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The most common New Year resolution is the commitment to be fit by the end of the year, and we know how our passion dies within a few months. This is human nature that we need to continuously boost ourselves with positive thoughts and surround ourselves with like-minded people to achieve a goal. There are many health and fitness app to help you today. Some apps will help you track your running time, heartbeat rate, others can track the calories you take every meal, and yet another can help you meditate and bring peace in your life. Some are absolutely free other is chargeable for premium services. In this blog, we have covered the best health apps that will help you track your health amid a sedentary urban lifestyle. Along with that, we have listed its features and other details to help you decide which app suits you the best. 

What Are the Benefits of Health Apps

The advanced health apps are amazingly interactive and minutely analyze our daily activity. It can record your workout time, alarm you for medicine time, track your sleep, help you get advice from experts, and many more things. The significant benefits of using a health app on your phone are as follows:

  • Accountability to Self- Generally, we stop performing when we know that we are not accountable. Using the app, you can set realistic goals, and it keeps you promptly to be on track with daily workout targets or yoga and meditation targets.
  • Shows the statistics – The numbers speak louder than anything else. When we see the graph of our daily heartbeat while working and the calories we lost, it is more satisfying and encouraging to keep going with the pace.
  • Daily Motivation- There are very few people who can do wonders by self-motivation. For rest, these apps give the daily motivation dose to keep us on our toes to work and achieve the goals. The motivational songs and quotes help us in many ways. 
  • Helps Track and Control Weight- With the statistics of calorie loss, we can see our weight going down, and some app allows you to upload your full body image to help you realize that you are working hard to lose weight is not in vain.
  • Health Community- The most significant benefit of the health app is the encouragement we get from the particular app’s health community. The success stories, testimony, tips, and advice could be beneficial.
  • Promotes Healthy Eating- Some apps are dedicated to the right food intake. You can enter your means, and from a huge database, the app will tell you how many calories you took. It also suggests diet plans according to your health condition. You can also get in touch with expert nutritionists. 
  • Tracker apps for your need- Today, it’s not wrong to say, every need has an app. If you are struggling with healthy food, health apps can help you with easy recipes and diet plans. If you are insomniac, you can have sleep tracker apps and many more.  
  • Develops mental health- Among all the fitness parameters, mental fitness is equally important. There are times we struggle with our emotions and struggle to be positive. There are apps that will talk to you and help you be calm in chaos as well.  

List of Best Health and Fitness App

These health apps are designed to make you aware of yourself. It shows your heartbeats, blood pressure, calorie loss, and other details through wearable health trackers. These calculate your running distance and speed. The following are the best fitness apps in India.

1. 7 Minute Workout

It is said that small actions every day can bring significant changes. Base on scientific studies, 7-minute exercise can get lots of changes in a person. The app has plenty of seven-minute exercise videos dedicated to losing weight, strengthening abs, flattening the tummy, increasing stamina, etc. It is one of the best health and fitness apps available for free.


  • It is compatible with  Google Fit,
  • It reads your voice instruction.
  • Smooth interface with beautiful character and design.
  • The app shows total workout time.
  • You can pause the workout session or do it again. 

Package price: Free

DownloadAndroid & iSO

2. MyFitnessPal

This is a good health tracker app that helps you set achievable goals, track calories, and your activities. You can see and learn exercises suitable for you, an appropriate diet, and more.


  • Watch the exercise video and reply.
  • Customize the workout according to your needs.
  • It is easy to register and log in.
  • Daily motivational dose.
  • It tracks and suggests a diet. 
  • Plenty of exercise videos.

Package price: freemium 

DownloadAndroid & iSO

3. Aaptiv

Workout can be more fun with your favorite music. Aaptiv is an audio fitness app where you can learn and practice daily exercise programmed for you. 


  • The app gives a wide category workout.
  • It is customized for you.
  • Expert training professionals are available.
  • You can play your favorite music while exercising.

Package price: Chargeable

DownloadAndroid & iSO

4. Fitbit

It is a well-known brand in health tracker devices. The wearable devices are efficient in tracking our daily activity. It comes it the Fitbit app, which is useful in sharing your health status with family and encourage each other. 


  • It makes you move out from home and run.
  • Prepares you to sleep better.
  • Controls your anxiety and stress.
  • Fitbit Community is encouraging.

Package price: Free App

DownloadAndroid & iSO

List of Calorie Calculator App

To keep yourself fit, it is necessary to track what you eat. It is correctly said you become what you eat. To help you with a healthy diet and calorie limit, you can better decide what you should eat and whatnot.

5. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is one of the best calorie-calculator for Indian food apps available. It provides many services, including nutrition, fitness, and yoga. They also help you with specialized diet plans for diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, cholesterol, hypertension, etc.


  • Detailed Calorie Counter.
  • Provides home workout sessions.
  • Customized weight loss plans.
  • Personal coaches are available for you.
  • Diet charts are customized for fat loss, weight gain, and health condition.
  • Get health and nutrition advice from experts.
  • Encouraging the HealthifyMe community.

Package price: free for calorie tracker, chargeable expert advice

DownloadAndroid & iSO

6. Fooducate

This is another food calorie counter app which helps you recognize macronutrients in your meals. It tracks your sleep, hunger lever, and mood swing. 


  • Notifies for your daily workout and food intake
  • Tracks calories in every meal.
  • Tells you about macros nutrients like protein, fats, and carbs in your meal.
  • It helps you track your daily activity, hunger levels, sleep cycle, and mood change.
  • Gives the nutrition value of the recipe you post.

Package price: Free for first tier, chargeable nutrition details

DownloadAndroid & iSO


Endorsed by Bollywood start Hritik Roshan, Cure fit is one of the best health apps in India. It is a holistic app designed to address all aspects of your healthy urban lifestyle. There are four-features programs under it, and it gives the users all good reasons to be a member of the cure fit. 


  • The program gives workout lessons according to your requirement.
  • is a premium health food destination that can suggest diet plans to deliver the food to your home or office.
  • Learn meditation and yoga from program.
  • Consult with doctors, nutritionists, and physiotherapist at
  • The interface is smooth and user friendly.

Package price: freemium  (Free 14 Days Trial)

Download Android & iSO

List of Mental health app

We have always underestimated the mental health of individuals. Today the perspective is changing towards mental health. For guiding your emotions towards positive and good mental health, these apps are your best friends.

8. Headspace

The famous app Headspace has a series of meditational audios in the voice of Andy. It is one of the best health apps for mental peace.


  • Ideal for beginners to learn proper breathing and meditating.
  • It helps combat anxiety and stress to remain calm, focused, and happy.
  • Choose from a complete list of courses.
  • Plays calm music to let you sleep peacefully.
  • It tracks progress and encourages you.

Package price: Chargeable

DownloadAndroid & iSO

9. SleepCycle

The sleep cycle is another great health app for 2022. Many struggle with the sleep cycle and irregular sleep period. To help you manage your sleep, this app tracks not only your duration of sleep but the quality of sleep.  


  • App uses an accelerometer to track the movement during your sleep. 
  • It gives very detailed daily graphs.
  • Peaceful alarm melodies, which wake you naturally.
  • You can snooze by slightly shaking the phone.
  • You can keep the phone on your bedside table or floor, yet it can track your sleep.

Package price: freemium 

DownloadAndroid & iSO

10. Happify

The comprehensive and scientific Happify app runs on positive psychology theories. You can overcome old patterns of activities and replace with new ones using this app. Download to know more about it. You can also look for health benefits of meditation.


  • Psychological and CBT channelized living mindfully.
  • Effective and practical solutions for mental health issues.
  • It helps you fight depression, stress, and negativity.
  • Mindful and engaging yoga.
  • Boosts your self-confidence.
  • Combats the negative thoughts.

Package price: freemium

DownloadAndroid & iSO


We have seen that to achieve good health, and we need to be accountable and motivated. It is not easy to suddenly get into the habit of a daily workout, but it has excellent benefits. You can use health apps to keep you tracked. These apps also suggest healthy food and recipe for your meal. Consider looking for surprisingly healthy foods you might include in your diet. We hope this blog was helpful for you, and we hope that you enjoy the journey of fitness.

FAQs Related to Health Apps

1. What are the best free health apps?

Most health apps give a freemium service, which means that you can use the app comfortably, but you need to pay for premium services.7 Minute workout, HealthifyMe, sleep cycle are some best health apps.

2. What is the best health app for android?

Curefit, adaptive, Fitbit, etc. runs on android very well. Go through the above blog to read more about android health apps.

3. What are the top 5 most popular health apps?

7-minute workout, curefit, myfitnesspal, HealthifyMe, and headspace are among few popular health apps.

4. How can apps help our health?

A health tracker app can help you by tracking your activity, calorie loss, diet suggestion, motivation to work out, etc. It can also help to improve your sleep cycle.

5. How to track steps on the health app?

Fitbit is one of the best tracking devices with an app. You can use it to track your footsteps, distance, and more.

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