Chymoral Forte Tablet

Chymoral Forte tablet is one of the medicines that is prescribed by the doctor for inflammation and pain treatment. It helps in treating swelling. The drug has anti-inflammatory properties that come handy for treating inflammation. One should follow the course of the tablet as suggested by the doctor; otherwise, it could have side effects. Also, lactating and expecting women should avoid the usage of this tablet. In case you witness any side effects after the consumption of the tablet do consult the doctor. Read more to know about Chymoral Forte tablet uses, side effects, and composition.

Composition:  Trypsin Chymotrypsin (100000 AU)
Manufacturer: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Medicine Type: Anti-inflammatory and non-steroid tablet
Prescription Required: Yes
Price: Rs.385.90 (20 tablets in a strip)
Chymoral Forte Variants: Chymoral forte (5 mg) and Chymoral forte DS (5mg)
Substitutes: K-Trip Forte Tablet, Chymocip Tablet, Chymapra Tablet, Adheal Tablet, Chymosin Forte Tablet, Chymotross Tablet, Chymonac Forte Tablet, Zymor 100000AU Tablet

Chymoral Forte Tablet Uses

It has many uses and benefits. The tablet can be consumed to treat many medical conditions that are listed below:

1. Hematomas Treatment

This is one of the rarest medical conditions in which there is swelling and blood clot formation. The tablet helps in normalizing the blood flows thus, reducing the symptoms of Hematomas.

2. Treats Edema

Edema is characterized as swelling caused due to excessive fluid, which is trapped in the tissues. It can also hamper teeth and gums. Chymoral Forte Tablet helps to relieve swelling in teeth and gums.

3.  Cures Post-Surgical Trauma

Trauma could be caused due to many reasons that include surgery, scary incidents, and others. The patient usually has burns and assaults. The Chymoral Forte tablet helps to relive all these symptoms.

4. Post Hysterectomy Healing

Chymoral Forte Tablet is prescribed to ladies to have cesarean or have removed the uterus. This tablet helps in the quick regrowth of the tissues and healing.

5.  Pelvic Inflammatory Ailments

Pelvic Inflammatory Ailments are characterized as a medical condition in which bacterias are transmitted from vagina to ovaries, fallopian tubes, and then to the womb. This can lead to vaginal discharge and irritation. Chymoral Forte helps to relive all these symptoms.

6. Necrotic Tissue Treatment

One of the prime causes of Necrotic tissue is infections and any type of trauma that results in the indigestion of cell components. Chymoral Forte Tablet helps to treat these symptoms.

7. Relief in Chronic Respiratory Conditions

Chronic respiratory is a condition where the person has breathing problems as the airflow is blocked. In order to get relief from such a condition, one can ingest Chymoral Forte.

8. Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is identified as the pain in the spine, followed by pain in the legs. One can consume Chymoral Forte in order to get rid of sciatica pain.

9. Joint and Muscle Injury Treatment

Chymoral Forte can also be used to get rid of the swelling that mainly causes joint and muscle injury. The condition is distinguished as strain in the ligaments due to sprain or overstretching.

10. Treat Piles

Another use of the Chymoral Forte tablet is the treatment of piles. It has active ingredients such as chymotrypsin and trypsin that helps to treat hemorrhoids. Patients have to mix the tablet with ointment suggested by the doctor to get rid of the piles.

11. Reduces Swelling in Eyes

Chymoral Forte tablet helps to treat all kinds of swelling that include swelling in the eyes as well. It is effecting healing eyes post-cataract surgery.

12. Sore Throat Treatment

Chymoral Forte is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat common health problems like a sore throat.

Chymoral Forte Tablet Dosage

The dosage of the Chymoral Forte Tablet varies from patient to patient. In severe cases, your doctor may suggest you consume the tablet 2-3 days. Once the medicine shows positive results, the dose is cut down to one tablet in four days.

  • For best results, it should be taken on the empty stomach, hours before having your meal.
  • Patients suffering from a medical condition like Edema must consume the tablet as soon as they address the problem.
  • In case the dose is missed, take it as soon as you remember it. However, do not consume the medicine twice in a single day. 
  • Make sure you follow the dose as suggested by the doctor. Overdose of the Chymoral Forte tablet can lead to its side effects.

How Chymoral Forte Tablet Works?

Chymoral Forte is a kind of enzyme that breaks down the protein and makes absorbs them in the blood. Once the protein is absorbed in the body, it promotes the blood supply in the affected body part and relieves swelling.

Side Effects of Chymoral Forte Tablet

The Side Effects of Chymoral Fortevaries from patient to patient. In case the patient suffers from reaction or side effects, he must get in touch with his doctor as soon as possible.  Some of the common side effects that a patient may experience are:

  • Stomach ache, diarrhea, and indigestion.
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Uveitis
  • Corneal swelling
  • Increase in the eye pressure
  • Inflammation in the eyes.

Chymoral Forte Tablet Interaction

It is always suggested that one should consult his/her doctor before taking Chymoral Forte tablet. The tablet shouldn’t be taken with the following medicines.

  • Antiseptic
  • Chloramphenicol
  • Anti-anxiety drugs
  • Sleeping pills
  • Cough Syrup
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Anti-anxiety drugs
  • Narcotic pain medicine
  • Anti-depressants
  • Allergy drugs
  • Chloramphenicol

Chymoral Forte Interaction with Alcohol

Patients should not consume Chymoral Forte tablets along with alcohol or any medicine that has alcohol such as cough syrup. It could lead to many side effects.

Chymoral Forte Interaction with Liver & Kidney Disease

People suffering from kidney or liver disorder should avoid taking Chymoral Forte tablets or consult their doctor for the correct dosage.

How to Use Chymoral Forte?

For effective results, one should consult his or her doctor. He or she would be the right person to guide you correct dose of the Chymoral Forte. One should follow the below-listed guidelines while taking the tablet.

  • Do not miss the dose as prescribes by the doctor.
  • Do not crush the tablet or chew it. Swallow it as a whole with water.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice about taking the tablet before or after the food. It is always better to take the tablet an hour before the meal.
  • The tablet should be taken as soon as you experience pain or swelling.
  •  Do read all the instructions written on the package of the tablet before taking it.

Precautions & Suggestions Related to Chymoral Forte Tablet

  • Chymoral Forte should be taken if the doctor prescribes it.
  • Ensure you do not have any allergy before starting the course of the tablet.
  • Make sure that you share all the information related to your health with the doctor. Also, let him know all the supplements that you have been taking.
  • Never exceed the prescribed dose of the tablet.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid taking the tablet. Or should consult the doctor.

How to Store Chymoral Forte Tablet?

  • The tablet should be stored under 25Celsius. Do not store it in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Store the tablet in the cold and dry area. It should be away from the sunlight.
  • Avoid storing the tablet near the sink or in the bathroom.
  • Always dispose of the tablet separately.
  • Check the expiry date of the tablet.

When Should You Consult The Doctor?

Usually, doctors prescribe Chymoral Forte during the following health problems.

  • Cataract surgery
  • Burns
  • Edema
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Muscle or joint injury
  • Swelling in the eyes


Chymoral Forte is an anti-inflammatory steroid that has mainly two ingredients that are Chymotrypsin and Trypsin. It has enzymes with antioxidants. Thus tablets help to speed up the chemical reaction. It is used to treat hand fractures, cataract surgery, burns, and necrotic tissues, and other similar medical problems. However, the tablet should be prescribed by the doctor. Make sure to inform the doctor about all the health problems and medicines you have taken to avoid any side effects of the Chymoral Forte tablet


1. Is Chymoral Forte a steroid?

Chymoral Forte does not have steroids. Thus it is safe for most of the patients. One should consume the tablet after the visiting doctor only.

2. Is Chymoral AP a painkiller?

Yes, Chymoral AP is a pain reliever. It helps to cure inflammation and pain in health conditions like osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and rheumatoid arthritis

3. What is the use of the Chymoral Plus tablet?

Chymoral Plus Tablet helps to relieve pain and inflammation.

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