All Vodafone USSD Secret Codes

If you are facing problem while checking your Vodafone balance or Vodafone Data balance or any other related queries, then please find the list below of all Vodafone USSD Codes which will be helpful to you for retrieving all your Vodafone Data and balance related inquiries.

With Vodafone self-help USSD codes, tasks like checking your balance, data plan validity, setting up caller tune and various other related jobs have become a lot easier and time saver. But, it’s very common to get confused between numerous Vodafone USSD codes, as the numbers aren’t that easy to remember which one will retrieve us Vodafone Recharge Plan details or which one will help us with Vodafone Data plans validity. So moving quickly to a brief but truly informative table with all the required codes that you might need:

But before we start let’s have a brief about what are USSD Codes?

USSD codes stand for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes and are also known as Feature Codes or Quick Codes. With these codes, you can easily check Vodafone balance, currently, active data plans, know about any Value Added Services and even activate or deactivate any services. The fact is that there are more than 50 Vodafone USSD codes which can be used to find out a variety of information about your Vodafone number, but a few of them are used more frequently. The most used codes include checking the balance, the validity of the data plan, available 4G data, current data offers, add-on packs, etc.

Here are the codes that you can dial to avail different types of information:
General Information
  1. To check Vodafone balance and validity: *141# or *111# or *199*2#
  2. For taking Vodafone credit loan: *111*1*6*1#
  3. Vodafone customer care number: 111
  4. To activate Vodafone Miss Call Alert Services: Dial 59500
  5. To Port Vodafone mobile number: Write “PORT<Space>Mobile Number” and send to 1900
  6. To share Talktime balance: *131*<Transfer Amount>*<Mobile Number>#
  7. To check Vodafone roaming offer: *111*1*8*3#
  8. To check Vodafone Local and International packs: *111*1*8*2#
  9. To check Vodafone latest offers: *121#
  10. For activating internet setting at Vodafone number: *111*1*3*3#
  11. For checking 199 pack minute balance: *143#
Internet or Data Related Information
  1. To check Vodafone net balance(4G): *111*2*2#
  2. To check the best offers and data packs: *121#
  3. For taking Vodafone data loan: *111*1*6*2#
  4. To check Vodafone data balance(2G/4G): *111*2*2#
Value Added Related Information
  1. To start any Vodafone Value Added Services: *111*3*2#
  2. To deactivate any Vodafone Value Added Services: *111*3*1#
Other Information
  1. To check last 3 deductions on your Vodafone number: *111*2*4#
  2. To check last 3 call details: *111*2*6#
  3. To check last 3 recharge details: *111*2*7#
  4. To check the PUK code of your Vodafone Number: *111*2*8#
  5. To set caller tune on your Vodafone number: *567# or call on 56789
  6. To change your caller tune song: *111*3*3#

These were some of the common Vodafone USSD codes, which you can use to know about different Vodafone Recharge plans and other value-added services. If you still have any queries, then you can contact the customer care of Vodafone by dialing 111 or 198.

Besides USSD codes, you can also check Vodafone net balance through the Vodafone App by following the below-given steps:
  1. Install the app through iTunes or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and create your account and then login.
  3. The data balance and validity of the current plan can be seen on the home page.

There’s one more way to check Vodafone data balance and that is through SMS. All you have to do is send a simple SMS saying DATA BAL to 144. You will receive an instant reply with all the required information related to Data Balance. With Vodafone app, you can also make the Vodafone Online Bill Payment and Online Recharge with a few clicks.

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