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The Jio Network users are increasing day by day as it offers excellent recharge packs and plans. If you plan to switch your number from Vodafone to Jio network without changing it then you are at the right place., This blog will give you complete information about the process to port Vodafone to Jio.

The process of transition is simple, and you can get it done within a few days. Even if you cannot step out of your house to collect the new SIM card, Jio will deliver it to your home. So go ahead and read step by step process of porting.

How to Port Vodafone to Jio? – A Detailed Guide

Jio MNP (Mobile Number Portability) allows the customers to easily port their existing Vi or Vodafone number to Jio network. It requires you to follow simple steps to raise porting requests through message. We have mentioned these steps in detail. Follow the steps using your existing Vodafone number.

Following are the Steps to Convert Vodafone to Jio Network:

  1. Open your message box on your phone to type a new message.
  2. Type PORT, in bold followed by space and 10-digit Vodafone number.
  3. Send this message to 1900.
  4. You will get the message that contains UPC (Unique Porting Code) along with expiry details.
  5. Visit the nearest Jio store for the next process.
  6. Show UPC to the customer care executive who would register your request.
  7. You need to produce the identification and address proof documents.
  8. Take two passport size photographs along with the documents.
  9. You will go through eKYC verification before the new Jio SIM card is handed over to you.
  10. The new SIM card will be active in a few weeks.

Required Documents to Port Vodafone Number to Jio

After raising a number porting request, you need to visit the nearest Jio store with certain documents for identity and address proof. Therefore you need to know which documents are acceptable for verification. Here is the list of documents you must carry to the Jio store to change Vodafone to Jio.

  • Carry your Aadhar card for identity and address proof.
  • Alternatively, you can also take a Voter ID, Passport, or Driving Licence for verification.
  • You need to carry two passport size photographs.
  • For the Vodafone postpaid customer, the bill receipt is a must. 

How Long will It take to Port Vodafone to Jio SIM?

The porting process does not take much time. After the raising request of MNP, you will be able to use Jio SIM within 3-7 days. There are following three conditions where the duration of the porting process differs:

  • If you are porting the number within the same telecom circle, then it will take around 3-5 working days.
  • In case you are porting-in to other telecom circles, it will take around 7 working days.
  • If you are porting within or outside the circle in Jammu and Kashmir or North-Eastern states, then it will take around 15 working days.

How to know Vodafone to Jio Porting is Successful?

TRAI has made the network porting process easy and simple. After you have successfully submitted the MNP application, you will be notified of the date and time of SIM number porting. The Vodafone number will lose network signal while the porting process is going on.

You can insert your new Jio SIM card in your phone and wait for the signal. Meanwhile, you can browse through the Jio recharge plans to decide on which plan suits you. Soon you will get a Jio verification call, and then the SIM will be activated.

How to Change Vodafone Sim to Jio Number for Postpaid Customers

You can port the Vodafone postpaid number to Jio using the same process mentioned above. However, before you request for porting process, make sure that you have cleared all the postpaid bills. You can raise the porting request when the billing cycle is about to end. 

Vodafone Number to Jio Port for Prepaid Users

Vodafone prepaid users need to follow the same process of porting. Ensure that you start the process when your last recharge plan is about to get over. This will make sure that you don’t any data balance or validity. After the transfer is successful, you can contact to Jio Customer Care for any queries.


If you have been a user of Vodafone and wish to switch your network to Jio, then there are simple steps to follow. In this blog, we have mentioned the important steps which will help you through the process to port Vodafone to Jio. Therefore, raise the porting request, get ready with the documents, and go ahead with submission of the document. We hope this blog would be helpful to you.


1. Can we PORT Vodafone to Jio?

Yes, you can easily port Vodafone to Jio by following simple steps. Go through the blog to know more.

2. How can I port my Vodafone to Jio during the lockdown?

You can send the message PORT<10-digit existing Vodafone number> to 1900. Further, follow the steps given in the blog. During the lockdown, Jio has started delivering new SIM cards to your door step. So don’t worry about stepping outside of your house.

3. How can I port my sim online?

Yes, you can port your SIM online. You need to apply for the number port and then choose the recharge plan of the new network you switched to. The new SIM will be delivered to your house, and along with that, your documents will be verified.

4. How much does it cost to port from Vodafone to Jio?

According to regulatory policy, you need to pay a maximum of ₹19 to Jio if you are porting Vodafone to Jio.

5. What happens to the old SIM after porting?

The old SIM can be discarded after it gets deactivated. This generally takes around an hour.

6. Can I use my old SIM while network porting?

You can use the old SIM before the porting process starts. Post that, it will lose signal, and eventually, it will be deactivated.

7. Is porting to Jio free?

No, if you are porting to Jio, you need to pay a maximum of ₹19 to Jio.

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