Blouse Neck Designs

The neckline of the blouse plays an important role in your overall look. It gives you a much-required personality and adds an appeal to your look. While there is no rule how you want to design your blouse, there are array of latest blouse neck designs that you can consider. Here we have curated 15 types of necklines that would complement your saree or lehenga.

Modern Blouse Back & Frony Neck Designs With Latest Images 2022:

1. Back Slit Design

Back Slit Design

This is one of the sober and elegant blouse back neck designs. It features a classic slit on the top of the back. It’s up to you whether you want to keep the slit small or want a deep slit. If you would be wearing it at your office, then go for a small slit; however, if the blouse is tailored for the special occasion, then you can go for a deep slit that compliments your overall look. This type of design is perfect for close-cut necklines. It would look amazing on printed cotton, patterned sarees, and suits.

2. The Sheer Back

The Sheer Back

It is one of the most trendy blouse neck designs. For this design, you would need a sheer fabric like net or transparent georgette. To give it classy looks do not opt for lining beneath. This design starts from shoulders and ends to the back, which gives it a stunning look. This type of neck design is apt for padded blouse. To provide it an interesting look, you can add an applique work over the back. However, you can avoid this design with silk sarees and heavy woven sarees

3. V-Neckline


This is one of the latest blouse neck designs for 2022. This is an evergreen design that will not go out of the fashion. The design is apt for the front and back neckline. It has different variations that include simple V back to additional slits. This type of neckline suits to all body types and would be perfect for the women who have broad shoulders.

4. Boat Neck Design

Boat Neck Design

While this is a simple blouse neck design but it compliments most of the sarees. As the name says, it looks like a boat from front and back. It has numerous variations, and you can choose the one that suits your body type and your preferred design. If you want, you can combine it with other designs like sheer back or slit design.

5. Halter Back

Halter Back

Counted amongst the modern blouse neck designs, halter back is favorite among young girls. It gives fabulous look. You can opt for this design with chiffon and georgette sarees. Since this design exposes most of the back so you would have to be careful while donning the look. This design will accentuate the look of your saree and give you a flattering look.

6. Collared Neckline

collared neckline

Collared neckline looks smart yet sheek! It is perfect for working women. Also, this neckline is apt for a saree and a lehenga blouse. You can even go ahead and ask your tailor to give the identical collar look at the back as well. To give it an edgy look, you can add buttons on the back. This type of neckline would be suitable for all types of saree.

7. High Neck Design

High Neck Design

This is one of the latest blouse neck designs for young and women above 30. It looks classy on women with swan neck and loves retro look. This type of neckline is ideal for formal look. For a fancy look you can combine it with other designs such as deep neck or a sheer back. However, if you have a heavy bust, you can avoid this design.

8. Back Button Blouse Design

Back Button Blouse Design

While this design might be old but it is still ruling the fashion trends! This trend has undoubtedly inspired by the crop top and experimented on different occasions. It looks excellent with brocade cholis and blouses with visible buttons. The design stretches from shoulder to the back. It depends on you whether you want to keep the back sheer or want to cover it. You can even ask your tailor for the button design in front also.

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9. Back Knot Blouse Design

Back Knot Blouse Design

The back knot blouse design will instantly notch up the glam quotient in your overall look. This type of design is apt for the girls who love to flaunt statement blouses. Back knot blouse design looks feminine and sensuous. Make sure you go for padded blouse.

10. Princess-Cut Design

Princess-Cut Design

This type of necklines is in fashion and perfect choice for women of all ages. This design is an iconic neck blouse design. This type of neckline is generally preferred by brides. The design looks classy on women who have a heavier upper body. You can also opt for the same neckline for lehenga cholis.

11. Classic Back Shape with Strings

Classic Back Shape with Strings

This blouse is one of the traditional blouse neck designs. This look features a deep U shape with a string on the top. You can add nice and colorful latkans to it. You can design it in various ways and different shapes. It looks beautiful with all types of body types and age groups.

12. Window Style Back Design

Window Style Back Design

This is similar to cut-out design! It looks like a window. The blouse has matka-necklines on the front. This looks sensuous and can be made in different designs. Though, these types of designs would be perfect with padded blouses.

13. Cross Stringed Blouse Neck Design

Cross Stringed Blouse Neck Design

If you are looking for an unconventional look then this is the one you should go for. It looks edgy! The design features grid designs. It is also called lattice design. You can also convert it into a criss-cross dori design.

14. Off Shoulder Blouse

Off Shoulder Blouse

This is definitely is amongst the most trendy blouse neck designs. It is the latest in the fashion and is apt for young girls who love to flaunt their toned collar bones.

15. Sweetheart Blouse Design

Sweetheart Blouse Design

This is another one of the modern blouse neck designs. This type of necklines is preferred by the brides made as it gives a fancy look. Girls with heavy busts can avoid this design.


A blouse neck design gives an appealing look to your attire. Here we have listed 15 latest blouse neck front and back designs that are trending right now. Do let us know which one is your favorite.

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