

You can get this ticket for one time entry to the Water Kingdom. Check the prices below for adults, children, and senior citizens.
Combine Ticket – This ticket type allows you access to the water kingdom and Essel world.

Fast Track Entry

This ticket allows you to directly enter the Water Kingdom through the main gate without waiting in the long line.

Annual Pass Passport Next

You can get this ticket for three entries in a year for enjoying in the Water Kingdom or Essel/World. The three entries are counted from your first entry.    

Ticket Prices:

Ticket typeAgeHeightTicket Price
Water KingdomAdult4’6+ Rs.1,310  
Combine TicketAdult4’6+  Rs.1,710 
Fast Track EntryAdult4’6+  Rs.1,760 
Annual Pass Passport NextAdult4’6+  Rs.1,890 
Water KingdomChild3’3″ to 4’6″  Rs.865 
Combine TicketChild3’3″ to 4’6″  Rs.1,170 
Fast Track EntryChild3’3″ to 4’6″ Rs.1,180 
Annual Pass Passport NextChild3’3″ to 4’6″  Rs.1,890 
Water KingdomSr. Citizen –  Rs.865 

Thrilling Water kingdom Rides

Asia’s largest themed water park is known for its thrilling rides. The adventure, breath-taking swirls, and visual ecstasy of the water kingdom will enthrall you with its ride. So get on the ride, tie your seat belt, and go through all the rides water kingdom offers.

1. The Lagoon

The major attraction of the water kingdom is the lagoon. It is uniquely designed with 10 rides suitable for visitors of all ages. Your kids can enjoy three kiddie slides available, and adults can have fun with four family slides and three other thrill slides for adults. Other features of lagoon include huge elephant splashing buckets, waterfall, and water curtains. Enjoy the splash of water with adventure.

2. Bratzone

Bratzone is built for kids as well as adults. You can dance under rain with exciting dance floor and water sprinkles. You, your family, and friends can enjoy the peaceful coco beach, shallow pool, and indoor aqua dome. You can have a nice resting and relaxing time with your loved ones. Bratzone is a fantastic corner of the water kingdom you can plan to visit.

3. Adventures Amazonia

The adults and kids enjoy the water slides, isn’t it? Adventures Amazonia is one of the best water slides and water adventure areas in the water kingdom. Four exciting rides will boost your adrenaline rush. What a coaster is a ride for adults with a steep vertical drop, and you will slide down with a speed of 40miles per hour. There are other similar heart-racing rides like rock n roll, serpent safari, and elephant safari.

4. Wetlantic

The most popular area in the water park has to be wetlantic. This section is an accurate imitation of the beach by the cave. You will be transported to a peaceful and fun world where you can admire the towers and cave and wavy water. Enjoy the getting hitting of water and beautiful fountain and strong waves. There are lifeguards on the sides to ensure your safety.

5. Goofers Lagoon

Why should adults enjoy alone? At Goofers Lagoon, the teens and toddlers can enjoy the water adventures too. This area is designed to thrill you with a spinning tray, speedy water guns, water splashing from a tilted bucket, and a splashy roof. Don’t miss to visit it with your family and friends.

Handy Tips for your Trip

The water parks are fun places to enjoy water splashes, but it could be equally dangerous if you do not take safety and precautions seriously. Here are some tips you need to know before you plan to visit Water Park. 

Apply Waterproof Sunscreen

The waterpark is under the open sky, and the day time is quite sunny. To protect your skin from harsh sun rays, you need to apply sunscreen on the exposed body parts at least half an hour before. The waterproof sunscreen is preferred as you are going to enjoy in the water throughout the day. You can use SPF 30 PF++ or above to ensure that your skin doesn’t get sunburnt. It is recommended to apply sunscreen every 80 minutes.

Be Hydrated

When scorching sun above your head and putting all your energy, your body will lose plenty of water. That is the time you need to drink water continuously to combat rapid perspiration. You should carry water or buy it inside. It is advised not to take sweet drinks or carbonated drinks or caffeinated drinks, making you dehydrate and thirstier.

Must Carry Swim Wear

In the fun of the water, the kingdom doesn’t forget that you will be under direct sun and in water most of the time. This means that you need to wear proper swimwear, water shoes, water goggles, sunglasses, large hats, and other accessories. It is best advised to carry your swimsuits rather than renting. Ensure that you only carry nylon and lycra clothes else you won’t be allowed to get into the pool.

Wear a Life Vest

We often take safety lightly and seeing a lifeguard by the side, and you might overlook some safety measures. It would be best if you were cautious when the water pool is deep and full of activities. Only floaters are not enough, and you need to use a life vest to be sure of your safety.

Read the Rules of the Water Kingdom

This is the most neglected yet most important section of any waterpark. Every adventure section of the water kingdom welcomes you with warning notes and rules. Make sure you read it and abide by it. Safety precautions are important for kids, adults, senior citizens, medical conditions, and your ability to swim.  Don’t go against the rules as it could be hazardous. The water park is full of giant waterslides and other water rides. Therefore, your safety is in our hands.

Be Watchful of your Children

Kids get super excited seeing the blue water, the games, and attractive ride, and it gets tough to make them in control. Take them to the kid zone, which is relatively safe for the toddlers, yet you have to keep an eye on them so they are safe and nothing harms them. Stop them running around the pool.


If you are thinking of planning an adventurous and fun vacation with your family and friends, you need to consider Mumbai’s water kingdom.  This place offers everything you need to enjoy with your family to the fullest. The breath-taking ride, thrilling slides, fun musical rain dance, and many more features will give you a good entertainment time. You can also consider going to another amazing water park in Worlds of wonders in Noida. Here we have provided you important information and tips for your visit to the Water Kingdom. I hope you have a joyful experience.


1. Where is the Water Kingdom?

The Water Kingdom is in Gorai, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the magnificent water park in the entire continent, with many thrilling rides under five sections.

2. How to reach the water kingdom?

The water kingdom is located in Gorai, and it is easy to reach. You can get a taxi or auto to ride upto the venue. If you are taking the bus, you need to board the bus at Malad to reach Marve beech and further from Borivali to Gorai creek. The best route for anyone riding on their vehicle can take Western Express Highway and Bhayander road to get to the waterpark.

3. What are the entry fees of the Water Kingdom?

The entry fee varies according to the age and height of the visitor and ticket type. The minimum cost to enter the water kingdom could be Rs.865, and it can go up to Rs.1800 per person.

4. How many slides are there in the Water Kingdom?

There are 10 slides in the water kingdom lagoon dedicated for kids and adults.

5. What should I wear in the Water Kingdom?

You can wear casual clothes and carry swimwear along with you. The water kingdom will not allow you to enter the pool if you are not wearing nylon or lycra clothes. Make sure you carry accessories like hats, sunglasses, water shoes, etc.

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