Best Dog Breeds for Home

Planning to get a pet dog? If yes, is the answer, you are in the right place. Here, we have listed some of the best Dogs for a home in India. These breeds are easily available in the country. Breeds like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Pugs are some of my favorite breeds. They are known for their smartness and intelligence. These breeds are easy to train and perfect for apartments. Check out the list of which dog is best for home in India.

List of Best Dog Breeds for Home in India:

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

First, in our list of best dogs for a home in India is Golden Retriever. This is the top-rated dog for homes and families. Golden retrievers are known for their obedient and caring nature. This breed is smart and can be trained as they are perfect in competitions. They are also ideal watchdogs and have medium-sized built. Golden retrievers have a waterproof coat that requires regular grooming. The breed-Retriever’s name refers to the breed’s ability to retrieve shot game undamaged because of its soft mouth. The breed has instinctive love for the water. The breed is best suited for urban or country environments. This breed originated from Scotland.

Group – Sporting

Height – 21 to 24 inches

Weight – 25 to 35 Kg

Life Span – 10-12 years

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Also known as GSD, German shepherds are medium to large-sized. The breed originated from Germany where it received its name. German Shepherd has a wolf-like appearance. Despite of having a scary body, German Shepherds are incredibly loving and caring. They are ideal watchdogs. The breed is mostly used for search and rescue operations, disability assistance, police, and military roles, and acting  

Group – Working Group

Height –22 to 26 Inches

Weight – 25 to 35 KG

Life Span – 9 to 13 years

3. Labrador

Labrador Dog

Next on our list of best dogs for a home in India is Labrador. It is one of the most useful working dogs. The breed is formerly known to be the fisherman’s helper, they used to help in picking ropes, and picking up fish from North Atlantic. The breed is considered to be one of the best dog breeds for families in India. Labradors are hardworking and have a good nature. Modern Labrador works as a hunter’s retriever, shows competitors help dogs, and is a perfect watchdog.

Group – Sporting

Height – 22 to 24 inches

Life Span – 10-12 years

4. Beagle

Beagle Dog

Beagle is a small hound that looks like a larger foxhound. This breed of dog was primarily developed for hunting hares. The breed possesses exceptional small and superior tracking instincts. It is one of the dogs that is used as detection dogs for prohibiting foodstuffs and agriculture imports from across the world, especially during the quarantine. Beagles are intelligent and are popular due to their good temper, size, and lack of health problems. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best home dogs in India.

Group – Hound group

Height – 13 to 15 inches

Weight – 20 to 25 Kg

Life Span – 12 to 15 years

5. Pug

Pug Dog

Known to be the best breed of dog for a home in India, Pug is an ideal pet. This breed is easy to maintain as they shed very less hair. It has physically distinctive features that included a wrinkled body, short-muzzled face, and curled tail. Pugs have a glossy and fine coat in an array of colors. This is one of the dog breeds in India for home as they are more sociable and good companions.

Group – Toy Breed

Height – 11 to 13 inches

Weight – 11 to 16 Kgs

Years – 12 to 15 years

6. Rottweiler

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler is amongst the best breeds of dogs for families in India. The breed is known to be a fierce protector and affectionate. They have tremendous strength and are exceptionally loyal to their master. Thus, they make ideal companions for households. However, they have to be socialized and trained in the best way possible from childhood itself. The breed has a short coat and loose hair on a regular basis. Rottweilers have a good diet, make sure you provide the best dog food with ample nutrients. These dogs come in tan and black or mahogany and black colors.

Group – Working 

Height – 24 to 26 inches

Weight – 40 to 50 Kg

Life Span – 8 to 10 years

7. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Dog

Next on the list of home dog breeds in India is Cocker Spaniel. Surprisingly, Cocker Spaniel is crossbreed of two different breeds that are American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel. The breed has been originated from the United Kingdom, where they were bred as hunting dogs. This breed is also known as cockers. The breed has a medium size; thus, they are easy to tame at home.  Cocker Spaniels can easily live in an apartment. They feature a medium-length silky coat that slightly wavy and flat. The breed comes in multi-colors with lines.

Group – sporting

Height – 13 to 16 inches

Weight – 25-35 kg

Life Span – 10 to 14 years

8. Great Dane

Great Dane Dog

Great Dane is one of the German breeds and is famous for their large size. The breed is also known as Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff, Boarhound, or Appolo of Dogs. The bread is loyal and intelligent. They are easy to train. It is believed that Great Dane loves kids and is sweet in nature. These dogs are generally found in white, red, hat, fawn, and brindle colors. They are accessible to pets, which is counted amongst the best dogs for a home in India.

Group – Working

Height – 28 to 32 inches

Weight – 45 to 90 kg

Years – 10  to 12 years

9.  Dachshund


Dachshund is popularly known as badger dog, wiener dog, and sausage dog, a short-legged and long-bodied dog. Dachshunds are good at expressing their feelings and are a bundle of joy, which makes them one of the best dogs for a home in India. The breed is available in two different sizes, which are miniature and standard. The smaller size of the dog is known to be miniature. They have a loud voice because of this these dogs can be ideal home watchers.

Group – Hound group

Height – 8 to 9 inches

Weight – 8 to 11 Kg

Life Span – 10 to 14 years

10. Boxer

Boxer Dog

Next on our list of best dogs for home is Boxer. The breed is easy to train and maintain. Seeing their size and build, Boxer is ideal for all types of households, making them one of the best breeds of dog in India for home. The appearance of breed has a large head body, powerful jaws, and square muzzle. The breed is friendly in nature. The dog is available in colors like fawn, brindle, and white.

Group – Working

Height – 21 to 25 inches

Weight – 25 to 32 kg

Life Span – 7 to 10 years

11. Indian Pariah dog

Indian Pariah dog

As the name says, the Indian Pariah dog is an Indian breed of dog. Clearly, this is one of the desi breeds that are easy to train. The breed is used as the guard dog and police dog. Indian Pariah dog has erect ears and wedge-shaped head. Most of the street dogs in India belong to the same breed since they are easy to train. Thus they are one of the best dogs for a home in India.

Group – Hound

Height – 18 to 25 inches

Weight – 15 to 30 kg

Year – 13 to 14 years

12. Dalmatian


Dalmatian is one of the athletic and sleek breeds of dogs. This breed is famous as the star of 101 Dalmatians of Disney. Dalmatians are large-sized and have distinguished white coats with black or liver-colored spots and are mainly used as carriage dogs. It is one of the famous family pets and is considered the best dog breed in India for home.

Group – Companion dogs

Height – 19 inches to 24 inches

Weight – 24 to 29 kg

Life Span – 13 to 16 years

13. Dobermann


Also known as Doberman Pinschers, is a medium- large-sized breed of dog. It features a long muzzle. It does not have a heavy foot like other dogs. Dobermanns is intelligent, alert, and loyal, and thus they are termed as best dogs for a home in India. Also, the breed is easy to train. 

Group – Companion Dogs

Height – 27 to 28 inches

Weight – 40 to 45 kg

Life Span – 10 to 13 years

14. Pomeranian


Also known as POM, Pomeranian is one of the best pet dogs for home in India. The breed has a small size and has been owned by a number of royal people. Pomeranian has also ranked as one of the top fifty popular breeds in the United States, and with the trending fashion of small dogs, the breed is ruling the list of top-rated dogs for the home.

Group – Companion Dog

Height – 7 to 12 inches

Weight – 1.4 to 3.2 kg

Life Span – 12 to 16 years

15. Bulldog


Best known as British Bulldog and English Bulldog and is known for his medium size. The dog is characterized by a wrinkled face and a pushed-in nose. The breed has been originated from English culture, and now it has become a national icon. Bulldog has short coat in red, fawn, piebald, and brindle colors.

Group – Companion Dog

Height – Male- 31to 40 cm

Weight – 23 to 25 kg

Life Span – 8 -10 years

16. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

It is one of the large working dogs that originated in Switzerland. This breed has a smooth and coat that is easy to maintain. The color of the coat is red or white and mahogany brindle white touch of white. It has a long and heavy tail. They usually have brown and icy blue colored eyes. They are also known as St. Bernhardog, Bernhardinner and Alpine Mastiff (archaic) and is truly the best dog for home in India.

Group – Working Group

Height – 28 to 30 in

Weight – 64 to 82 kg

Life Span – 8-10 years

17. Pitt Bull


Next in the list of best dog breeds in India for home is Pit Bull. Pit Bull has its origin in North America, where the breed was developed as a fight breed. The breed is known for its friendly temperament. They are shy and friendly and are easy to pet at home. However, they are aggressive as well. They are primarily used as police dogs.

Group – Terrier

Height – 18 to 21 inches

Weight – 16 to 30 kg

Life Span – 8 -15 years

18. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

This dog breed was bred in South Africa. The breed was formerly known as  Van Rooyen’s lion dog or the African Lion Hound or African Lion Dog. They have a short and dense coat. The breed is easy to tame and perfect for home and families. It has a permissible nose color that includes the liver and black.

Group – Terrier

Height – 25 to 31 inches

Weight – 40 to 50 kg

Life Span – 10 to 12 years

19. Border Collie

Border Collie

This breed is classified as herding and working breed and was developed in England. Border Collie was bred for their smartness and obedience. The breed is fetch oriented and energetic. Traditional Border Collie is employed for herding and are kept as pets as well.

Group – Terrier

Height – 19 to 22 inches

Weight – 14 to 20 kg

Life Span – 10 to 17 years

20. Chihuahua

Chihuahua Dog

It is the smallest breed of dogs that originates from Mexico. There are majorly two categories of this breed; one has a small coat and another long coat. Chihuahua is easy to tame. They require minimum trimming and grooming, which makes them one of the best dog for home in India.

Group – Terrier

Height – 19 to 22 inches

Weight – 1.8 to 2.7 kg

Life Span – 12 to 20 years

21. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are recognized by their long coats, floppy ears, short and stout postures, huge round eyes, and small snouts. They are highly recognized for their pleasant dispositions and fun personalities.

They are capable of changing with the times. They are not regarded as the most obedient breed because of their fiercely independent temperament.

Group – Tibet

Height – 8 to 11 inches

Weight – 4 to 7.5 kg

Life Span – 10 to 18 years


Dogs are one of the most intelligent and loyal animals in the world. There are different breeds of dogs amongst which some can be trained. In this blog, we have listed the 20 best breeds of dogs in India that are ideal for families. The above-listed breeds are easily available in the country and across the world. Do let’s know which is your favorite breed?

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