Pudin Hara Tablet

Remember when you ate your favourite fries and later complained of stomach ache, what your mother asked to pop? Yes, Pudin Hara! It is one of the commonly used ayurvedic medicine to get rid of minor stomach-related problems that include stomach aches, inflammations, acid reflux, and indigestion. Besides being an effective remedy, it is also quite economical. Pudin Hara is available in liquid and tablet forms. Those green pearls consist of Mentha Piperita and Mentha Spicata. These ingredients work together and produce a cooling sensation that indirectly eliminates stomach problems. Scroll down to know about the uses, price, benefits, and possible side effects of these tiny capsules.

Salt Composition: Mentha Piperita and Mentha Spicata

Manufacturer: Dabur India Ltd

Prescription Required: No

Type of Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine

Price: Rs. 25.00 for 10 Tablets

Variants: Tablet and Liquid

Pudin Hara Tablet Uses and Benefits

Dabur Pudin Hara is available in the form of capsule and liquid. It can be either taken before or after the meal. It is believed to be 100% safe and natural. You can take it directly with a glass of water. Dabur Pudin Hara tablet is known to be an Ayurvedic medicine. It comprises Pudina Satva which gives quick relief to following stomach-related ailments. Pudin Hara tablet is considered one of the ideal home remedies for acidity and gastric problem.

There are many significant Pudin Hara Tablet benefits, however few of them are-

  • It also helps to cure indigestion that could be caused due to overeating, spicy or greasy food, certain antibiotics, and anxiety.
  • Pudin Hara can be taken to get rid of stomach pain.
  • It provides relief for stomach infections like diarrhea, stomach flu, constipation, etc.
  • Prevents microbial infections.
  • Cure oxidative stress
  • Dabur Pudin Hara treats flatulence and frequent burping.

Dabur Pudin Hara Tablet Dosage

You can immediately pop the tablet as soon as you witness flatulence, gastric problem, heartburn, acidity etc. You can repeat it after a few hours if there is no or little change in the condition. However, do not take these pearls too frequently as they would not be good for your health.  If you have mild gastrointestinal disorders or indigestion, you can follow the recommended dosage.

Dosage of Pudin Hara Pearls

Adults- 1 Pearl 2-3 times a day

Children- 1 Pearl once a day (not recommended for children below 12 years of age)

Dosage of Pudin Hara Active (Liquid)

Adults- Dilute 15 to 20 drops in a glass of water

Children- Dilute 5 to 10 drops in a glass of water

Dabur Pudin Hara Side Effects

Pudin Hara is an Ayurvedic medicine thus;, it does not have any such limitations. However, one should restrict the usage of Pudin Hara to 2-3 pearls in a day; otherwise, it might lead to minor side effects. Also, its main ingredient is mint which gives it a strong taste that is not liked by many.

It comprises two main ingredients: the Piperita and mentha spicata which are good for the digestive system and are completely safe. However, some of the possible side effects of Pudin Hara tablet could be dizziness, headache, and frequent burps.

Precautions and Warning Related to Pudin Hara Tablet

Though Pudin Hara is a natural drug, one should take all the necessary precautions in order to avoid any side effects or adverse reactions. In case you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the pearl, avoid taking the tablet. One should follow precautions with the usage of this tablet.

  • Limit the duration and dosage of the Pudin Hara tablet during pregnancy.
  • Avoid taking mint-based products like Pudin Hara if you have gallbladder and gallstones obstructions.
  • The tablet should not be given to kids below 12 years since these pearls have gelatine, which is not suitable for kids.
  • People with hiatal hernia should also avoid the consumption of the Dabur Pudin Hara tablet as it reduces the movement of food in the alimentary tract.
  • People with a kidney disorder should restrict the number of Pudin Hara tablets as it has spearmint that can cause damage to kidneys.

How Pudin Hara works?

It has two primary ingredients: Mentha Piperita and Mentha Spicata activate the ion channel of proteins in the nerves. It then creates a cooling sensation that helps to reduce the inflammation in the stomach and helps to dispel gas.

Pudin Hara Interactions:

It has all the natural ingredients that do not interfere with other medicines or compounds. Also, it does not show any adverse effects with herbal products.


Pudin Hara is one of the ayurvedic remedies for acidity, gastric problems, and heartburn. These tiny green capsules can be taken with water, after or before the food. Adults can take 2-3 capsules a day for getting relief from the problem. Kids below 12 years should not be given these tablets as this gelatine-based and could lead to harmful effects.


1. How to take Pudin Hara Pudin Hara before or after food?

You can take the tablet with a glass of water after or before your meals.

2. Can I take Pudin Hara daily?

Though Pudin Hara is an ayurvedic medicine, one should not take it daily as it could lead to minor side effects.

3. Does Pudin Hara help with acid reflux?

Yes, it has mint extracts that help to cure acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn.

4. What are dabur pudin hara tablet side effects have?

Pudin Hara is safe medecine to for stomach ache, It does not any side effect, If you are taking by doctor consulation.

5. How to take Pudin Hara tablet?

We have provided the details on how does Pudin Hara works and its usage in the above blog.

6. What are Pudin Hara uses?

Refer to the above blog to know the Pudin Hara tablet uses.

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