Top Food bloggers in India

Food bloggers in India have come a long way. From just being a food blogger, most of them have turned into food entrepreneurs and have inspired millions to choose their passion for cooking. From covering authentic Indian dishes to covering dishes that we hardly knew, food bloggers have helped us to embrace the world of food. Let’s dive into the world of food blogging and enrich our culinary knowledge through 15 top food bloggers in India that we listed below.

List of Inspirational Food Bloggers in India:

1. Swati Sucharita (Eatopian Chronicles)

Swati Suchaitra is a journalist turned food blogger. She worked in print media for years until she realized her love for food. She now has her consultancy firm and is a full-time blogger. Her blogs are all about different cuisines and chefs. Her blog is the inspiration for many budding food bloggers and go to place for foodies.

Blog URL –

2. Ankiet Gulabani (Belly over Mind)

He is a food enthusiast by heart and one of the top food bloggers in India. He started his website of recipes. Soon his website was amongst the top-rated sites, and he began his blogs that have easy to make recipes from across the world. His blog focuses on millennials who look for easy to cook food.

Blog URL –

FB Profile – Ankiet

3. Archana Doshi (Archana’s Kitchen)

A software by profession, Archna Doshi started her blog to provide DIY solutions for regular cooking problems. She has her own YouTube channel- Archana’s kitchen, where she posts videos about innovative ways of cooking. If you are looking for a home cooking idea, now you know where you have to go.

Blog URL –

FB Page – Archanas Kitchen

Youtube Channel –

4. Nagalakshmi – Nags (Edible Garden)

Nags blogs are no less than one-stop online destination who loves food. Her blog features classic recipes, traditional recipes, modern recipes, easy to make food, and much more. Cookingandme by Nags has recipes from different regions. It is a perfect place for all people out who leave away from home and crave for a manufactured home.

Blog URL –

FB Page – Ediblegarden

5. Sharmilee (Sharmis Passions)

Here most of the recipes revolve around South Indian cuisine since she is herself a South Indian. Her recipes are easy to follow, and even an immature finds them easy to cook. She started her blog after the birth of her child while she was on the look for healthy recipes.

Blog URL –

FB Page – Sharmis Passions

6. Anushruthi (Divine Taste)

Her love for fancy recipes made her start her blog Divinetaste. Her blog posts allow you to have access to exotic recipes that are famous across the world. She is also a photographer, recipe creator and a nutrition advisor based in Mumbai. Her blog also has an exclusive category for pure vegetarians under the name of Saatvik food recipes.

Blog Url –

FB Page – Divine Taste by Anushruti

7. Padhu Sankar (Padhu’s Kitchen)

Padhu Sankar is a multi-talented blogger cum recipe developer and web designer. Her blog features simple Indian vegetarian recipes, healthy recipes, recipes for kids, Indian Festival recipes, traditional south Indian recipes, and cooking basics. If you are soon starting with your kitchen, Padhu is the one you should follow. She enjoys vast followers who have made her one of the top food bloggers in India.

Blog URL –

Youtube Channel –

8. Deeba Rajpal (Passionate About Baking)

Deeba Rajpal is listed amongst the inspiring food bloggers in India. She is known for unique recipes. Her blog mainly revolves around an array of desserts. She has a sweet tooth, and one of her obsession includes collecting props and food styling. Do follow her and learn the art of cooking!

Blog URL –

FB Page – Passionate About Baking

9. Dassana (Veg Recipes)

Dassana started her blog in the year 2009, an online journal that has her family recipes and one that she has developed by her. Soon the online journal converted into a full-fledge blog that has recipes from across the world. What makes Dassana is one of the top food bloggers in India is the fact that her recipes are crisp, and she explains every step.

Blog Url –

FB Page – Veg Recipes of India

10. Sailaja (Sailus Food)

As the tagline of her blog says- Deliciously Indian! Sailaja has listed all the Indian recipes in her blog. She is an avid recipe curator. From pickle to chutneys and drinks to authentic food, her blog has it all. Check out her latest blog right away.

Blog URL –

Fb Page – Sailus Kitchen

11. Shilpa (Aayi’s Recipes)

Shilpa herself is a big foodie. Her love for food and specially curated recipes by her mother led her to start her blog. Her blog has traditional Konkani recipes of her mother. Owing to her blog popularity, she is one of the top food bloggers in India.

Blog URL –

FB Page – Aayis Recipes

12. Kavitha Ramaswamy (Foodomania)

For all the vegetarians out there who struggle to find a recipe, Kavitha Ramaswamy’s blog is your solution. She has listed an array of vegan recipes for juices, desserts, snacks, bread, breakfast, main dish, side dish, and many others to name. Her recipes are not restricted to Indian cuisine; you will explore all types of cuisines at

Blog URL –

FB Page – Foodo Mania

13. Nandita Iyer (Saffron Trail)

Nandita Iyer is a nutritionist and health freak. She started her blog in 2006. Through her blog, she shares her extensive knowledge about the food. Her recipes designed for modern people who hardly find time to eat healthy food. From oats dhokla to chickpea and rocket salad, you will find a nice blend of recipes.

Blog URL –

FB Page – Saffron Trail

14. Adarsh Munjal (The Big Bhookad)

Adarsh Munjal is amongst the top food bloggers in India. He is a food writer, turned food critic, and food-entrepreneur from Mumbai. He is famously known as The Big Bhukad on social and digital media ever since he liberated his passion for cooking.

Blog URL –

FB Page – The Big Bhookad

15. Priyanjana & Rudra (The Foodie Land Blog)

The Foodie Land blog is owned by the famous duo Rudra and Priyanjana, who have documented their food journey on their blog. Both have different food preferences, which is what makes their blog different and them one of the top-rated food bloggers in India to follow in 2020.

Blog URL –

FB Page – Foodie Land Blog


This was our list of top food bloggers in India to follow in 2020. Do let us, which is your favorite and who, would you follow next.

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