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To pump your adrenalin rush and enjoy the giant ride’s thrill, you need to visit Worlds of Wonder or WoW. It is located in Noida and stretches 147 acres of land with more than 20 thrilling rides. If you have never been to WoW, put it on your list to visit next. It is a fantastic place to hang out with friends, engages in a breath-taking ride, and have delicious food. If we could sum it up, WoW is the perfect combo of fun and frolic. It is one of the Water parks in India. In this blog, we have curated all the essential information you need to know about this spectacular theme park.  We have mentioned the Worlds of Wonder ticket price 2023.

Where is Worlds of Wonder?

WoW is located at the prime location of Noida. If you have been to Noida, you might know Great India Place Mall (GIP mall), Wow is just behind the mall. You can get to the location by car or metro. Being a Delhite, Metro seems the most convenient commutation option. You can reach Noida sec-18 metro station, and the park is just 2 km from there.  If you are traveling by road, just enter WoW in your navigation app, and it will quickly pick its location. 

Address of WoW: A-2, Sector 38 A, Behind Great India Place Mall, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301

Contact WoW:  +91 790 001 2000

WOW Show Timing 2023

You can visit Worlds of Wonder any day as they operate all seven days a week. However, weekends are the most crowded and most fun-filled days. You can also opt to go on weekends to enjoy DJ and music shows. 

Amusement Park: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Water Park: Opening Soon

Worlds of Wonder Noida Ticket Price

adventure park

The WoW themed park has majorly three entertainment areas, an amusement park, a waterpark, and a go-karting track. The price of entry tickets varies according to age, height, and amusement area. Here is the detailed information on the latest WOW tickets 2023.  

WOW complete package

If you have plans to spend the entire day with your family and friends, this is the best ticket option for you. It is annoying to stand in the queue to get one amusement section ticket, and then wonder why I didn’t take the ticket for the other one. It helps you get rid of the hassle to pay before enjoying the ride every time. The ticket does not only carry the permit for the waterpark and amusement ride, but it also includes all the fun activities offered at WoW like rain dance, boating, foot-tapping, wave pools, and other fun activities. If you purchase this ticket, you will get 1 WoW Visa for the amusement park and 2 WoW Visas for the waterpark. The best thing about this is you will get ultimate access to all its amusement rides and activities it holds. 

Price: Rs.1450 per person for WOW  Passport ticket 

WoW Amusement Park Ticket Price

This ticket type gives you access to all the rides in WOW Amusement Park. You can visit the theme park to enjoy the most thrilling and adventurous rides. So get ready to scream and enjoy letting your adrenalin rush to thrall you. These are the WoW Noida amusement park ticket price list-

Offer NameDetailsVisitor’s CategoryValidity
5 Pe 10% &10 Pe 20%5 pe 10% & 10 pe 20% OFFAdultThursday
Midnight MadnessUpto 50% OFFAdult & Child12:00 Midnight to 12:45 AM
Thrilling TuesdayFlat 20% OFFAdult & ChildTuesday
Water Park WednesdayGrab Ticket @ ₹2999CoupleWednesday

WoW Water Park Ticket Price 2023

Summers are the best time to visit one of India’s best amusement parks in the summers. It is also because Worlds of Wonder have a range of water activities and water rides to enjoy in summer. If you purchase this ticket, you will be permitted to enjoy all that the water park offers. Know the latest WOW ticket price list.

Visitor’s categoryPrice (All Days)Height Range
ChildrenRs.99990cm -129cm
AdultRs.1399130cm and above
Senior CitizenRs.699Age 60+
Armed Forces & PoliceRs.999

Worlds of Wonder Rides


go karting

You can speed up on the track and race with your friends with Formula 1 racing gears. The fun and joy of the ride come with the adrenaline rush.

Session of 3 minutes: Rs.400

Session of 12 minutes: Rs.1000

Worlds of Wonder Tickets Booking

Now the question is where should you buy the tickets? Of course, you can purchase the tickets to reach Worlds of Wonder, yet there are other mediums. Many online ticket booking platforms make life easier for you. You can also avail of great offers and discounts if you get some coupons and offers.

Worlds of Wonder: Water Park

water park

When the sun is above our head and summer is at its peak, what could be more enjoyable and please than the water plays? When we get into the water, we become kids and enjoy its coolness and wish to sink in the joy. At worlds of wonder, you will get superior water quality, which gets filtered in a circular motion. The creators of Worlds of Wonder have crafted thrilling rides and activities for the visitors. These world-class rides are safe, and the supervisors monitor their functioning regularly. Let’s see the adventurous and fun rides offered by WOW.

1. Wave Pool- Could you have imagined experiencing sea waves right in the middle of a crazy busy city? The designers of WOW have made this possible. When you enter the zone, you will experience the replication of coastal beech with a perfect tropical temperature setting. The zone gets lively when your coastal experience is backed by live performances and DJ nights. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect weekend plan?

2. Deep-Sea Adventure– If you are an adventurous ride enthusiast and love water rushes and splashes, this is the ride for you. At first, it would be scary to see a long-covered tunnel and pool at the end of it, but that’s the fun. You will experience the underwater sea ride with twists and turns and screams of joy. If this excites you, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to enjoy next weekend at WOW.  

3. Raft Ride– Raft Ride is a lighter version of the deep-sea adventure. You will be sitting on the inflatable tube or the raft to slide on the water from the height. You can enjoy this slide solo or with a group of friends.  The twists and twirls push on the splashing water on the huge ride is more fun doing than reading.

4. Boomerango– Another fun water ride is Boomerango. As the name says, you will get into the ride to experience unexpected turns and bumps in the water splashing all around. You can create beautiful memories with family and friends. The ride allows single, duo, or group visitors for a fantastic experience.

5. Rapid Racer– Rapid racer is the biggest highlight of the water park. It is a giant water slide that takes you into the water to give you the most chilling experience. So plan the visit to WOW, glide in the water with your friends, and create never to forget memories.

Worlds of Wonder: Amusement Park


The world-class amusement park Worlds of Wonder has the best rides for adults and kids. The high raises rides are ready to thrill and excite you. Let’s see what it has in store for you and your kids.

Thrilling Rides of adults

rollar coaster

1. Mega Disco–  Mega Disco at WOW is fantastic to experience the roller coaster spinning. Sitting on the pedestal seat, you will spin, twirl, and scream with excitement. So visit a disco ride at WOW like never before.

2. Cart Smashers– What fun it is to ride a car uncontrollably! If that is what thoroughly excites you, this corner of WOW is just for you. Get into the car with friends, drive one of the formula 1 circuits, smash other vehicles, and enjoy car speeding.     

3. Big Beat– One of the biggest highlights of WOW is Big Beat. The vertical ride takes you up to the sky and drops you for free fall. The adventure and ride enthusiast would love to take this swirl ride.

Worlds of Wonder Noida – Dining Options at Water Park Restaurant

1. Snack Bar

2. Ice Cream Cart

3. Park Entry Cafe

4. Wave Pool

5. Wizard Counter

WOW Fun rides for kids

1. Cozy little– Ferris wheels got a new look at WOW for the kids. Cozy little is a fun ride for kids that will entertain the kids for a long time.

2. Space Shot– Space Shot is a safely constructed ride for kids that takes them to a different world. The ride evaluates the kids and gradually brings them down to give them a ticklish effect. 

3. Hippity Hop-The friendly horse ride with lights and music is a fun ride for kids. This classic ride makes the kids go round on horseback and enjoy.  

4. Shanghai Swinger– The local swing has been modified to be called Shanghai Swinger. It is a ride built for both kids and parents.

5. Lake Wow– The boat rides can never go old. Lake Wow is built for adults and kids to enjoy the ride in the largest human-made lake. The beautiful setup will surprise you with its flora and fauna. 

6. Jumper– The kids love to jump around, and now you can let them jump to the fullest. Jumpers at WoW is bouncing rotators allowing the kids and teens to enjoy the ride.


The Worlds of Wonder is a fantastic juncture where thrill, laughter, joy, and frolic become one. It is ideal for a family outing, hanging out with friends, and adventurous couple goals. Right in the city of business, WoW is the biggest attraction for relaxation and a fun getaway. It could be the next destination for New year parties in Noida. Whenever you plan to visit WoW, you won’t get disappointed.  Enjoy the ride in Amusement parks and waterparks. Here we have curated all the vital information to help you.


1. What is Worlds of Wonder?

Worlds of Wonder or WoW is a themed entertainment center that has many thrilling rides and fun activities.

2. What is the ticket price of WOW Noida?

The WOW Noida ticket price varies according to age and height. Read the above blog for the entire list of prices.

3. How can I go to Worlds of Wonder?

WoW is easy to reach as it is located just behind the Great India Place Mall (GIP), Noida. You can also take the metro and get down at Noida sector-18.

4. Which is the largest water park in India?

World of Wonders, located in Noida, is one of the best water parks in India.

5. What to wear at worlds of wonder Noida?

You can wear casuals for Visiting WoW. If you are going for water rides, you must carry proper swimming costumes or rent there. Casual clothes are not allowed for any water activity. However, they might allow it if you are wearing nylon shorts.

6. What are the New restaurants beside worlds of wonder?

The new restaurants within 0.3km from Worlds of Wonder are Ka Eclairs & Kafe, Barish Moon Bar, Time Machine, and many more.

7. What is WOW Noida ticket price 2023 for couples?

WoW Water Park couple ticket price- Rs.2399.

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