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Tikona Infinet Limited provides a robust internet service provider spread across 25 cities in India. It was founded in 2008, and since then, it is growing to be one of the country’s best broadband service network. It provides both home and office internet networks and presently used by two lakhs and more users. The cities with the most users are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. In this blog, you will get to know the Tikona Broadband Plans under different categories.

Popular Tikona Unlimited Broadband Plans

Download SpeedValidityPrice (per month)Installation Charge
10 mbps12 monthsRs.6300
25 mbps12 monthsRs.7300
25 mbps6 monthRs.770Rs.1000
25 mbps3 monthRs.799Rs.500
40 mbps6 monthRs.949Rs.1000
40 mbps3 monthRs.999Rs.500
40 mbps12 monthsRs.5988Rs.1000

Tikona WiFi Plan (FUP per Month-150 GB)

Download SpeedValidityPrice (per month)Installation Charge
25 mbps12 monthsRs.5490
25 mbps6 monthsRs.599Rs.1000
25 mbps3 monthsRs.649Rs.500

Tikona Internet Plan (FUP per Month-175 GB)

Download SpeedValidityPrice (per month)Installation Charge
40 mbps12 monthsRs.5990
40 mbps6 monthsRs.650Rs.1000
40 mbps3 monthsRs.699Rs.500

Tikona Broadband Plan (FUP per Month-200 GB)

Download SpeedValidityPrice (per month)Installation Charge
60 mbps12 monthsRs.6900
60 mbps6 monthsRs.720Rs.1000
60 mbps3 monthsRs.749Rs.500

Tikona Home Broadband Plan (FUP per Month-250 GB)

Download SpeedValidityPrice (per month)Installation Charge
10 mbps12 monthsRs.4990
10 mbps6 monthsRs.5490
10 mbps3 monthsRs.599Rs.500

Tikona Tariff Plan (FUP per Month-350 GB)

Download SpeedValidityPrice (per month)Installation Charge
60 mbps12 monthsRs.8300
60 mbps6 months870Rs.1000
60 mbps3 months899Rs.500

Tikona Office Internet Plans- Speed Multiplier

Tikona offers office broadband plans for speed multiplier. The download speed mentioned below is provided in-office hours 8 am to 8 pm post that it gives 512 kbps speed. Both Tikona Prepaid and Postpaid Plans available. These are recurring charge which comes with one-time installation amount. 

Download SpeedValidityPrice (per month)Installation Charge
1 mbps3 monthsRs.2000Rs.500
1 mbps6 monthsRs.3900Rs.250
2 mbps3 monthsRs.2600Rs.500
2 mbps6 monthsRs.5100Rs.250
4 mbps3 monthsRs.3800Rs.500
4 mbps6 monthsRs.7500Rs.250

Tikona WiFi Plans in Delhi

The capital city enjoys the benefits of the best broadband internet services like Tikona broadband, ACT broadband, etc. Here is the list of various Tikona internet plans with price, speed, and data you will get.  

Download SpeedDataPrice (per month)
4 mbpsUnlimitedRs.599
6 mbpsUnlimitedRs.699
10 mbps60 GBRs.599
10 mbps80 GBRs.699

Tikona Broadband Plans in Mumbai

The headquarters of Tikona Infinet Limited is in Mumbai. Tikona Broadband Mumbai plan allows the users to choose from four options depending on download speed, price, and data. Also, check Tikona broadband plans unlimited according to your budget.

Download SpeedDataPrice (per month)
4 mbpsUnlimitedRs.699
10 mbps80 GBRs.899
10 mbps90 GBRs.749
10 mbps150 GBRs.799

Tikona Plans Chennai

Tikona Chennai internet plans give the download speed options of 4 Mbps and 10 Mbps. You can get the packs according to your need. The details of Tikona unlimited plans have been listed below.  

Download SpeedDataPrice (per month)
4 mbpsUnlimitedRs.799
4 mbps60 GBRs.599
4 mbps90 GBRs.699
10 mbps150 GBRs.799

Tikona Home Plans Kolkata

Kolkata is the easternmost location where Tikona provides internet services. If you are based in Kolkata, you can pick any plan suitable for your needs from these four options. 

Download SpeedDataPrice (per month)
4 mbpsUnlimitedRs.699
10 mbpsUnlimitedRs.899
10 mbps90 GBRs.749
10 mbps150 GBRs.799

Tikona WiFi Plans in Bangalore

Tikona Broadband Bangalore has the four options of internet plans. You can get upto 150 GB with the speed of 10mbps depending on your recharge.

Download SpeedDataPrice (per month)
4 mbpsUnlimitedRs.699
10 mbpsUnlimitedRs.899
10 mbps90 GBRs.749
10 mbps150 GBRs.799

Customer Care

The customer care of Tikona broadband is known for its customer services and assistance. You can contact the customer services using the following number. Also, you can write to the customer care email address in case of any complaint and assistance.

Customer service Contact details
Customer Care1860 3000 3434


Tikona broadband network is serving in 25 major cities in India. It is evolving to be one of the best broadband service providers. It has plans and offers for home and office uses as well. Before purchasing any plan, go through all the benefits you get along with it, and make your decision. To help you decide on Tikona broadband plans, we have listed all the most users’ popular plans according to the Data it provides. We have also given you the insight on state-wise Tikona Internet Plans.


1. Is Tikona broadband good?

Yes, Tikona gives a good internet connection at reasonable price.

2. Does Tikona provide a WIFI router?

Tikona provides a WiFi router across the serviceable cities in India. They offer free installation in some of the plans else it is chargeable. You can go through the tables above to know the installation cost as well.

3. What is the subscription amount in Tikona?

Tikona claims to be a very affordable internet provider among its competitors. They offer a plan recharge of 3 months to 12 months. The minimum subscription price is around Rs.6500 per year, which is around Rs.549 per month.

4. Which Broadband plan is best?

There are many broadband plans available in India. The few best internet providers are Tikona broadband, ACT broadband, etc.

5. How can I check Tikona network availability?

The user can check Tikona network availability by logging in to the Tikona speed test website http://speedtest.tikona.in . There you can see the network availability and network speed. This only works for window users only.

6. Which WiFi is best for the home?

We listed the Tikona Home Broadband plans in this blog. You can compare the plans with other networks and decide the best for your home internet connection.

7. Is Tikona 25 Mbps fast enough?

Tikona 25 mbps download speed is more than enough for most of the regular internet uses. You can use it for watching live streaming, social media, gaming and more.

8. Who owns Tikona?

Tikona was established in 2008 by Prakash Bajpai. He is the founder and CEO of the company.

9. How can I reset my Tikona WIFI?

Generally, changing a broadband password is not easy, but Tikona offers three easy steps to do that.
• Open the Tikona login page
• Go to reset my password and enter the verification code
• Validate the request by SMS confirmation
• And your password is set.

10. How can I change my Tikona plan?

You can change Tikona broadband plans after the completion of the currently existing cycle. They also provide assistance when you have to relocate or upgrade your plans.

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