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Health Insurance Plan for the family is a shield to protect them from financial overburden in health emergencies. When medical expenses increase exponentially, parallel to individuals’ growing health risks, a good family health plan is all you need. You can get health insurance according to your present and probable future needs. Like any other insurance plan, you need to compare and decide on the best health insurance plan for you and your family. Plan your budgeting and invest monthly towards it and reap the benefits in unprecedented circumstances. The benefits include doctor’s consultation, pre and post hospitalization charges, ambulance coverage, and other hospital expenses.  We have brought a list of 12 best health insurance plans in India for your family. You should thoroughly go through all the available plans before deciding the best plan for your family.

1. Active Assure Diamond Plan

Active assure diamond plan is one of the best health insurance plans for a family. It provides a higher insured amount and numerous benefits. If anyone in your family falls sick and get hospitalized for 24 hours or more, all the hospital expenses would be covered, including room rent, doctor’s consultancy fees, medicine, operation theatre charges, and all clinical fees.  Not only during the hospitalization, gets pre and post hospitalization expenses also covered. The plan covers all the costs of 30 days pre-hospitalization, 60 days post-hospitalization, emergency road ambulance service, daycare, health coach, and many more. In the case of critical health conditions, it also covers the expenses of the second opinion from other doctors. 

Insurance Company- Aditya Birla

Insured Amount- Rs. 2 crores

Claim Ratio- 59%

2. Care Health Insurance Plan

The care health insurance plan is a shield for your family’s health care. It has multiple benefits and covers a high insured amount. The policy covers most hospital expenses if you are admitted for more than 24hours. It also covers your medical expenses 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days post-release. If you don’t happen to claim the insurance plan, the company gives you a bonus amount, which varies from 50% to 100%. It covers the alternative medicine of AYUSH treatment as well. Along with this, emergency ambulance service, daily cash for five days, and medical screening are included. iThis is one of the best health insurance plans in India for family in 2022.

Insurance Company- Religare Insurance Company

Insured Amount- Rs. 6 crores

Claim Ratio- 55%

3. Family Health Optima Plan

The family health optima plan is packed with benefits and helps you to avail of the super saver insurance plan. The policy covers the costs of organ donation treatment, the birth of baby, second opinion, room rent, and more. It provides road and air ambulance facilities. You can get up to a 25% bonus if the plan is not claimed. Some diseases are excluded from the policy like mental disorders, STD, or the cases of war victims, self-injury, and few more. While comparing the plans, carefully read the list of diseases uncovered in the policies so that it does come as a surprise to you later. However, it is one of India’s most affordable family health care plans with a higher claim percentage.  It covers the medical expenses of your family under one shield.

Insurance Company- Star Health

Insured Amount- Rs.25 lakh

Claim Ratio- 63%

4. Optima Restore plan

Optima Restore plan is a fantastic health insurance plan in India to secure your family. If you witness your family member’s sudden health emergency, you will lose the decisiveness of what to do and whatnot.  In that situation, you can call the ambulance and let the hospital take care of the situation. This ease comes with a good health insurance plan. This plan covers ambulance services, organ donor operation costs, inpatient hospitalization expenses, and many more benefits. However, they do not give a bonus for unclaimed plans, but you get discounts on daily fees.  It is one of the best health insurance plans in India suitable for the family.

Insurance Company- HDFC Ergo Health Insurance (formerly, Apollo Munich)

Insured Amount- Rs.50 lakh

Claim Ratio- 62%

5. My: Health Suraksha Gold Regain

The Health Suraksha plan is one of the best health insurance plans in India for a small family. Needless to spending a lot of money to get the plans, and eventually end up never claiming it. Instead, you can go for a budget-friendly health insurance plan which covers up the essential needs and gives you decent benefits. The significant benefits it offers include daycare, organ donor, newborn baby, second opinion, and emergency ambulance. The plan covers the expenses for 60 days of pre-hospitalization and 180 days of post-hospitalization. Additionally, you can avail of renewable benefits, which can be added up to 50%. You can consider getting this plan as is pocket friendly and gives a good range of benefits.

Insurance Company- HDFC Ergo Health Insurance (formerly, Apollo Munich)

Insured amount- 75 lakh

Claim Ratio- 62%

6. Essential privilege Plan

With the highest claim ratio incurrence in our list, the Essential privilege plan is one of India’s best health insurance plans. It is ideal as an individual or the floater family plan. You can customize the plan according to your growing needs. It covers post-hospitalization expenses for 30 days, pre-hospitalization for 60 days, newborn baby, daily need in hospital for three or more days, a critical illness like cancer and heart attack, organ donor treatment, and many more. The plan offers the insured for the emergency ambulance, a grace period of 30 days, and more. Full body pre-health check-up is a must before buying the policy.

Insurance Company- Universal Sompo

Insured Amount- Rs.10 lakhs

Claim Ratio- 92%

7. Health Companion Plan

It is one of the best health insurance plans in India for family in 2022. Tied up with best private hospitals, this health insurance policy comes with many benefits attached to it. Like other health insurance coverage, it covers pre and post-hospitalization expenses, inpatient care, ICU cover, organ donor, emergency ambulance service, and many more. There are some severe cases when the patient cannot go to the doctor; in that case, domiciliary hospitalization is provided to the patient at home. The expense of the domiciliary hospitalization is also covered in the plan for three days. It is surprising to learn that the policy also covers animal bit vaccination, which is not commonly seen in other health plans. Additionally, if you run out of the insured amount for the year, the company refills it for emergency once in a year.

Insurance Company- Max Bupa

Insured Amount- Rs. 1 crore

Claim Ratio- 54%

8. Life Supreme Plan

This plan encompasses most of the commonly covered benefits of the health insurance plan. We will let you know what id different in the plan. In this plan, you can claim it under worldwide emergency, animal bite vaccination, and more. You can also get annual family health check-up fully covered. These unique offers make it one of India’s best health insurance plans, which shields your family.

Insurance Company- Royal Sundaram

Insured Amount- Rs.50 lakhs

Claim Ratio- 61%

9. Star Senior citizen Red carpet Plan

With growing age, our body ailments are likely to get regular. In this case, it becomes difficult to pay for medical expenses. Therefore, it is wise to plan for a better health insurance plan, which helps you swim through old age without financial burdens. This plan is designed for senior citizens taking care of their needs. It covers the post and pre-hospitalization expenses, ICU charges, health check-ups, and more. It gives the insured option of co-payment for treatments of pre-existing and non-pre-existing diseases.

Insurance Company- Star Health

Insured Amount- Rs.25 lakhs

Claim Ratio- 63%

10. ProHealth Plus

ProHealth Plus is one of the best health insurance plans in India. It is ideal for a family of five, two adults, and three kids. If you are residing in the country or NRI, who is outside the country, this plan is a boon. It covers expenses of worldwide emergency, newborn baby, first vaccinations for a child, maternity needs, and many more. You can get a health check-up of all the five family members. You can also get the pre and post hospitalization expenses paid by the insurance company. On top of all the benefits, the insurance plans also save your taxes.

Insurance Company- ManipalCigna

Insured Amount- Rs.50 lakhs

Claim Ratio- 62%

11. Smart Super Health Insurance Policy

The Smart Super Health Insurance policy is one of India’s best health insurance plans, new in the insurance market. It offers great offers and benefits to its policyholder. The plan covers the expenses of pre and post hospitalization, organ donor treatment, daycare treatment, and more. Under this plan, your family is eligible to get free health check-up annually. There is no cap on the hospital room rent. That’s a great relief. Isn’t it?  If you exhaust the insured amount, it will be restored by the company entirely, which is a unique benefit. As alternative medical treatment is getting recognized in the country, the policy covers the expenses of AYUSH medical treatments. If your plan is unclaimed, then you will get a bonus of up to 100%. The best thing about the plan is, it considers the health insurance of critical or near terminal diseases like cancer and heart attack.

Insurance Company-  Bharti AXA

Insured Amount- Rs. 1 crore

12. Healthcare Plus

Healthcare plus is a new health insurance policy in the market. As the company name suggests, it is entirely digital. This insurance can go well alongside the well know health plan you choose. The plan is offering the customers unique benefits that are left untouched by other health insurance plans. It is one of the best health insurance plans for COVID-19 patients. They provide free OPD and no cap on room rent. If you find it tough to get any insurance plan covering mental illness or any psychiatric illness, then this is the plan for you. This plan also includes accidental coverage and animal bite vaccination. It is one of the best health insurance in India ideal for new age needs.  

Insurance Company- Digital – Godigit

Insured Amount- Rs.5 lakh


Showing your love for the family has different ways. One way to do it is to provide the best medical health care without being financially overburdened. Therefore, you must tie your family in safety bonds and stand tall together, facing tough situations. The above-listed health insurance plans are the best in the Indian market. The benefits and offers vary, and there you need to pay attention to what you are purchasing. Be cautious and read the documents carefully. Compare the benefits, cost, coverage, and other factors to decide the policy for you. You can also consider visiting the best banks in India to know about the health insurance plan. Make sure you select a reliable bank or company to pick your health policy. Share your experience of policy purchase with us and let us know which other health policy qualifies the list.


What is the best health insurance for 2022?

Religare Optima Restore plan is one of the best health insurance plans in India. There are many similar health plans listed above, consider having a look.

Who are the top 5 health insurance companies?

Aditya Birla, Religare, Star Health, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance, and Royal Sundaram are some of India’s leading health insurance companies.

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