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As per the National Sleep Foundation, having a sound sleep each night can have a surprisingly beneficial outcome on your quality of life. A peaceful sleep can improve your personal life and has a tremendous benefit on your work profitability. The perpetual quest for peaceful sleep has always bothered the intellectual kind. In this pursuit, we often wonder which is the best direction to sleep because quality sleep is the establishment for great well-being. It rebuilds tissues and reclaims lost energy to relax and revitalize. Resting in the right direction reduces inflammation and reduces depression and anxiety, plus encourages your body to retaliate. Often we wonder which direction is right for sleep because the best sleeping direction decides what kind of energy you want to bring into your life that helps you sleep better and faster.

Know the Best Direction to Sleep for Better Health

North Direction

Ever wondered which direction is better to sleep in? Well, the positioning of your country determines the Earth’s magnetic interference in your energy alignment. Sleeping direction as per science for the Northern Hemisphere residents with head facing North direction is counterproductive to the sleep cycle. The reason why we should not face north while sleeping is because it disturbs our blood circulation and causes illness and stress. The body does not handle blood pressure caused because of this distress well. Sleeping with the head facing North is not the best sleeping direction. With your head pointing toward the South, these same energies wear out your energy. While sleeping in the North direction, your brain is continually working, continually trying to accomplish something, and despite sleeping for long hours, you will still feel exhausted.

In these directions, your blood starts flowing more towards the head because it is like two magnets repelling each other caused by the Earth’s magnetic field’s alignment. You may experience disturbed sleep, and you may also find difficulty sleeping or other sleep disturbances throughout the sleep If your head is facing the North direction. Putting your bed in this direction will not enable you to rest because of the constant energy flow through the entryway, which is even considered a “rest in peace”  or “coffin” position. Thus, for a peaceful sleep, make sure you do not face this direction while sleeping.

However, if you are not living in the Northern hemisphere, the sleeping position should be in the North direction, or while sleeping, your head should be facing North. It gives peace of mind, and restorative sleep and promotes a warm and safe feeling. So the best direction to sleep at night is an essential factor you should not avoid.

South Direction

It is best to sleep with your head in the South direction for good mental and physical health. As per the laws of physics, magnetic energy enters from the head and reaches the feet. As a result, mental tension decreases, and your mind becomes light when you wake up in the morning; this results in a good quality of sleep.

Sleeping in the South direction ensures proper blood supply, maintaining a healthy oxygen level, adequate blood pressure, and sufficient hemoglobin and other minerals required for a healthy life. In this way, you feel joyful and fresh upon waking up in the morning. South-facing is considered a good Sleeping position for sound sleep, a healthy mind, and a healthy body.

West Direction

Sleeping with head facing West can be harmful; this is not the best direction to sleep and not so beneficial; this direction does not create the right conditions because it brings low motivation and laziness. The alignment of West sleeping causes a person’s tendency towards violence and may cause nightmares; this makes it not a favorable condition to sleep. At the same time, some experts suggest that the West direction is a neutral sleeping position, and it relieves you of any unpleasant negative energy in your life. Thus, the West direction may or may not harm your mental and physical health but does not have a very positive effect, and thus this is not considered the best sleeping direction.

East Direction

Head direction while sleeping in the East boosts the brain’s concentration and memory power; this results in good health and inclination towards spirituality. These benefits make it the best direction for sleep for students looking for a new career opportunity or looking for a promotion. Sleeping in this direction represents creativity and the beginning of absolutely everything. If you put your head in the East direction while sleeping, it provokes creative and analytical thinking. Thus, giving solutions that can help you overcome health-related obstacles. Sleeping in the East direction would undoubtedly make you feel powerful and energized in the morning, giving you a sense of qualitative sleep.

Best Direction to Sleep Scientifically

Do you know which direction to sleep scientifically? Well, people avoid facing North while sleeping because they are aware of the Earth’s magnetic power interference. They know that the Earth’s magnetic fields flow from the South and North Poles, making it aligned to your body while sleeping in the North direction. As the Earth rotates at approximately 900 miles per hour, a reasonably large value can influence the molecular-sized or atomic particles of the body as well as its elements.

This magnetic pull of the direction attracts iron, which gets collected in your brain with a force that may not be noticed instantly but will show results after longer durations. The Blood with all metallic minerals circulates in bodies involuntarily as long as our heart pumps when you sleep your head towards the 0° latitude. The blood and the highly mobile masses in your body flow towards your head where your brain lies, which may get affected by high pressures resulting in intense or cause major cardiac and ill-health problems. So the best direction to sleep scientifically is the South direction.

Best Direction for Sleeping as per Vastu Shastra

Want to know which direction to sleep at night? Sleeping direction as per Vastu, South is the best direction to sleep if you want to have a night of quality sleep. Vastu supports the belief that if you sleep with your head towards the North direction. Then, you may experience weak willpower, and emotional instability, and may face a significant sickness. With the face in the North direction, you will remain perpetually sleep-deprived and will meet other illnesses. In contrast, Feng Shui is more concerned with the space elements and their effects on energy flow than the right sleeping direction. Due to Chinese origin, they prefer Southward energy because of its natural climate, where they experience warm winds from the South.

The legs’ direction should be in the East while sleeping for those seeking a good reputation and wealth. For the gains in Harmony and spiritualism direction of legs should be in the West while sleeping. The West’s sleeping direction is not as beneficial as sleeping in the South or East direction, but it has some advantages. It is a neutral position. Sleeping in this direction gives success in the workplace or business and helps you grab the best opportunities in your life.

So, for some people to sleep in this orientation is beneficial. As per Vaastu, the East direction is also the best direction to sleep in India as the Eastern direction is the powerhouse for energy and as the sun rises from this side. It helps you get adequate sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. You can pick the right direction to sleep, with feet pointing to the East direction as it increases recognition and wealth. For prosperity and opulence, the direction of the legs should be in the North while sleeping making it the best sleeping direction.

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Your sleep position’s direction is crucial because we know that sleep is when our body rejuvenates and repairs itself. All the internal organs improve their functionalities while sleeping so for people which direction to sleep scientifically. If you are sleeping in a South-East direction, it enhances creativity and promotes good communication skills for the people who have trouble communicating. This is considered as the best direction to sleep for artists and teachers. If you feel stress and anxiety, facing your head, the South-West direction will calm you and make you feel relaxed. You will also experience being more settled in your relationship and life.

Sleeping in North direction can encourage sleeping disorders such as insomnia that can make you dull and lethargic in day to day activities. This position is also called the ‘death position’. If you are an elderly person or senior citizen, this position might not be right one for you as it fails to keep you calm even when you sleep. If you are sleeping in the North-East direction, you can easily get nightmares that can make you feel at the edge at all times. It brings out powerful and heavy emotions.

The orientation of your body while sleeping should be head and toes in either South-North or West-East directions. It aligned positively with the earth’s magnetic field, which has a critical influence on human body functioning.  Thus, the South direction is the best direction to sleep, whereas the east and west have their own benefits as well but you should not sleep in the north direction.


1. Which is the right direction to sleep?

The right direction to sleep is with the head in the South or East directions. Sleeping with the head facing South direction protects from many health issues and reverses the opposite pole’s adverse effects. It keeps blood circulation regular and steady.

2. Does the direction of sleep matter?

Yes, a good sleeping direction does matter. A person who sleeps in the North-South direction has a longer Rem sleep cycle than people who sleep in the East-West making the North-South the best direction to sleep for people who suffer from insomnia. The body gets the best rest during rem cycle, and we feel better and healthier and increase our ability to refocus. Our mind can not work properly without enough rest, so the right direction to sleep can improve the quality of a person’s life and enable their growth and development.

3. Which direction is right for married people to sleep?

According to Vastu, a couple’s head should face the South, West or South-West corner of the house. It will help foster romantic love and understanding between the couple and make the bond strong.

4. Which is the right direction for sleeping in the master bedroom?

Your master bedroom’s best position is in the South-West corner of your home, as it gives prosperity, good health, and longevity; this is also a good option for guests’ bedrooms. If you’re planning to have a baby sleeping in this direction gives the best result but this is not the best direction to sleep for infants as they will become hyperactive and lack concentration in the North-West direction.

Garima Kaushis

Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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