The youth-based show of MTV Splitsvilla is one of the longest-running reality shows of MTV channel. It was first aired in 2008 and since then, it has become a storehouse of entertainment for youth. Primarily, it is a dating reality show where gorgeous girls and dashing boys come together for a common journey of love, friendship, and fights.

The format of the show has been almost the same for last 12 seasons with different innovative tasks to help the contestants to pick their partners or dump them. This show gives the winners in pairs. The boy who wins is called ‘King‘ or the girl who wins is titled as ‘Queen‘.

Here, we have given Splitsvilla winners list which includes the winners of all 12 seasons. Along with this, you will get the details of the show including, the host, location, and other details.   

List of Splitsvilla Winners of All Seasons

Here is the list of all the winners of MTV Splitsvilla form season 1 to 12 including the information of year, location and winners name.

SeasonYearBoys/Kings/Warrior WinnersGirls/Queens/Princess WinnersLocation
12008Vishal KarwalShraddha HaribhaiGoa
22009Siddharth BhardwajSakshi PradhanGoa
32009-10Parag ChaddaRiya BamniyalPattaya, Thailand
42010-11Dushyant YadavPriya ShindeDubai
52012Paras ChhabraAkanksha PopliJim Corbet NP
62013Paramvir SinghMandy DebbarmaTrivandrum
72014Mayank GandhiScarlett RoseJaipur
82015Prince NarulaAnuki TchokhonelidzeGoa
92016Gurmeet RehalKavya KhuranaPuducherry
102017Baseer AliNaina SinghJim Corbet NP
112018Gaurav AlughShruti SinhaJim Corbet NP
122019Shrey MittalPriyamvada KantJaipur

MTV Splitsvilla All Winners, Hosts & Locations

Vishal Karwal & Shraddha Haribhai – Splitsvilla 1 Winner

Splitsvilla 1 Winner

The most awaited youth-based show Splitsvilla Season 1 was aired in 2008 on MTV. The season was hosted by Rannvijay Singh. This reality show format has two winners, one among girls and the other among the boys. With the tagline of ‘World War 3 of love’, the story of love, fight and competition began with the show.

This season had 17 episodes with 22 tough contestants. The winner of this season was Vishal Karwal and Shraddha Haribhai. We do not have much information about Shraddha, but Vishal became an actor in TV serials. He has also played lead roles in prominent serials.  

Year: June- October 2008

Host: Rannvijay Singh

Location: Goa

Siddharth Bhardwaj & Sakshi Pradhan – Splitsvilla Season 2 Winner

Siddharth Bhardwaj & Sakshi Pradhan

The winners of MTV Splitsvilla season 2 are Siddharth Bhardwaj and Sakshi Pradhan. The winners bagged prize money of ₹ 5 lac. This season of the show was hosted by well-known DJ Nikhil Chinapa. There were 17 episodes of this season and 20 contestants. Siddharth was a successful model, and VJ was last seen in Big Boss season 5, whereas Sakshi tried her luck to be counted in the Big Boss winner list in its 5th season.

Year: March- June 2009

Host: Nikhil Chinapa

Location: Goa

Parag Chadha & Riya Bamniyal – Splitsvilla 3 Winner

Parag Chadha & Riya Bamniyal

Nikhil Chinapa and Deepti Gujral hosted MTV Splitsvilla season 3. It was an interesting season where beautiful young people entered the show and played the set format—the location of the season was in Thailand. There were 20 members in the season, which went on to air for 13 episodes.

Year: December 2009- March 2010

Host: Nikhil Chinapa and Deepti Gujral

Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Dushyant Yadav & Priya Shinde – Splitsvilla 4 Winner

Splitsvilla 4 Winner

The fourth season of the youth loved show MTV Splitsvilla season 4 was another great edition of Splitsvilla in 2011. Dushyant Yadav and Priya Shinde made it into the list of Splitsvilla winner list. The set for this season was located in Dubai. Both of the winners were seen in TV serials and shows after they won the title.

Year: December 2010- March 2011

Host: Nikhil Chinapa

Location: Dubai

Paras Chhabra & Akanksha Popli – MTV Splitsvilla 5 Winner

MTV Splitsvilla 5 Winner

Splitsvilla winners list includes the prominent names of Paras Chhabra and Akansha Popli. This success opened up a new opportunity for the winners. Paras become the national crush in no time, and presently he works as an actor and model. Along with that, Akanksha pursued to become an influential DJ.  

Year: April-June 2012

Host: Nikhil Chinapa

Location: Jim Corbett National Park

Paramvir Singh & Mandy Debbarma – Splitsvilla 6 Winner

Paramvir Singh & Mandy Debbarma

In Splitsvilla season 6, Paramvir Singh and Mandy Debbarma made it to the Splitsvilla winners list. The title of King was given to Paramvir Singh. However, he continued as a professional model as his luck didn’t work as an actor in TV serials.

Meanwhile, Mandy was titled queen of the season who chose to continue with her passion for modeling. The season was aired in 2013, which glue the young audience to it.

The season was rightly tagged as ‘Hot as hell,’ and the contestant never missed a chance to flaunt their beauty.

Year: May-August 2013

Host: Nikhil Chinapa and Sherlyn Chopra

Location: Trivandrum

Mayank Gandhi & Scarlett Rose – Splitsvilla 7 Winner

Splitsvilla 7 Winner

In Spiltsvilla season 7, Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett Rose added their name to the Splitsvilla winner list. The interesting show was hosted by Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone in Jaipur. The show was released in 2014 with 30 contestants. Each episode was more interesting than the other.

These Splitsvilla winners are going well after the success. Mayank was last seen in the well-known Star Plus TV serial Veera. And Scarlett is now a model and Instagram influencer in the travel and lifestyle category.

Year: June-October 2014

Host: Nikhil Chinapa and Sunny Leone

Location: Jaipur

Prince Narula & Anuki Tchokhonelidze – Splitsvilla 8 Winner

Splitsvilla 8 Winner

The ultimate King and queen winner of Splitsvilla 8 are Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze. The show was released in 2015. Prince is known as the King of the reality shows who has bagged the winner title in various shows. He has also made it to the MTV Roadies winner list. He is now happily married and continues the career of acting and modeling.

Meanwhile, Anuki mainstreamed into the modeling industry after the success and continues to do that till now. The season was shot in the beautiful scenery of Goa. It was themed as ‘what women Love’ as the queen was given the majority right.

Year: July-November 2015

Host: Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone

Location: Goa

Gurmeet Singh Rehal & Kavya Khurana – MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winners

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winners

Season 9 of MTV Splitsvilla started with the tagline of ‘Where women rule’. There were 21 episodes with 26 contestants in the show. And this season of Splitsvilla winners was Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kavya Khurana. Kavya was titled ultimate queen master bold queen. She is a successful model and DJ presently.

On the other hand, Gurmeet has taken part in other reality shows; he was seen in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi season 2. The person who wins the show is titled as ultimate King and queen of the show.

Year: July-October 2016

Host: Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone

Location: Puducherry

Baseer Ali & Naina Singh – MTV Splitsvilla 10 Winner

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Winner

The tagline of Splitsvilla X is ‘Catch your match’. Here again, 21 beautiful contestants came together for the eventful season. The show was presented by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone with great zeal and style.

This season was shot in the beautiful and adventurous locations of Jim Corbett National Park. There were 22 episodes of love, friendship, fights, and games. After overcoming all the challenges, Baseer Ali and Naina Singh made it to the Splitsvilla winners list in 2017.

Year: July-December 2017

Host: Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone

Location: Jim Corbett National Park

Gaurav Alugh & Shruti Sinha – Splitsvilla 11 Winner

Gaurav Alugh & Shruti Sinha

MTV Spliltsvilla 11 winners list has added the name of Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh. There were 22 contestants, and the show was stretched to 27 episodes, the highest among all seasons of Splitvillas. The Jim Corbett was the location as the last season. These two were the best friends in the season, and they defeated all to win the trophy.

Year: August 2018 -February 2019

Host: Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone

Location: Jim Corbett National Park

Priyamvada Kant and Shrey Mittal – Splitsvilla 12 Winner

Splitsvilla 12 Winner

The latest season is named MTV Splitsvilla X2, and it was shot in Jaipur. The season was full of adventure and new game formats with controversies, confusion, love, and friendship. Twenty-six glamorous contestants made the mark in the show. Finally, Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant were added to the Splitsvilla winners list.

The show’s tagline was ‘Your Best Shot at Love’, and the concept of the season went well with the tagline and everyone gave their best shot to find love. This edition was again hosted by dashing and energetic Rannvijay Singh and glamorous Sunny Leone.

Year: August 2019 -January 2020

Host: Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone

Location: Jaipur

Splitsvilla 13 Winner – Names Awaited

The audition for the 13th season of Splitsvilla has started in December 2020. Shooting of this season will also be arranged in Jaipur as the last season. The hosts remain the same, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh. So let’s tighten up our seatbelts and be ready to another rocky and entertaining journey of Splitsvilla X3.


After many fights, jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, and love, finally, one couple among all contestants win the Splitsvilla title of Ultimate King and Queen every new season. Splitsvilla is one of the most popular youth shows on MTV India, every year youth stick on their television to watch this show. The show has immense popularity also because gorgeous Sunny Leone and dashing Rannvijay Singh are presenters and hosts of the show. This show has completed its 11 seasons successfully with great TRP shoot, soon season 13 is going to air too. Splitsvilla is known as the youth show in our country. In this blog we have given the detailed information of Splitsvilla winners list along with other related information.


1. Who is the winner of Splitsvilla 1 to 10?

Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Popli, Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett Rose, Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze, Gurmeet Rehal and Kavya Khurana, Basir Ali and Naina Singh, Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant. To know more about winners of Splitsvilla, go through the blog above.

2. Who is the winner of Splitsvilla 1?

Vishal Karwal and Shraddha Haribhai was the winner of Splitsvilla season 1.

3. Who were the Ultimate King and Queen of Splitsvilla Season 8?

Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze were Ultimate King and Queen of Splitsvilla Season 8.

4. Who is the winner of MTV Splitsvilla 5?

Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Popli were the winner of Splitsvilla 5.

5. Who won Splitsvilla 12?

Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant have won Splittsvilla 12.

6. Is Splitsvilla 12 scripted?

Splitsvilla is a show where the personality of the contestants is surfaced. So the storyline might be scripted, but the reaction and game plans seem to be real. However, the presenters remarked that the show is not scripted but rigged.

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