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In the span of ten years, Instagram has changed our lives like never before. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand tales” exactly fits today’s Instagram culture. Ask yourself how much do you care for minor details before clicking a photograph? We are so particular about picture-perfect capture of any and everything for enhancing its aesthetic value. Instagram has changed how we present, communicate, consume, and behave. It also influences our decisions like deciding on our next travel destinations, and it has changed the marketing strategies for most consumer-based brands. In this blog, we will take you through the Instagram influencer market concept along with the list of Top Instagram Influencers in India across categories.

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Who are Instagram Influencers?

Instagram Influencers are the active users who have a considerable number of followers with a high engagement rate with the audience. These account holders generally share snippets of their everyday lives, give their insight on products, give suggestions, or entertain their audience. They have built the credibility and capability to persuade their followers by growing their relationship for closer proximity. Hence, Instagram influencers have gained higher trust and authenticity than many celebrities.

How to find Instagram Influencers online?

Finding Instagram influencers is not as simple as it sounds. Primarily, it depends on the purpose of your search. An influencer searcher could be looking for a likable profile to follow or approach the influencer to market their products or services. For both purposes, don’t get swayed merely by the number of followers. There are various parameters to find Instagram influencers, as mentioned below:

  • Number of Followers- The number of followers is the face value of any Instagram user. However, many celebrity accounts have a huge number of followers because of their profession, but we do not count them as Instagram Influencers.
  • Engagement Rate- Credible parameter to rate an influencer focuses on the rate of engagement with their audience. This would include how often they reply or consider connecting with followers via stories or live streaming.
  • Relevance- Every influencer has their niche to connect with their followers. Some could work to influence as a traveler, fashion enthusiast, cook, photographer, and so on. It is better to find the influencer of a particular niche than an all-rounder or multi-category influencer.
  • Quality of content- This is a prime parameter to follow any Instagrammer and know more about their life. Therefore, look for the influencers who have the best quality of content. They also need to be updated with the current scenario of their category.  
  • Average like and comment- Another deciding parameter in finding Instagram influencer by viewing their average likes and comments. It shows how followers are active in responding to their content.

What is Instagram Influencers Marketing?

Instagram has changed the way we consume and respond to new products. We are saying this because we have seen a paradigm shift in content marketing strategy in the past few years. We value the views of influencers who engage with the audience and give their opinion on various products. Many times Instagram Influencer marketing has proved to be more impactful than famous stars. 

Top Instagram Influencers in India 2023

1. Bhuvan Bam

The Delhi based comedian, Bhuvan Bam, started as YouTuber and now runs an Instagram page with more than 10 million followers. His keys to success have been the comic series of BB Ki Vines, Titu Talks, and his songs. With every Instagram post, he makes his audience laugh with his funny acting.

Followers: 15.7 M

Engagement Rate: 11.5%

Average Likes: 1000k

Average Comments: 4.8K

Category- Comedy/ Musician

Follow Here: @bhuvan.bam22

2. Carry Minati

Ajey Nagar runs the Instagram channel named Carryminati. In his words, all his contents are ‘cringe-worthy user-generated videos.’ His followers love his voice, and the straightforward respond to millennial situations. The most successful videos by Carryminati are the gameplay series. If you are a PC gamer, you can follow him to watch him play with the funny in-game conversation.

Followers: 16.6 M

Engagement Rate: 17.48%

Average Likes: 1.7 M

Average Comment: 14.3K

Category- Lifestyle/ Gaming

Follow Here- @carryminati

3. Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika is a significant Instagram influencer. She is one of the non-celeb Instagramer with a huge following reaching 9 million. She creates skincare, beauty, fashion, and fitness content for her followers. Her posts are full of her for her stylish makeover and elegant outfits.  You can choose to follow her and peep into her fashionable yet simple life. 

Followers: 36.3 M

Engagement Rate: 20.68%

Average Likes: 1.8 M

Average Comment: 15.3 K

Category: Fashion and Beauty

Follow Here: @rashmika_mandanna

4. Just Sul

Shnatinath Sul is an ordinary mechanical engineer who turned into an Instagram sensation with his and humored photos and posts. His greatest strength is to view simple things with an extraordinary lens. You can follow him to laugh out loud and enjoy his creative pictures and videos.

Followers: 6.3M

Engagement Rate: 10%

Average Likes: 624K

Average Comment: 7.4K

Category: Humor and Fun

Follow Here: @justsul

5. Shirley Setia

Shirley was first mapped in social media through her song on YouTube. Later, she stared her Instagram journey with melodic songs and moved towards brand promo. You can follow her to see her daily life event like the other 6 million followers.  

Followers: 7.6 M

Engagement Rate: 6.64%

Average Likes: 143K

Average Comment: 2.3K

Category: Music, Acting

Follow Here: @shirleysetia

6. Sahil Khan

Sahil is ranked the seventh most influencing Instagrammer under the category of fitness and gym. He promotes multiple fitness supplement brands. He connects with his followers sharing his lifestyle and fitness mantra.  

Followers: 11.3 M

Engagement Rate: 4.6%

Average Likes: 272.2K

Average Comment: 1.7K

Category: Fitness and gym

Follow Here: @sahilkhan

7. Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila has gained more than a million followers in a few years. She has this unique art to transform boring and mundane things into interesting and funny content. Her voice and articulation is another major reason that people enjoy to watch her videos.

Followers: 3.1 M

Engagement Rate: 7.42%

Average Likes: 103.8k

Average Comment: 1k

Category: Beauty/Comedy

Follow Here: @kushakapila

8. Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav is a successful pilot by profession and gym enthusiast by passion. He started his Instagram journey with his wife with daily conversation videos. Today he has a huge number of followers who wait impatiently for his next post. His key to success is the display travel stories, household chores, family life, and work-life with great simplicity and humor. 

Followers: 3.6 M

Engagement Rate: 14.47%

Average Likes: 193K

Average Comment: 851

Category: Travel/ Lifestyle

Follow Here: @taneja.gaurav

9. Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is a well-known Instagram fashion influencer. She displays the cosmopolitan fashion trends and engages with followers with captivating captions. That’s why her relationship with her followers grows with every post. 

Followers: 1.8 M

Engagement Rate: 9.34%

Average Likes: 107.4k

Average Comment: 941

Category: Fashion

Follow Here: @komalpandeyofficial

10. Varun Aditya

Varun Aditya is the awardee of the best nature photographer. His Instagram posts are full of breathtaking photographs that bring together the blend of wildlife and scenic beauty. His greatest strength is his rate of engagement. Often he gives tips for professional photography and allows his followers to ask questions. If you are encouraged by him, pick up the best Indian forest to start practicing wildlife and nature photography.

Followers: 2.6 M

Engagement Rate: 8.48%

Average Likes: 92K

Average Comment: 947

Category: Photography

Follow Here: @varun.aditya

11. Mithila Palkar

Mithila Palkar was making her career in acting industry when she eventually popped up into the world of internet in 2016. Her very own version of the Cup song which she shared on her YouTube channel gained immense popularity by getting more than 6 million views. Thereafter, she didn’t looked back as she landed up in Netflix’s big projects like Little Things and Bollywood movie like Katti Batti.

Followers: 3.9 M

Engagement Rate: 2.93%

Average Likes: 124.5k

Average Comment: 372

Category: Entertainment

Follow Here: @mipalkarofficial

Instagram Travel Influencers in India

11. Shivya Nath

Her captions talk about contemporary contrast of perspectives like sustainability in all aspects. Every post comes with great insight into the place and photograph. She has been featured in NatGeo and BBC, and her audiobook, The Shooting Star, has helped her gain even more followers.

Followers: 109k

Engagement: 4%

Average likes:2962

Follow here: @shivya

12. Shenaz Treasury

Shenaz is an actress who loves to travel around the globe. Her content is rich in travel destinations and beautiful places to stay. Her captions are very informative and engaging. She thoroughly expresses the vibes of the place and focuses on the cause of eco-friendly and litter-free traveling. Her followers enjoy hearing her insights and information from various locations. 

Followers: 1M

Engagement: 8%

Average Likes: 52,048

Follow here: @shenaztreasury

13. AakritiRanaOfficial

Aakriti is a very creative content creator, and it shows up on her Instagram page. Her posts are full of amazing cinematographic videos, out of the box photographs, and fantastic holiday destination suggestion. The captions to her posts are motivating and encouraging.

Followers: 983K

Engagement: 4%

Average likes: 26,418

Follow here: @aakritiranaofficial

14. Bruised Passports

Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja display their travel videos and posts on the Instagram page called Bruised Passports. Their posts are full of love, happiness, and picture-perfect travel destinations. So far, they have covered 95 countries in 8 years. It is not merely a travel account but a display of great captivating photographs and a trendy lifestyle. The most significant reason for success for the couple is their degree of engagement with their audience. They give beneficial information and tips for fellow travelers.

Followers: 1.2 M

Engagement: 5%

Average likes: 21510

Follow here: @bruisedpassports 

15. Abhinav Chandel 

When an enthusiast writer or poet takes up the passion for traveling, wonders are created. Abhinav is one such influencer who shares the photographs for great beautiful destinations and writes impressive poems in the caption. He is gradually gaining many followers with his efforts to inform about the destination in detail.

Followers: 303K

Engagement: 4%

Average likes: 4869

Follow here: @abhiandnow 

16. Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha is a designer by profession, but a storyteller and traveler by passion. His way of seeing the world is very different, and it reflects in his posts. He has been to the coldest places of the countries to places you would never have heard of. His words and the storytelling photograph connect him with his followers.

Followers: 389K

Engagement: 4%

Average likes: 4208

Follow here: @siddhartajoshi

17. Travelseewrite

Archana is a versatile young woman who took up the passion for traveling, and so far, she has covered more than 60 countries. She posts the photographs or the intoxicating beauty of nature and supports it with detailed unique information in her captions. If you love traveling to different countries, you can look for visa-free countries and make your travel fun and hassle-free.

Followers: 150K

Engagement: 2%

Average Likes: 693

Follow Here: @travelseewrite

Indian Fashion Influencers on Instagram

18. Diipa Khosla 

Diipa Khosla is acknowledged as an influencer of the year by Vogue and Elle. She shares the cosmopolitan fashion trend suggesting her views on how to dress up and the outfit which goes well in the season. Diipa shares high-end fashion videos and lifestyle videos as well. 

Followers: 1.8 M

Engagement: 3%

Average likes: 22397

Follow here: @diipakhosla

19. Thatbohogirl

Kritika Khurana runs this Instagram page under the category of fashion and beauty. Catch up with trendy western and Indian fashion style with her. You can purchase the suggested dresses and accessories at the best prices during the Big Billion Day sale or other sales.

Followers: 1.7 M

Engagement: 7%

Average likes: 58066

Follow here:  @thatbohogirl

20. Sejal Kumar

Sejal is a young fashion influencer on Instagram but started her journey as a fashion blogger on social media platforms and YouTube. She creates informative content on fashion and lifestyle, showing the way to glam up your wardrobe. Sejal is one of the most loved Indian fashion influencers on Instagram.

Followers: 841K  

Engagement: 5%

Average likes: 37156

Follow here: @sejalkumar1195

21. Masoom Minawala Mehta

Masoom is one of the best fashion bloggers, and it reflects in her Instagram posts. Her posts are captivating as she keeps her audience updated with the latest fashion according to season. She engages with her followers through her stories and Q&A sessions. 

Followers: 1.3 M

Engagement: 6%

Average likes: 39178

Follow here: @masoomminawala

22. Aashna Shroff 

Aashna is awarded as a Cosmopolitan Most Engaging Fashion Influencer who focuses on informing her followers of the right match of dress tone, metal jewelry, outfit, and shoes. Once you are convinced with the styling, you can visit online shopping sites and get the best for you.

Influencer:  Aashna Shroff

Followers: 967K

Engagement: 4%

Average likes: 26865

Follow here: @aashnashroff

23. Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi is one of the amazing fashion influencers on Instagram. Followers engage with interesting Instagram stories, shopping suggestions, and healthy recipes. You can follow her for getting the ideas for your wardrobe up-gradation. 

Followers:  747 K     

Engagement: 2.3%

Average likes: 17.6K

Follow here: @santoshishetty

Instagram Photography Influences

24. Siddharth Seema Chandekar

Siddharth calls himself a cellphone photographer but seeing his Instagram posts, and none will believe the photographs are clicked using a cellphone. He loves to capture the open sky, people, and pets in his photographs.

Followers:  583 K     

Engagement Rate: 5.65%

Follow here: @sidchandekar 

25. Amit Khanna 

Amit is an excellent photographer, and his Instagram is full of through and portraits photographs. He photographs for models and actors. His editing skills are one of his strengths. He is easy to reach if you are looking for a professional photographer.

Followers:  426k

Engagement Rate: 0.94%

Follow here: @amitkhannaphotography 

26. Praveen Bhat 

Praveen is a well-known fashion photographer, Instagram influencers. He shares the posts of his fun-filled work-life at different locations.  If his photography influences you, you can take up photography courses and turn your passion to your profession.

Followers: 676k

Engagement Rate: 0.76%

Follow here: @praveenbhat 

27. Raj Singh Arora 

Raj captures his photographs using the iPhone, and the angle he takes up for his captures is unusual and visually appealing. The daily mundane objects are transformed through his photography.

Followers: 105k

Engagement Rate: 0.65%

Follow here: @rajsingharora 

28. Andrew Kneebone 

Andrew has very different takes on the subject he wants to capture. The elements and visual perspective reflects in his photography. You can follow Andrew as he is one of the best photography Instagram influencers.

Followers: 74.2k

Engagement Rate: 1.97%

Follow here: @andrewkneebonephotography

Beauty and Skincare Instagram Influencers

29. Samantha Akkineni

Samantha is one of the biggest Instagram influencers in her niche. Followers love to watch fresh content on beauty, fashion, and skincare tips. Her Instagram posts showcase her life’s beautiful moments.  He also promotes genuine products after using herself. 

Followers: 12.1 M

Engagement Rate: 8.8%

Follow here: @samantharuthprabhuoffl

30. Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal is a mainstream beauty and makeup Instagram influencer. She creates the video with makeup application tutorials. Mrunal shares her view on beauty products, and her followers wait for her reviews.

Followers: 4.6 M

Engagement Rate: 9.32%

Follow here: @mrunu

31. Sreemukhi

Sreemukhi is a beauty influencer for Indian outfits. She gives makeup tutorials and tips for perfect dressing. Her beautiful photographs and fun-filled life is displayed on her Instagram page.

Followers: 4.6 M

Engagement Rate: 4.32%

Follow here: @sreemukhi

32. Malvika Sitlani Official

Malvika Sitlani Aryan is great beauty and makeup Instagram influencer. Her posts are full of makeup tips and tutorials. If you are struggling with perfect eye makeup, so wish to view honest reviews of beauty products, this is a page you should follow. 

Followers:  580 K     

Engagement Rate: 10.62%

Follow here: @malvikasitlaniofficial

33. Shreya Jain

She creates step by step makeup tutorials to bridge the gap between reality and high-end makeup standards. You can follow her to enhance your makeup skills and for her tips for skin and hair care.

Followers:  451 K     

Engagement Rate: 3.32%

Follow here: @shreyajain26

34. Bhumika T 

Bhumika is one of the growing beauty and skincare Instagram influencers. She creates powerful content with product reviews and makeup tutorials. Her suggestions on particular skincare products are valuable for repair, skin treatment, cleaning, etc.

Followers: 309k

Engagement Rate: 1.18%

Follow here: @bhumika_t 

Food and cooking Instagram Influencers

35. Pooja Dhingra

The famous pastry chef, Puja joined the line of Instagram influencers with great success. She has engaged with her followers, displaying her beautiful pastries and sweets.

Followers: 7.1M      

Engagement Rate: 0.13%

Follow here: @poojadhingra

36. Dilsefoodie

The food explorer, Karan Dua is like you and me. He loves to go to different places and trying the best cuisines their. His Instagram posts are full of street food and unique staple food of a particular place. It makes him one of the best food bloggers or influencers in India.

Followers: 1 M       

Engagement Rate: 1.16%

Follow here:  @dilsefoodie 

37. Richa Hingle

Richa is a food innovator who can transform regular Indian food into a healthy one. She also bakes healthy tea cakes. She also shares the recipe book with the followers.

Followers: 353k

Engagement Rate: 0.5%

Follow here: @veganricha

38. Saransh Goila

Saransh calls himself Sadak Chef and posts the unique and less known food recipes with the followers. He travels to places in the country and puts the unique cuisines on his Instagram page.

Followers: 661k

Engagement Rate: 0.74%

Follow here: @saranshgoila 

39. Kabita Singh

Kabita Singh started her social media journey with YouTube. Today she is one of the food Instagram influencers. She makes the recipes look so simple that anyone can cook it with ease.  The regular Indian dishes can be cooked perfectly by following her recipes. 

Followers: 1M

Engagement Rate: 1.56%

Follow here: @kabitaskitchen

Fitness, Yoga and Wellness Instagram Influencers

40. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty is a famous Bollywood actress, but she has taken up many other roles that adds to her personality. She is one of the best wellness Instagram Influencers. Her posts are full of yoga videos and photographs of yoga positions. You can follow her to watch her cooking and humorous videos and posts.

Followers: 27.8 M

Engagement Rate: 0.77%

Follow here: @theshilpashetty

41. Jay Shetty

Jay is a fantastic video creator, wellness coach, and one of the best Instagram influencers. You can follow him to learn the art of meditation and find peace in life. It also informs you about his events and webinars.

Followers: 12.7 M

Engagement Rate: 0.74%

Follow here: @jayshetty

42. Gaurgopal Das

Gurugopal Das is a popular motivator. He gives valuable insights to lead a content life. His posts are full of motivational quotes, message videos, and inspirational stories.   

Followers: 6.4 M

Engagement Rate: 1.88%

Follow here: @gaurgopaldas

43. Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer is a health and mental fitness Instagram influencer. His posts are full of motivating videos, and discuss hot topics with his viewers.

Followers: 2.2M

Engagement Rate: 7.67%

Follow here: @beerbiceps

44. Sapna Vyas

Sapna is a specialist in weight management, and her post shows her passion for fitness. With huge followers, she is one of the loved Instagram influencers. She suggests useful products and shares the diet habits in her posts.

Followers: 1.5M

Engagement Rate: 17.13%

Follow here: @coachsapna

45. Sonali Swami

Sonali is one of the few female fitness Instagram influencers. Her key to success is the videos of her workout session and her lifestyle as a sports influencer. You can choose to follow her as her story covers the diet plans, tips of workout for aspiring women athletes.

Followers: 322K

Engagement Rate: 1.34%

Follow here: @sonali_swami

Comedy social media influencers

46. Ashish Chanchalani

Ashish makes vines and short videos, which has taken him to new heights of being an Instagram influencer. His key to success is the regularity of the video post and audience related comedy content. To watch his super funny videos, follow him, and know him better.  

Followers: 14.2 M

Engagement Rate: 12.1%

Average Likes: 1M

Average Comments: 6.3K

Follow Here: @ashishchanchlani

47. Harsh Beniwal

Harsh is a fantastic comedy video creator on Instagram. He has created many vines and a short video to compel his followers to laugh out loud. He regularly engages with the followers through his stories and live streams.

Followers: 5.7 M

Engagement Rat: 6.16%

Follow Here: @harshbeniwal

48. Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh is a well-known stage comedian, but we know that he is even humorous in her life off-camera from her Instagram page. Her videos with her unique voiceover and funny conversations are all posted in her account. You can laugh with her if you follow her.

Followers: 7.4 M

Engagement Rate: 1.92%

Follow Here: @bharti.laughterqueen

49. Abhishek Upamanyu

The famous standup comedian Abhishek Upamanyu has a charm of his own. The comic punch line with a blank face is the funniest part of his humor. He has started to engage with his followers through live streams and regular story posts through his new Instagram account.

Followers: 1.5 M

Engagement Rate: 19.77%

Follow Here: @aupmanyu

50. Kenny Sebastian

Kenny is a hilarious standup comedian who gained popularity because of his relatable content. Every middle-class individual could relate to his situational humor. On his Instagram page, he continues to do that, and the followers get regular laughter dose.

Followers: 854k

Engagement Rate: 6.5%

Follow Here: @kennethseb

51. Dolly Singh

Her strength in gaining followers has been her content quality and relationship with her followers. She plays characters like Raju ki Mummy, and her followers love her humor. 

Followers: 1M

Engagement Rate: 13.77%

Follow Here: @spill_the_sass

52. Zakir Khan

Zakhir Khan is one of the most entertaining Instagram influencers under the category of humor and fun.  His comedy on breakups was most shared in social media. We can say that what makes people love him is not the humor alone but the relatable content and carefully crafted personality.

Followers: 1.7M

Engagement Rate: 10.01%

Follow Here: @zakirkhan_208

53. Tanmay Bhat

Tanmay Bhat is the blend of a standup comedian, performer, and scriptwriter. Through his Instagram posts, you can see a glimpse of all these sides. The key to his success is comedy and roast. You can follow him to see his fresh creative content. 

Followers: 1.1M

Engagement Rate: 14.07%

Follow Here: @tanmaybhat

Mom Instagram Influencers in India 2020

54. ReddySameera

Actress Sameera Reddy is one of the most influential Moms on Instagram, breaking the stereotype and modern motherhood. She presents messy mama and sassy sasu in her social media accounts. Her videos are very real and authentic, filled with love, creativity, and parenting tips.

Followers: 888K

Engagement Rate: 5.44%

Follow Here: @reddysameera

55. Ritu Rathee

A pilot by profession, Ritu is a mother of a little girl. She calls herself a chatterbox, and her videos prove it. She has a fine taste of fashion, which she shares with her followers. You can also see some makeup and beauty content in her videos or posts and fun videos of her family.

Followers: 703k

Engagement Rate: 20.18%

Follow here: @riturathee

56. Teejay Sidhu

Teejay is a mother of twin girls and wife of a TV actor. Her posts showcase her beautiful relationship with her adorable daughters. She also posts healthy food recipes and the cute daily activities of her daughters. Even though Teejay does not engage much with the followers but posts the videos addressing their demands. 

Followers: 573K

Engagement Rate: 2.89%

Follow here: @bombaysunshine

57. Anupriya Kapur

Anupriya is a single mother of a son, and through her posts and captions, she is breaking the stereotype and boldly faces the people who judge. She creates workout, recipe videos and suggests the must-read books to her followers.

Followers: 104k

Engagement Rate: 2.26%

Follow here: @anupriyakapur

58. Avantika Mohan 

Avantika is a lifestyle and fashion enthusiast and blessed with two children. She creates fashion videos and skincare tutorials for her followers. Follow her to see a mother who is a fantastic content creator. It makes her one of the best mom Instagram influencers.

Followers: 171k

Engagement Rate: 4.19%

Follow here: @avantii2

59. Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Saru is another mother who is a successful Instagram influencer. She has been awarded as best mom blogger by B&B Mag.  This Instagram page contains many parenting tips and advice on pregnancy diets for moms-to-be. You will also see the promotion of reliable childcare products. Saru engages with her, follows by regular stories and Q&A sessions. 

Followers: 69.6K

Engagement Rate: 4.55%

Follow here: @diapers_and_lipsticks

60. Harpreet Suri

Harpreet is a mom Instagram influencer who runs the page named ‘mom wears Prada.’ She has been awarded as 50 Most Influential Woman Of The World, and she continues to influence even after being a mother. Harpreet is an enthusiast cosmopolitan fashion and makeup art. Start following her to see her innovative ways of parenting.

Followers: 63.2K

Engagement Rate: 1.44%

Follow here: @momwearsprada


The evolving social media trends have made us aware of the aesthetically pleasing environment. It is significantly impacting us in our routine work or in the time of leisure. Yes, our behaviors in leisure have also changed. Notice that you wish to click the perfect picture of food, streets, reading books, etc. even in leisure or on laid-back Sundays. Today, as Instagram influencers are replacing bloggers, the trend of marketing is changing as well. An influencer who has gained credibility among the followers is more likely to persuade consumers than a stranger. In this blog, we have listed the top 60 Instagram influencers in India that impact our lives. I hope this was informative for you.

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