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Telecom service providers have come up with new technology that enables us to use the WiFi connection for voice and video calling. Jio recently rolled out the Jio WiFi calling after Airtel. Jio allows pan India service, whereas Airtel rolled out the service only for Delhi NCR. So the question is, how can you use this service? Is your smartphone equipped to use this service? In this blog, we have listed all the important details to know how to enable it, how to use and the benefits linked to it.

How to Activate Jio Wifi Calling?

Jio WiFi calling is an amazing way to experience uninterrupted and stable calling. Presently, Jio has made this service available in 150 smartphones across brands and Operating System. These handsets are from well-known brands, including Indian mobile companies. Here we have given the steps for JIO voice call activation and video call enabling. So go ahead and follow the steps below:  

Enable Jio WiFi Calling in your Android Smartphone

For using Jio wifi calling, you need to change the setting of your phone.

  • Go to the phone setting.
  • Tab on the Wi-Fi to connect to the available wifi connection.
  • Turn on the Wifi connection.
  • Now navigate through settings to find WiFi calling.

Note: This service is available with many smartphones, and hence the setting options might differ. You can also go through Jio wifi calling supported devices list.

Activate Jio Wifi Calling Option in iOS Devices

Along with android, Jio has rolled out this service for iPhones as well. So search for Jio wifi calling supported devices with iOS.

  • Go to the phone setting and turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • Now go to the Phone option under settings.
  • Turn on the option of Wi-Fi Calling.
  • The dialogue box will open asking permission to enable Wi-Fi calling.

Note: Keep VoLTE and WiFi calling enabled as these changes in setting will allow Jio to switch between VoLTE and Wi-Fi connection for the best calling experience.  

How to Use Jio Wifi Calling on Your Smartphone after Enabling?

After you have activated Jio WiFi Calling then you can experience a stable, clear, and uninterrupted calling experience for every conversation. You can use Jio Wifi calling app to make the use easy and effortless.

Now make regular calls, and your smartphone will smartly toggle between WiFi and phone data to pick the strong network for Jio WiFi call. For this, you require to go for good Jio wifi recharge plans according to your need.

If you are unable to activate WiFi calling then go to the Jio internet calling section on their website. This will lead you to customer care to address the issue.

Eligibility for Using Jio WiFi Calling

For Jio wifi call activation, there are only two eligibility criteria. Firstly, you need to have one of the 150 smartphone models that provide Wi-Fi calling facility. Secondly, make sure that you are in strong connection or mobile data connectivity. However, Jio calling through wifi is not stick to only Jio wifi network. It can work well with any other Iio wifi device or other internet connection.

Benefits of Jio WiFi Calling

When Indian telecom service providers are moving towards the 5G network, we are getting more services and benefits as SIM network users. Among others, WiFi calling by Jio has attractive benefits for its users. See the points below to know the benefits:

  • The Jio wifi calling switches between VoLTE and Wi-Fi to give you the best experience for voice and video calls.
  • It is not necessary to use the Jio Wifi network as it works well with any other network.
  • It is available across India without any extra charge.
  • This is best for communication within the same building or cellular dark zones.
  • It gives a very stable and clear calling experience.

Calling Charge of Jio WiFi/Vo Jio Wifi

Using Jio internet calling does not charge anything additionally. You simply need to use a good internet pack like that of Jio Fiber Plans.  

However, Jio Wi-Fi Calling international roaming will be chargeable. You need to get wifi calling pack and post that you will be charged ₹ 1/minute. So, yes you can make an international call using Jio WiFi Calling at an affordable cost.


Many service providers have come up with wifi calling, and you can simply use it for better calling. It requires you to have a wifi call supporting smartphones. So firstly, go to the Jio Wi-fi calling website and check if your device is listed. If it is mentioned there, voila! You can start using this amazing Jio service. In this blog, we have created step by step guide for enabling wifi calling using Jio. We have tried to answer all the related questions, if you still have more questions, you can write to us.


1. Can we use WiFi calling without SIM?

No, you cannot make wifi calling without a SIM card as the smartphone uses both mobile data and wifi for providing the best facility.

2. How to use vowifi jio ?

Jio Voice over WiFi or VoWifi has made it possible to use your handset to provide the best calling experience. Go through the blog above and read the steps to start using the Jio net Calling.

3. Does Jio WiFi calling work outside India?

Yes, you can use this service for international roaming, but that is chargeable.

4. Is international roaming free on Jio?

For making a call outside India, Jio has some WiFi calling packs that charges ₹1/minute.

5. Is Jio WiFi calling free?

Yes, Jio Wi-fi calling is free if you are using it to call within India. But you need to pay if you wish to call outside the country.

6. Can we use WiFi calling without a recharge?

Yes, you need not recharge exclusive Jio packs for using Wifi calling; rather you can use the present Jio plan.

7. What is the use of WiFi calling?

There are many benefits of using wi-fi calling. You can experience clear, HD voice quality while taking over the phone. This comes free along with the present net pack. Also, it is not necessary to use only Jio Wifi network for this service. For more benefits, you can read the above blog.

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