Home Remedies for Throat Pain

Throat pain is very common when we experience a change in the weather. It generally comes along with cough and cold and makes our life miserable. If you are going through it right now, then don’t worry, the solution to your pain is around you. There are many home remedies to treat throat infection, and here we are listing the most 15 effective home remedies for throat pain. Go ahead and read the blog to get better soon.

Cause of Sore Throat Pain

Sore throat or pharyngitis is generally caused by a viral infection, but sometimes, bacteria can even cause it. When a patient suffers from common cold and flu, they feel the pain in the throat due to the viral infection. It can also be caused by smoke, dry air, chemical irritation, etc. 

What are Sore Throat Symptoms?

Sore throat shows the symptoms ranging from mild to severe. The following are some of the most common sore throat symptoms.

  • Irritation in the throat.
  • Pain in the throat.
  • Scratchy sensation in the throat.
  • Pain while swallowing.
  • Difficulty in speaking.
  • Swollen glands in the neck area.
  • Redness in tonsils.
  • White dots on tonsils.
  • Unclear muffled voice.

List of Effective Home Remedies for Throat Pain

1. Lemon Water

Lemon Water is a great natural remedy for throat infection. If you observe the above symptoms of pharyngitis, you can try this remedy with no side effects.  Lemon for sore throat


  • It is effective in breaking up mucus  
  • Lemon works as pain relief
  • Boosts immunity system
  • Gives good amount of  Vitamin C
  • Fights against viral infection

How to use it?

Lemon can be used in many forms, but the most effective way to subside throat pain is by taking it raw. Take a glass of considerably warm water and squeeze half lemon and drink it. It is one of the best home remedies for throat pain.

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2. Honey

Honey is one element that has great importance in Indian natural medication. Likewise, a spoonful of honey does wonders in sore throat.


  • Quick relief from irritation in the throat.
  • It has antibacterial properties.
  • It acts like pain relief and healer.
  • It reduces inflammation.

How to use it?

It is very simple to use honey when you are in throat pain. You need to take a warm glass of water and two spoons of honey generously. Stir it and drink the honey water. You can also take a spoon of honey directly for relief.

Caution: Diabetics should check the quality of honey or look for other alternate home remedies from the list.

3. Saltwater Gargle

Saltwater Gargle helps in a fast cure of sore throat.  It is an effortless home remedy for throat pain relief. Try this if you are suffering from common pharyngitis.


  • It helps in ejecting mucus.
  • It reduces the further build-up of mucus.
  • Gargling reduces inflammation.
  • It takes out viruses and bacteria, which causes throat pain.

How to use it?

Take a glass of warm water and add half a teaspoon of coarser rock salt. Stir it till it dissolves and gargles with the solution. Keep gargling for a longer duration and multiple times. Do not swallow the solution.  This brings relief in the throat pain while swallowing and drinking.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV works well in getting rid of sore throat and cold. There are many ways ACV can be used. Here we will focus on its benefits and usage for treating throat pain.


  • It has antibacterial properties.
  • It effectively reduces throat inflammation.
  • ACV reduces throat irritation

How to use it?

Take a glass of warm water and add 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Stir it well and gargle for 20 seconds and repeat it three times a day. It will effectively give relief in sore throat within a couple of days.

5. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is one of the oldest home remedies which are effective in treating sore throat. It is easily available and helpful in many other ailments.


  • It is anti-inflammatory in nature, so it subsides the throat swelling caused by pain.
  • It has anti-oxidant properties.
  • Helps in the loosening of mucus.

How to use it?

Put a glass of milk on the gas stove. Add 1/4th tablespoon of turmeric powder or grounded raw turmeric. Boil the milk and additionally add cardamom, paper, ginger, and clove to taste. After boiling, strain it and drink it twice a day.

6. Licorice Root

Licorice or Mulethi is one of the oldest home remedies found in Ayurveda. The roots of licorice are used for medicinal purposes, and it is effective in treating sore throat.


  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Reduces the irritation in the throat.
  • It helps get rid of mucus.

How to use it?

There are many ways to use Mulethi or licorice roots. You can chew the roots and let the juice bring relief to the throat. Also, you can buy licorice powder and add it to warm water and drink. You can boil it and take the cup of Mulethi water as a tea substitute. It is one of the most effective home remedies for throat pain.

Caution: If you suffer from diabetes, consult your doctor before taking it.

7. Ginger Root Tea

Ginger has excellent medicinal properties useful for multiple ailments. It is readily available around us and enriched with many beneficial properties.


  • It helps us fight cold and flu.
  • It is an effective anti-oxidant.
  • It gives relief to throat inflammation.

How to use it?

You can make ginger tea and sip it when still hot. The preparation is quite simple, you need to heat water in a pot and grade an inch of ginger root in it. You can add pepper and a pinch of salt to taste. This is one of the easiest home remedies for sore throat.

8. Peppermint

Peppermint is a green leafy herb that we use in our delicacies. To your surprise, you can use it to treat throat irritation and pain.  


  • It brings relief to respiratory blockage.
  • It works in clogged sinuses.
  • It fights bacterial infections.
  • It reduces throat irritation.

How to use it?

You can heat up a cup of water and add a few fresh peppermint leaves while it is boiling. You can add pepper and add salt or choose to make a sweet tea by adding honey. You can also chew the leaves and swallow the juice, and it works as lozenges.  This is one of the useful home remedies for throat pain.

9. Chicken Soup

When your throat is hurting when you swallow anything, and you are wondering what to eat with a sore throat, then Chicken soup could be the answer. It is a delicious and healthy home remedy for treating sore throat.


  • It is rich in protein.
  • It helps in building the immune system.
  • It is a good source of vitamins and minerals.
  • It helps in the decongestion of the respiratory tract.

How to use it?

You can make chicken clear soup, adding a few ingredients like pepper, ginger, garlic, and salt. Make sure that the shredded chicken is cooked well. This will help the throat pain subside. It is one of the effective home remedies for sore throat.

10. Goat Leg Soup

If you have never heard of it, then you are missing one of the best home remedies for throat pain. It is also known as bone broth or mutton paya.


  • It boosts the immunity system and fights the common cold and cough.
  • It helps in detoxification and helps to flush out mucus.
  • It is rich in protein and minerals.
  • The soup will reduce throat inflammation and irritation.

How to use it?

You need to clean the mutton paya or goat leg very well and lightly char the skin to ensure it is clean. Further, add it to the pressure cooker along with pepper, salt, ginger, garlic, and onion. Boil it still paya or goat leg is tender. Now take the drink the soup twice a day. The bone broth or mutton paya soup is among the indigenous home treatment for cold cough and throat infection. 

11. Chamomile Tea

The dried chamomile flower is used in tea for many benefits like anxiety reliever, improves sleep quality, and more. It is also an effective remedy for sore throat.  


  • It helps to reduce throat irritation by lubricating.
  • It reduced throat pain and hoarseness.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use it?

You can heat a cup of water and add some dried chamomile flowers and boil to infuse. Later, strain it and drink the tea when you are suffering from a sore throat.

12. Tulsi Kadha

Tulsi is a plant that gives multiple benefits to a range of ailment. This is a good home remedy for throat pain as well.


  • It is rich in anti-oxidant properties.
  • It acts as an anti-microbial.
  • Tulsi is anti-inflammatory.
  • It reduces chest congestion in cold and cough.
  • It brings relief to sore throat.

How to use it?

You can boil a glass of water while adding tulsi leaves, pepper, ginger, and salt. Boil it till the water is reduced to half. Now you can drink it when it is warm enough.

13. Raw Garlic

Garlic is one element found in most of our homes. It is enriched with many properties, which is one of the effective home remedies for throat pain.


  • It has antiseptic properties.
  • It is antibacterial in nature.
  • Using garlic to treat the viral infection or sore throat.

How to use it?

Take a clove of garlic and peel it. You can directly chew it if you can take the string taste. Alternatively, you can take garlic with honey.

14. Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is called the healing herb, and it is effective in treating sore throat. You can also use it for treating urinary tract infections.


  • It works as throat lozenges.
  • It helps in reducing the throat pain.

How to use it?

You can take the power of Slippery Elm bark and add it to boiling water. Use the solution as the medicine to treat respiratory congestion and throat infection.

15. Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are one of the magical home remedies for throat pain. Along with many benefits, fenugreek can be effective in treating this.


  • It reduces the throat inflammation
  • It helps in reducing throat pain.

How to use it?

You can boil fenugreek seeds and drink the water twice for treating throat infections. You can also make fenugreek tea and add ginger and honey to it.

Over the Counter Medicines for Sore Throat

Besides home remedies, there are a few basic medications that can buy from any chemical shop if you are looking for instant relief from a sore throat. The following are a few medicines that will be effective.

  1. Lozenges
  2. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  3. Sprays for sore throat

When to See a Doctor?

If the throat pain and discomfort persists, then you might have to see the doctor. Note the conditions when it becomes important to visit:

  • When swallowing becomes extremely difficulty
  • If you get chills with throat pain
  • If fever persists during pharyngitis
  • When you are not able to speak because of the pain


Whenever there is a change in season or winter is approaching, cold, cough, and throat infections become very common ailments.  In this situation, we consider home remedies for throat pain and cold to use natural methods for treating the illness. In this blog, we have listed and discussed the 15 effective remedies that will bring relief to you in this situation.


1. What kills a sore throat fast?

You can use salt water to gargle, and it will help fast relieve a sore throat.

2. What is the best medicine for throat pain?

If you are feeling the friction in your throat and the pain, use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

3. What cures a sore throat naturally?

We have listed 15 natural remedies for sore throat you can go through and see what works best for you. For instance, use licorice root, garlic, etc. for its treatment.

4. What causes throat pain?

It can be caused by a common virus or sometimes by bacteria.

5. How long does a throat infection last?

Generally, the throat infection persists for 4-5 days.

6. Can paracetamol cure a sore throat?

Paracetamol is effective in fever and pain. You can use anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the infection.

7. What drink helps a sore throat?

There many types of tea and kadha, which can be very helpful in treating sore throat. Go through the blog and know many drinks that would help.

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