Avil Tablet

Avil tablet is anti-allergic medicine composed of Pheniramine. It is effective in treating sneezing, congestion, runny rose, and watery eyes caused by one or the other kind of allergy. Doctors also prescribe this medicine to prevent motion sickness. So, one who is prone to motion sickness and cannot avoid traveling; they can take this medicine to prevent sickness. It is effective to treat the symptoms of skin allergies as well. However, it is advised always to consult your doctor before you start taking any medicine.

Composition: Pheniramine (25mg)

Manufacturer: Sanofi India Ltd

Medicine Type: Anti-Allergic or Anti-Histamine

Prescription Required: Yes

Avil tablet price: Rs.7.01 for 1 strip that contains 15 tablets.

Variants: Tablet, Injection, and Syrup

Avil Substitutes: Intavil 25 mg Tablet, Pheniramine Maleate (Sanofi) 25 mg Tablet, Eralet 25mg Tablet, Apvil 25mg Tablet

What is an Allergic Disorder?

When any foreign substance enters our body, it responds to the condition in many different ways. Our body may easily accept the unknown harmless substance or shows symptoms if it seems harmful to the body. The immune system releases antibodies called immunoglobulin to tackle the invasion. The body’s reaction can be minimal or severe, depending on the foreign substance’s nature and quantity. Allergies could be caused by food, drugs, pollen, etc. In this situation, doctors prescribe the use of anti-allergic medicines like Avil 25 Tablet.

Avil Tablet Uses

Avil tab or syrup can be used to treat various ailments caused by an allergy. 

Motion Sickness

To prevent motion sickness symptoms like headache, sweating, vomiting tendency, this Avil is prescribed by the doctors. Therefore, if you are prone to sickness during traveling, you can take this medicine.

Allergic Nose Inflammation

The overreaction of the immune system causes allergic Rhinitis. It can cause a runny nose, itchiness, stuffy nose, redness in the nose, sneezing, eye swelling, and other related symptoms. This medicine can be used to treat these usual signs and symptoms. You can also consider Cheston cold tablet for treating cold symptoms.

Avil Tablet Dosage

Before you start taking Avil medicine, it is mandatory to consult your doctor. They would access your present health status and study your medical history to prescribe a specific dose for you. The patient’s age, body weight, and severity of allergy would also affect the prescription of dose.  Here we are giving out common Avil 25Mg dosage for the patients.

Dosage for Adults- 1 tablet thrice a day

Dosage for Children (above 5 years)- ½ tablet twice a day

Dosage for Children (below 5 years)- Not Recommended 

Missed Dose – In case you miss the medicine and the time for the next dose is close, you should not take two tablets together. Instead, wait for the timing of the next dose to resume the schedule. Try not to miss any dose and keep reminders for the same.

Overdose – Avil tablet overdose can cause mild or severe side effects. In the case of persistent discomfort, you need to get emergency medical treatment form the doctors.

How Avil Tablet Works?

When our body is exposed to foreign substances like pollen, dust, medicine, food, animal dander, etc., it tries to detect if it is harmful to the body. Sometimes the body can accept the foreign substance or react against it. Our immune system has an excellent protective mechanism, and to tackle this situation, it releases a chemical called histamine. Avil 25 mg Tablet is anti-allergic or anti-histamine in nature. So it curbs the symptoms like running nose, skin rashes, sneezing, blocked nose, etc. Doxinate Tablet another drug to treat the symptoms of allergies.

Side Effects of Avil Tablet

If Avil (25mg) does not suit you, it can show many side effects ranging from mild to severe. Following is the list of commonly observed side effects.

  • Drowsiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision

Precautions and Warning Related to Avil Tablet

If you are prescribed some medicine, you should know that it comes with certain precautions and warnings.

Therefore, while consulting the doctor, you must inform about your medical history, lifestyle, and habit in detail for them to advice you with precautions and warnings. In the list below, we have mentioned precautions and warnings you must consider before starting the course of medicine.

  • If you suffer from an enlarged prostate (prostatic hyperplasia), Avil  25mg should not be taken.
  • The patients suffering from depression usually take antidepressants. If you consume these medicines like phenelzine, moclobemide or selegiline, then you should avoid intake of Avil medicine.
  • The lactating women should avoid taking this medicine as it might reach the infant through the milk. This could be dangerous for the growth of the baby.
  • Pregnant women should also avoid the use of this medicine as the baby in the womb will be affected. Always consult the doctor before the use; they may prescribe it if absolutely necessary.
  • Patients with health problems like glaucoma, breathing problems, thyroid gland disease, or liver damage must also not use Avil 25.
  • The most common side effect of Avil 25 is drowsiness and dizziness. Hence, you should avoid operating heavy machines or driving after taking medicine.
  • The diabetic patient is not suggested to use medicine in general. However, if anti-allergic medicine is absolutely necessary, doctors might prescribe the Avil or its substitute accordingly.
  • Avil 25 MG Tablet must be swallowed orally with plenty of water, and one must not break, crush, or chew it.
  • Take Avil tablet wholly with plenty of water and avoid chewing it or mixing with other medicine. 

Avil 25 mg Tablet Interactions

The interaction of medicines varies from person to person, and it may react to the food you eat, other drugs you are taking, and it may also tamper the lab reports. Therefore, you need to consult the doctors before starting any medicine. Here is the list of elements that can interact with Avil 25 in short or long-term consumption. 

Interaction with Alcohol

If you consume alcohol with medicine, it may increase the side effect risk. This interaction may cause fainting, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, weakness, and confusion. It is advised not to operate heavy machines or drive after consuming it.

Interaction with Medicine

  • Atropine
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Azithromycin
  • Cinnarizine
  • Ceritinib
  • Brompheniramine
  • Astemizole
  • Benidipine
  • Mezoam 7.5 mg Inj
  • XathrinRedimix Suspension
  • Pratham 200 mg/5Ml Rediuse Suspension
  • Medzo 1 mg Inj

Interaction with Diseases

  • Closed-Angle Glaucoma
  • Barbiturates
  • Atropine
  • Aminoglycoside antibiotics
  • Hypnotics
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitor
  • Depression
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Cardiovascular disease

How to Store the Tablet?

Store Avil tablet in room temperature and moisture-free place. It should always be kept away from direct sunlight exposure or any heat source. Ensure that you have kept it away from the reach of children and pets.


Avil Tablet is used to treat the symptoms of allergies. It is anti-allergic and anti-histamine. Therefore, whenever our body releases the chemicals to fight back foreign intrusion as part of a protective mechanism, these symptoms can be seen. This medicine is prescribed by doctors to curb these symptoms for relief. Therefore, always consult with your doctor for precise dosage and precautions. We hope this blog was helpful to you.


1. Can paracetamol and Avil 25 Tablet taken together?

Yes, you can take paracetamol along with Avil drug because they do not interact and target different symptoms.

2. Can Avil 25 Tablet cause sleep?

One of the common side effects of Avil 25mg is drowsiness or sleepiness. So yes, it can cause sleep.

3. What is the use of the AVIL tablet?

Avil drug is anti-allergic in nature, so it is used to treat allergies and motion sickness symptoms. These symptoms can vary according to the severity of the disease.

4. Can I take the AVIL tablet daily?

The general dosage for Avil is one tablet thrice a day for the adults. Go through the blog above to read the age-wise dosage of this medicine. It is suggested to consult the related doctor before starting the medicine.

5. Is AVIL tablet a sleeping pill?

Avil is necessarily not a sleeping pill, but it can cause drowsiness and dizziness as a side effect. So, do not take Avil as a sleeping pill.

6. Is AVIL an antihistamine?

Yes, Avil can curb the release of a chemical called histamine in our body and relief the symptoms.

7. What is the side effect of AVIL 25?

Side effects of Avil tablet or syrup can be varying from mild to severe. These could be drowsiness, sleepiness, abdominal pain, dry mouth, headache, blurred vision, and more. Read the list of common side effects in the blog above.

8. What is Avil injection?

Avil injection is an anti-allergic medication that is more effective in treating the allergies caused by insect stings, swelling, and rashes.

9. Is Avil 25 Tablet good for a cold?

Avil 25 can be used to treat runny nose, cold, stuffed nose, and other related symptoms.

10. Can Avil 25 Tablet cause weight loss?

No, Avil tablets or syrups will not cause loss of weight as a side effect.

11. Are Avil 25 Tablet and chlorpheniramine same?

Avil 25 or Pheniramine is different from chlorpheniramine as the latter contains chorine in it. However, both are used to treat different severity of sickness. Consult the doctor before taking these medicines.

12. Is Avil 25 Tablet a steroid?

Avil medicine (25mg) is not a steroid; instead, it is anti-allergic or anti-histaminic in nature.

13. Is Avil tablet used for skin allergy?

Yes, Avil 25 can be used in the conditions of skin allergy-like skin itching, skin rashes, etc.

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