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Unless you have been lost in the Himalayas, you should have heard the name of the TVF web series. The Viral Fever or TVF is the pioneer of youth-based web series in India that cared to think for 365 million Indian youth.

The family drama and soap operas were mainstream TV entertainment, but this was unreal for the youth, which inclined them to American and British TV series. However, the rise of TVF acted like a magnet to grab the attention of the urban new-age population.

Now you can watch great new age shows and series, but remember it’s not on TV, it’s on TVF. The storyline of the videos and series related to the young audience could make them nostalgic, laugh, mock, and cry.

History of TVF Series and Shows

The Viral Fever started as a YouTube Channel in 2010 under the name of ‘TVF Media Labs.’ The first video that shook the internet was Rowdies. After that, TVF started the journey that has turned them into web series of big shots. They have also launched a dedicated TVF play app for all the videos and shows.

Watching the best TVF web series takes us on a journey of laughter, self-realization, nostalgia, and emotions. Their video content is poignant, funny, and refreshing for the young audience.  

It has produced captivating and binge-worthy shows like Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, Yeh Meri Family, and many more. So, here we have mentioned the TVF series list that redefined the digital entertainment industry.

List of Top TVF Web Series in 2023

1. Aspirants (2021)

Aspirants is one of the trending programs shown by The Viral Fever. It is coming-of-age web series telling the story of three friends namely Guri, Abhilash, and SK who are making efforts for the UPSC entrance exam at Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. The whole web series explores the constant attempts to crack the UPSC exam. Along with their struggle to succeed in the exam, the series also shows how the adults are living outside the Rajinder Nagar.

Year: 2021
Director: Apoorv Singh Karki
Creator: Arunabh Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey
Genre: Comedy Drama
Starring: Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Parihar, Abhilash Thapliyal, Sunny Hinduja, Namita Dubey
IMDb Rating: 9.2
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season 5 episodes

2. Panchayat Season 2(2022)

Panchayat is a TVF web series that was launched by Amazon Prime during the lockdown. It was the story of city boy Abhishek Tripathi, played by our TVF star Jitendra Kumar or Jitu. The story shows how he forcefully took a job in a village named Phulera. This is of course critic acclaimed best TVFweb series this year.

It is interesting how the view flows with the story, and the outstanding acting connects to the situation correctly. Each episode can be enjoyed individually with your friends and family. This is an excellent show on the TVF new series list. One interesting fact about this series’s shooting is that the crew had to wear a sweater in scorching summer for the Republic day shooting.

The second season of the series Panchayat was telecasted for the first time on 18 May 2022. It is among the latest ones in the TVF series list. In the Panchayat season, it is shown that the village politics of Phulera surged due to the increase in Pradhan Ji’s opponents. But, due to being a neutral character, Abhishek keeps his head out for Pradhan’s family.

Year: 2022
Director: Deepak Kumar Mishra
Creator: Chandan Kumar
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav
IMDb Rating: 8.7
Seasons and Episodes: 2 seasons 16 episodes

3. TVF Pitchers (2015)

TVF Pitchers is a heavyweight humor-filled web series, which is the 23rd high-rated series across the globe according to IMDb statics. The story revolves around four entrepreneur friends Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal. They want to begin their start-up after leaving their job. Today there are more than 8 million views on it. TVF series has been releasing amazing shows for their corporate citizens. But this one ruled the digital media platform with its edgy and intelligent dialogues. So start watching the first episode, ‘Tu Beer hai,’ and you will never know when you are watching the last episode.

Year: 2015
Writer: Biswapati Sarkar
Creator: Arunabh Kumar
Genre: Comedy Drama
Starring: Naveen Kasturia, Jitendra Kumar, Arunabh Kumar, Abhay Mahajan
IMDb Rating: 9.2
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season, 5 episodes

4. Kota Factory (2019)

TVF web series is known for realistic and relatable video concepts and storylines. This time try showed the reality of the biggest coaching hub town of Kota. This premiered on the TVF play app and YouTube in 2019. The story goes along with Vaibhav’s life, who has just come to Kota for IIT coaching. He finds his mentor in his teacher, Jitu. With the pressure of studies, competitions, disappointment, and teenage love, we face a roller coaster of emotions.

So if you want to be a part of his life in Kota, it’s not a bad idea to binge-watch the best TVF series like this one. 

Year: 2019
Director: Raghav Subbu
Creator: Saurabh Khanna & Tamojit Das
Genre: Drama Comedy
Starring: Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh, Ahsaas Channa
IMDb Rating: 9
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season, 5 episodes

5. Permanent Roommates (2014-2016)

Permanent Roommates tops the best TVF series list that was the first-ever major hit show for TVF. This was creatively written and created by TVF and Biswapati Sarkar. Its first season was released on YouTube in 2014. It is the story of a cute couple, Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh.

This TVF web series recently celebrated its 6th birthday to cherish the beautiful journey of TVF after the series. And why not? Watching this web series was an experience of fun, and excitement, seeing pure love, and cute fights and everything on the scene was easy to relate to.

Sumeet Vyas is like Midas of web series in that all his work turns to gold. He has started working for Bollywood as well. TVF series lists of all times have to include this show and credit it for breaking the conservative Indian family mindset about love and living in relationships and marriage.

The show’s success has yet to yield the fruits to the fullest as recently it was turned into an ‘audible story.’ Along with that, the Telugu remake of Permanent Roommates is soon to release with the name ‘Commit Mental.’ So expect to be another loved Telugu TV series.

Year: 2014, 2016
Director: Sameer Saxena, Deepak Kumar Mishra
Creator: Arunabh Kumar
Writer: Biswapati Sarkar
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Starring: Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Deepak Kumar Mishra
IMDb Rating: 8.6
Seasons and Episodes: 2 seasons 13 episodes

6. Yeh Meri Family (2018)

In 2018, the TVF series added another massively loved show that transported the youth to their childhood days. Everyone born and grew up in the 1990s would completely relate to this show ‘Yeh Meri Family hai.’

The series is set in a 90s summer vacation that follows a 12-year-old boy named Harshu. He is on the verge of entering teenager, yet he has problems in life. He is dealing with a big brother who is perfect in studies, a playful younger sister, a smart friend who gives lame and candid advice, a strict tuition teacher, and a girl he likes. 

The creators of the show took care of minute details of the screenplay like clothing, hobbies, set up, and more. No doubt everyone who watched this TVF best series praised it for making them nostalgic. To add to the emotions, their original soundtrack and background score worked like magic. If you have not yet watched it, simply download TVF play or go to YouTube to watch it.

Year: 2018
Director: Sameer Saxena
Writer: Saurabh Khanna
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Starring: Vishesh Bansal, Mona Singh, Akarsh Khurana, Ahan Nirban, Ruhi Khan, Prasad Reddy, Revathi Pillai
IMDb Rating: 9.4
Seasons and Episodes: 1 Season 7 episodes

7. Humorously Yours (2016)

We see laughing standup comedians, but it doesn’t mean that their life is a bed of roses. In the TVF web series list, Humorously Yours is close to being the autobiography of Vipul Goyal. It takes us to the behind scene struggles, problems, and wisdom; it needs to pull out a good stage show. The first season is titled ‘The drama behind the comedy’.

This fresh content perspective makes us say it is the best TVF web series. Vipul has been working with TVF as a prominent writer, and now he has his own show. So if you are interested in Vipul’s life story, we will recommend watching this. Along with this, you can also watch other TVF best series mentioned in this blog.

Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Vipul Goyal, Rasika Dugal
IMDb Rating: 8.7
Seasons and Episodes: 2 Seasons, 10 episodes

8. TVF Tripling (2016)

It is apt if we say that TVF Tripling is among Top Indian web series you can watch today. This series focuses on sibling bonds. It is rightly said that, no matter what happens, a sibling bond is a blessing to share.

The show starts when the brothers and sister trio, Sumit Vyas, Anmol Parashar, and Manvi Gagroo go on an unplanned road trip. But when each individual’s personal stories are revealed, the plot leads to unexpected events, confusion, and yet memorable emotional exchanges. 

The best TVF series will indeed include Tripling. At present, there are two seasons of it with 10 episodes. So once you start watching next, you can’t resist watching the next episode of this TVF web series.

Year: 2016
Director: Rajesh Krishnan, Sameer Saxena
Creator: Sameer Saxena
Writer: Akarsh Khurana, Sumeet Vyas
Genre: Drama
Starring: Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar
IMDb Rating: 8.6
Seasons and Episodes: 2 seasons, 10 episodes

9. Hostel Daze (2019)

Hostel Daze is created by TVF was released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime in 2019. If you have been in an engineering college or any college hostel, for that matter, you can completely relate to it. The fun journey experience is full of laughter, friendship, love, and crazy events. Watch the trailer of this TVF web series and watch it with friends to recollect the memories.

Year: 2019
Creator: Saurabh Khanna
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Starring: Nikhil Vijay, Adarsh Gourav, Shubham Gaur
IMDb Rating: 8.5
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season, 5 episodes

10. Cubicles (2019)

Written by Amit Golani, Cubicles is a story of a young man Piyush who is just out of college and joined his first corporate job. His moment-by-moment experience is captured so well in dialogues and actions. It is included in TVF best series for any reason, and it shows the real situation and real problems in life. For instance, when Piyush gets his first salary, he thinks of spending on investment or mutual funds. There are significant TVF characters in this web series as well.

Year: 2019
Director: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum
Creator: Amit Golani
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Starring: Abhishek Chauhan, Nidhi Bisht, Arnav Bhasin
IMDb Rating: 8.3
Seasons and Episodes: 1 Season, 5 episodes

11. Gullak (2019)

Released in 2019, Gulak is a realistic presentation of a small town in North India. The quaint setting of the town with narrow lanes, sorrow, laughter, and life, all lie in this web series. The story follows the everyday life of the Mishra family. Santosh & Shanti Mishra with their two sons. It is interesting to join the character through all the joys and toils of life.

It is one of the best TVF web series on the digital platform. This has been loved by the audience majorly because of the honesty of the screenplay and real-life depiction.

Year: 2019 & 2021
Director: Amrit Raj Gupta
Writer: Nikhil Vijay
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Starring: Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta
IMDb Rating: 9.1
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season, 5 episodes

12. Barely Speaking with Arnub (2014-2016)

TVF series also includes a talk show. No, it’s not an ordinary talk show because it is coming from the creators of TVF. So here, Bishwapati Sarkar plays the parody of Arnab Goswami. It is a fun-filled talk show with well-known personalities.

The Nation wants to know anchor has a unique way of hosting, and the series shows the parallel in acting Sarkar. So enjoy the funny talk show hosted by Arnub with his witty question paired with funny lines.

Till now, there are three seasons of it with 7 episodes. The famous public figure who was interviewed by our anchor includes Shahrukh Khan, Arvind Kejriwal, Parineeti Chopra, Ranveer Singh, and novelist Chetan Bhagat.

Year: 2014, 2015, 2016
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Nikhil Vijay, Adarsh Gourav, Shubham Gaur
IMDb Rating: 8.6
Seasons and Episodes: 3 seasons 7 episodes

13. Bachelors (2016-2017)

As the title indicates, this brings the life of a bachelor onto the screen. Their daily struggles, real issues around jobs, flatmates, friends, love, fights, and more like other TVF web series.

Bhuvan Bam, king of Vines played the lead role. He plays an impressive role in the show, and the new-age audience loved to watch and suggest to friends. This makes it to the TVF best series list to entertain us.

Year: 2016, 2017
Creator: Amrit Raj Gupta
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Jitendra Kumar, Badri Chavan, Shivankit Singh, Bhuvan Bam
IMDb Rating: 8.4
Seasons and Episodes: 2 Seasons, 10 episodes

14. F.A.T.H.E.R.S (2017-2019)

Fathers are a mini-TVF web series with 9 episodes in two seasons. The lead roles are played by three well-known actors Brijendra Kala, Gajraj Rao, and Atul Srivastava as they are commonly seen in various web series.

These three middle-aged men are enjoyably trying to match the pace of the tech generation. It is filled with humor, laughter, and interesting dialogue. It was released on MX Player and TVFPlay to reach a wider audience.

Year: 2017, 2019
Director: Prem Mistry, Raghav Subbu
Genre: Comedy-drama
Starring: Brijendra Kala, Gajraj Rao, and Atul Srivastava
IMDb Rating: 7.4
Seasons and Episodes: 2 Seasons, 9 episodes

15. InMates (2017)

In the present age, when flatmates, roommates, and inmates are very common living options in metros, TVF had to create a drama line on this concept. It is interesting to watch how the writers created the characters and situations that every made any moment dull. It is full of life, objective, love, friendship, and the efforts to co-exist under one roof. If you missed watching this show, you can find it on TVF play. This is a must-watch TVF web series if you are or have been under a similar setting.

Year: 2017
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Ashish Verma, Mukti Mohan, and Aakansha Thakur
IMDb Rating: 6.6
Seasons and Episodes: 1 Season, 5 episodes

16. Bisht, Please (2017)

Released in 2017, Bisht, please is the story of a young independent who moved to the city for a job. The lead role is played by a well-known actress of TVF, Nidhi Bisht, and Anmol Parashar plays her genuine friend’s role.

The show speaks volumes about the issues faced by a girl because of society. It shows how a conservative Indian family tried to control every aspect of the decision made by her. Along with the constant fight with societal norms, a girl has to face patriarchy and politics in office as well.

This is a worth-watching web series, especially if you are a girl. It has only seven episodes.

Year: 2017
Genre: Drama
Starring: Nidhi Bisht, Amol Parashar
IMDb Rating: 6.5
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season, 7 episodes

Best TVF Series across its Channels

The Viral Fever is not restricted to YouTube channels, and as they grow in creativity, they have created few channels that have distinct in nature. So many well-known famous web series from TVF series list. You know these channels in the name of The Screen Patti, Girliyapa, and Timeliners. This is a great source of fresh, unique, and funny videos and shows.

The Screen Patti

TSP is a TVF channel, also available in TVF play. The actor who plays Ravish in ‘Rabish Ki Reportar,’ Shivankit Singh Parihar, is the star face for this channel. Watch the TSP TVF series list given below and enjoy the shows.

  1. Awkward Conversation
  2. Rabish Ki Report
  3. HumTum
  4. Zeroes


Who says women are not funny? Look at the Girliyapa girls; they are humorous, witty, and funny head to toe. This channel is dedicated to women-centric video content, which has created great shows in the past few years. Follow the TVF web series mentioned below and share the fun with others.

  1. Mr. & Mrs.
  2. Girls Hostel
  3. GirlSplaining sun Bhai!
  4. PA-Gals


Best TVF web series can also be found in the channel named Timeliners. It is interesting to know that this platform releases short videos that get lakhs of views overnight. It has also released capturing web series and shows. Go by the TVF series list given below and watch the series in a row.

  1. Flames
  2. TTL Social
  3. Engineering girls
  4. College Romance


With a vast majority of youth in the country, digital entertainment platform is on the rise. To create edgy content for youth,   the creators actually have to make real-like shows that everyone can relate to. This is the secret tapped by TVF to get a huge fan base among youth.

Following the same, there is AIB, ScoopWoop, Y-Films (Yashraj digital media), and other platforms subscribed to by most Indian youth. So, here we have brought the list of TVF web series that understands the ethos of the urban youth population.

So watch the trailers, get ready with popcorn, and start watching these series to experience great entertainment. If we missed your favorite TVF series, please write to us.


1. Is TVF free?

Yes, TVF allows free access to all its videos and shows through its websites and app. You just need to register your account with them.

2. Which one is the best web series?

TVF Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, TVF Tripling, etc., are very common dramas among the best web series. To know about more TVF series, go through the blog above.

3. How can I watch the TVF series?

TVF releases series on its website and mobile app. However, it can also be found on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and MX player. Go through the blog to know more about your favorite TVF web series.

4. Who is the CEO of TVF?

Dhawal Gusain is the present CEO of TVF after Arunabh stepped down.

5. Which is the latest TVF web series?

Panchayat Season 1 is the most recent one in the TVF creation web series list. It premiered on Amazon Prime.

6. Which is the Best among the TVF all web series list according to IMDb rating?

VF series ‘Yeh Mere family’ holds an IMDb rating of 9.4 and TVF Pitcher is rated 9.2 out of 10. In this blog, we have listed the famous web series from The Viral Fever and mentioned the IMDb rating as well.

7. What are the trending names in the TVF new series 2023 list?

Among the TVF latest series list, Panchayat season 2 is the most famous one.

8. Which series is best among the TVF web series list 2023?

Aspirants is by far the best TVF creation series in 2023.

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