Fashion Magazines in India

Who says magazines are just time fillers, they can do much more than just be a tool to pass the time. Whether you are a fashionista or have an interest in the latest fashion, fashion magazines would be your best companions. They have an array of articles focusing on the latest way and trends, helping you to get the best style. While all the fashion magazines are available at your nearest magazine store, you can also take their online subscription and read the content at your luxury. In this blog, we have curated the top 10 fashion magazines in India 2023 that you should read to get accounted with the latest fashion and style

List of Best Fashion Magazines in India 2023

1. Femina


There would hardly be any who does not know about Femina magazine. Being the oldest magazine, it first came in 1859, with the topics related to women’s upliftment and fashion. However, with the time, the magazine has evolved, today it is not restricted to primary topics, and it has much more to offer. The magazines have all the related information related to health, fashion, beauty, relationships, bride, celebrities, and many others. It also organizes the Femina Miss India contest every year. If you want to stay updated with all the current information about fashion and trend, then do subscribe to this one of the best Indian fashion magazine.

2.  Cosmopolitan India

Cosmopolitan India

Formerly known as The Cosmopolitan, this is an international entertainment and fashion magazine that is dedicated to women readers. This American publication started as a family magazine, and with time it evolved into a women-oriented magazine. Its ardent readers also know the magazine as Cosmo- Cosmopolitan has more than 60 international editions. The Indian edition has content related to beauty, fashion, trends, fashion, style, and a lot more, which has gained a high readership. It is one of the top fashion magazines in India currently.

3. Women’s Era

Women’s Era

Launched in the year 1973, Women’s Era is one of the oldest fashion magazines in the country. This English magazine is liked for its quality, rich content, and colorful images that are no less than a delight for its readers. The magazine has a vast range of topics that includes fashion, the latest trends, all about women, news, beauty, style, health, cookery, poetry, serial episodes, celebrity and relationships, and the list is endless. In addition to its content, Women’s Era also comes with short real-life stories that provide information about Indian families and lifestyles.

4. Savvy

Savvy magazine

The Savvy magazine is no less than a go-to destination for all the women out there. The magazine has information about the latest fashion and styles. It has a vibrant collection of articles and amazing pictures that will take you to the fancy world. Not just fashion, this magazine also talks about other genres, such as food and Bollywood. It is one of the best fashion magazines in India as it has been phenomenal in empowering women in the country in the best possible way. You can get a monthly subscription to this magazine and get your dose of fashion.

5. Harper’s Bazaar India

Harper’s Bazaar India

Introduced in the year 2009, Harper’s Bazaar India is an English magazine and currently one of the best beauty magazines in India. It has a monthly edition. From on-trend fashion tips to beauty DIYs’, and outfit ideas for cultural weddings, the magazine imparts knowledge on all the latest topics. It is one of the most elegant and sophisticated fashion magazines in India. The magazine is no less than a fashion encyclopedia for modern women. It also has reviews of creative experts from across the globe.

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6. Vogue India

Vogue India

Next name on the list of top fashion magazine names is Vogue India which was introduced in India in the year 2007, and since then, the magazine has been one of the top sellers in the country. It has the highest readership rate. It is the kind of magazine that was first by foreign-owned magazines in India. The magazine majorly concentrates on cultural fashion, living, and wellness. It provides you with content related to Indian women’s latest fashion requirements, beauty tips, dating, closets, and much more. Not only this, but the magazine also covers Bollywood fashion trends and designer collections from all around the world.

7. New Woman

new woman magazine

Next on the list of top 10 fashion magazines in India is New Woman. It is a monthly fashion magazine, and the veteran actress Hema Malini holds the editor’s position. This prestigious magazine answers all the questions related to desires, needs, goals, and many more. It is a home-grown magazine that enjoys a considerable readership. It delivers the best quality content. New Woman covers all the topics related to fashion’s latest trends, beauty, health care, relationship, etc.

8. Verve

verve magazine

Launched in the year 1995, Verve is an English-Monthly magazine that has been inspired by its international counterparts. With the change in fashion trends, the magazine has also taken its content a notch higher. Besides fashion, magazines cover numerous topics that talk about the different aspects of life, such as trendsetters, beauty, Bollywood, fitness, sports, technology, and many more to name. In addition to this, it also curated the achievers from different industries. It is known for its high-quality content. Do subscribe to this magazine if you want to stay ahead of your league.

9. Elle India

Elle India

Inspired by its international counterpart, Elle India is one of the oldest and largest home-grown magazines. Elle has more than 40 editions in more than 60 countries, making it in the list of top 10 fashion magazines in India. Elle India enjoys a vast readership, all thanks to its premium content that revolves around the latest trends, fashion, beauty, celebrity, health, relationship, culture, entertainment, and astrology. Its new and latest edition is available every month, you can even take its online subscription and read at your comfort from anywhere and at any time.

10. Grazia India

Grazia India

Grazia is an international magazine that covers broad topics related to celebrity gossip and fashion. What makes it in the list of top 10 fashion magazines in India is that it has a swanky look, edgy content, and trendy looks. The magazine provides articulated articles with colorful pictures. Besides fashion, the magazine also covers the latest trends that are easy to follow. You can also get information about designer’s collections, healthy, gossip, beauty lifestyle, news, entertainment, current affairs, etc.


Want to stay updated with the latest fashion and trends, who wore, what, and where? If yes, is the answer, then you should get a subscription to the best fashion magazines. These magazines have all the premium information along with attractive photographs. Do let us know which magazine you are planning to subscribe to.

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