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Are you looking for the best learning apps for your kids? It could be hard for parents at times to make their kids learn. However, there are different ways through which you can teach your kids. Educational apps, or also known as learning apps, are the best alternatives for books and notebooks. Learning apps help your little one understand all the concepts in a unique way. For all the parents out there who are struggling hard to make their kids study, we have curated 15 best learning apps for kids that they can download. These apps will be bliss for parents.

List of Educational Learning Apps for Kids:

1. Elevate Brain Training

Elevate Brain Training

If your kid loves to explore different mobile applications, this is the best learning app. One of the main benefits of this app is that it improves cognitive skills and critical thinking for your kid. He would be able to exercise his brain in the best way possible. This app has 35 different games, and each game is different from the other. Your kid would be engrossed in the games while learning a new set of skills. Elevate brain training mobile app is available in IOS and Android.

Age Group – 10 Years and above

2. Prodigy

Prodigy Math Game

This learning app would take your teenager on an exciting adventure where he will cross different challenges, rescue pets. What makes Prodigy one of the best learning apps for kids as they can play the game with his friends and siblings. It is one of the ideal games for little ones who hate maths, as this game would sharpen their maths skills. Moreover, the app personalizes each game according to the ability and grade of the kid.

Age Group – 5-14 years

3. Monkey Word School Adventure

Monkey Word School Adventure

Does your kid love to play adventure-oriented games? If yes, is the answer, then you should download Monkey Word School Adventure for him. This educational game will help your kid learn spellings, letters, phonics, and more. This app has a jungle theme, which your kid will surely love.

Age Group – 4-7 years

4. Todo Math

Todo Math

Todo Math is an ideal educational app for your little scholar. It would help them to learn about numbers, counting, and creatively introduced different concepts of maths. The app has a fun equation maker that allows your junior to visualize the equations and complete them. The best part about this app is, once your kid completes the given task, he would be encouraged with the star.

Age Group – 6-8 years

5. Duolingo


Duolingo is one of the best learning apps for kids of all ages as it allows them to learn foreign languages. It has a user-friendly and engaging interface and a tracker that helps you track your child’s learning capability. If you do not wish to download the app, then your kid can learn different languages from its website as well? Duolingo also has a digital language proficiency assessment exam. Also, you would not have to pay a single penny for the app as it is available free-of-cost.

Age Group – 10 years and above

6. DragonBox Elements

DragonBox Elements

Geometry is one of the important and difficult topics. However, with DragonBox Elements, your kid would understand all the concepts of geometry with ease. The app uses different puzzles and characters to make your kid understand the topic. Moreover, there are more than 100 levels to play. All the games are interesting and educational. Initially, you can help your juniors. Once they master the game, they would fall in love with it.

Age Group – 8-11 years

7. Epic!


Epic! It is one of the best learning games for the kids you have an interest in reading. The app has a comprehensive e-library with more than 10,000 titles. It has all the highly-rated books along with educational videos that will help in the brain development of your kid. Also, each content is curated according to the age of the kid.

Age Group – 2-12 years

8. Mathway


Mathway is another exciting app for all the junior scholars who hate maths. This is a maths-solving app that is not like a typical maths book. Each game is exciting and interesting. Your kid would love to play each game and learn all the basic concepts of maths excitingly. This app is no less than bliss for all the parents out there, as they too can play the game along with their kids and help them solve each equation while strengthening their bond.

Age Group –13 years and above

9. Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2

Next, in our list of best learning apps for kids is Star Walk 2. This is the perfect game for all the little astronauts or students who have interest in science. The app has institutive and user-friendly interface along with the 3-D renderings of celestial bodies. You can also get additional features that would make the understanding level easy for your kids.

Age Group – 8 years and above

10. Universal Zoom

Universal Zoom

This app is available only IOS users and is one of the top-rated educational apps for kids. This app would help your teenager to understand things around him. From atomic particles to what Eiffel Tower is, he will learn about all types of celestial bodies in the most interesting way. Universal Zoom helps explain the notion of scale and size, which would help your kid in the long run.

Age Group – 15 years and above

11. is one of the top learning apps for kids as it helps them to learn about different things through videos, quizzes, and interesting activities. It also has a virtual map that outlines the learning path of your kid. In case you want to give this app a trial without downloading the app, you can directly visit the website and sign-in.

Age Group – 2-8 years

12. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is an ideal educational app for all the kids that are soon going to start their school. The app has five primary areas of learning that help them to understand about colors, shapes, alphabets, numbers, book reading, puzzles, and arts. The app has 3D details, which makes it look real for kids. Do download this app, and you will love seeing your kid understanding multiple concepts in the easiest and creative ways.

Age Group – 1 to 5 years

13. Quick Math Jr.

Quick Math Jr.

Maths could be boring and difficult to understand, but Quick Math Jr. makes it easy! It transforms all the numbers into a creative and interactive way that encourages your kid to learn different math concepts that, too, without scratching their head. It has 12 maths games that talk about the fundamentals of the subject and various concepts. Moreover, the app has unique characters and graphics that would keep your kids engaged. Also, since the answers are hand-written so it would also help to improve the writing of your kid.

Age Group – 4-8 years

14. Stack the States 2

Stack the States 2

Stack the States 2 is a perfect combination of a game and educational tool. This app is excellent to make your kids understand geography and general knowledge about the states through an interesting game. On giving a correct answer, your kid would win a state that would be added to his stack. The app provides three more games that your kid can unlock as they move ahead in the game. The app also has different versions of the country.

Age Group – 10 years and more

15. Lightbot: Code Hour

lightbot code hour

Coding is one of the toughest topics, especially for the kids, however, if you want your child to understand the basics of coding and all the logic that computer programmers use for coding in the most interesting manner. It has a lightbox for kids. This is one of the best and fun games for the little one to understand the world of coding at an early age.


With the upgrade in technology, there are many interesting ways to make your kids understand their subjects. One of such interesting way is mobile apps. Many educational apps can help your kids understand maths and other subjects’ fundamentals in the easiest and creative ways.

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