Thrilling Road Trips

We all have some road trip memories from our childhood. Those constant quibbles for the front seat among siblings, the mid-way munchies and stopovers, and the vehicles rubbing shoulders at high speeds make road trips the best travel experiences for one and all. By when we grow up, these roads turn into a playground instead, you know, for seeking thrills and adventures as many says. We’re not talking about the rash and unruly ones among. It’s about those who like to be behind the wheel and high on adrenaline, not the vices of life.

Talking of Road trips, they’re both surreal and thrilling. Such journeys test an individual’s skills to the limit. While on the road, looking up to surprises that lie ahead, we come closer to the true meaning of traveling altogether. And so today, let’s talk about these surprises and thrills again— the most adventurous road trips across India that hinges at the innate senses of ardent globetrotters better than anything else.

Manali to Leh Highway:

Manali to Leh Highway

This scenic route makes for an all-inclusive journey for all kinds of thrill-seekers and adventurists. The twisty, curvy road is often touted as a nightmare for riders and drivers of all shapes and sizes. But the surreal beauty speckled across is something that keeps you in high spirits throughout. This 479 km of tarmac turns horrifying when the weather rains havoc on the already conditioned roads and the long journey starts to take a toll on your vehicle and you. If you think that you have what it takes to tame this Himalayan beast of a highway, then you should try a hand at driving here.

National Highway 22:

National Highway 22

An engineering marvel or a challenge for the drivers, the National Highway 22, more commonly known as the Hindustan-Tibet Highway is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous and thrilling roads in India. Featured in the History T.V. series, “I.R.T Deadliest Roads,” even a thought of this road gives goose-bumps to those who have ever been on this stretch for at least once. This 510 km long highway comprises of hairpin turns, dangerously narrow sections. When the reckless truckers wage their way across, it’s sure to satiate all your thrill-seeking instincts at once.

Khardung La Pass:

Khardung La Pass

“The highest drivable road on earth,” is undeniably a feast for adrenaline junkies and road trip enthusiasts from not just India, but the entire world altogether. Although, this world-renowned road is adorned with picturesque glades, snow-capped peaks, and a bountiful of natural beauty. The most appealing trait of this mountain pass is its thrilling personality. Driving at such a high altitude, with low oxygen levels & unpredictable weather bound to follow the adventures.

Kolli Hills Road:

Kolli Hills Road

Its long and continuous spree of deadly turns would drive you crazy. The constant curves and irregular elevations make the novice drivers run for their money on this odyssey of adventures and thrills. No wonder, the Kolli Hills road is counted among the most dangerous roads in India. Along with the thrilling demeanor of this challenging journey, its breathtaking landscapes make for the most scenic vistas you would have ever come across. It is flanked by verdant mountains and steep trenches on both sides, making it picturesque and adrenaline-inducing, both at the same. So if you think that only the Himalayan Mountains would get you closer to some adventures on the road, think again and get to the Kolli Hills Road for a change of perceptions. 

Killar to Kishtawar Road:

Killar to Kishtawar Road

This 114 km long stretch of mountainous hell for drivers is another adventure which is not for the faint-hearted. Traversing on this narrow, muddy trap of a road is often taken as a death wish by many. Driving a vehicle through this terrifying highway is sure to test your driving skills to the fullest. The gravel paved path, carved on the edge of the mountain, with no guard rail only add to the adventures across the way. The uncultured rocks, coupled with hairpin turns, making it a deadly combination of dangerous and thrilling. If you think that you have the heart and soul of an adventurer within, then nothing else is more satiating than a ride on this road. 

Always remember that seeking thrills is okay but driving recklessly is not. When on the road, always adhere to the road etiquettes and make sure that you follow the traffic rules & regulations at all times. Respect the other riders on the road with patience and carefulness. Hurrying your way down will only get you close to heaven, not your destination.

Also, make sure that you’re equipped with proper gear for such journeys to prevent any issues down the road, and a well-conditioned vehicle tops the list of such essentials. Renting a self-driven car is always suggested if you wish to save your city-specific vehicle from whatever these roads would throw at you. Options like Zoomcar or Myles are a perfect choice for such journeys. By offering a wide range of self-driven cars with money-saving offers on booking rental cars & availability in almost every state and major city across, they become the sought after facilitators for many road trips enthusiasts among.

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