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India is called the country of spices. Every Indian household has a unique place for herbs and spices. Some are home to India, while other spices were welcomed well when it reached India. Fenugreek is one of those exotic spices which are now a common element to the Indian kitchen. It has got its Indian name as methi or methi dana. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the essential fenugreek benefits.

What is Fenugreek? How does it Work?

Fenugreek is a very fragrant herb of the pea family, and it is native to southern Europe and western Asia. This kitchen staple possesses an array of health benefits. It is packed with essential antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help us fight multiple health problems. Fenugreek or methi is such herb that is used in cooking; its seed is used as medicines or every it is used to hide the bitter taste of drugs. We can use every part of fenugreek; it leaves, twigs, dried seeds, or even roots. Every element has so much of goodness that we should know how we can benefit from it.

Nutrition Facts of Fenugreek

Fenugreek Seeds Nutritional Facts (Per Tablespoon)

Major nutrition content of fenugreek seeds:1 teaspoon or 3.7 grams (g) of fenugreek seeds:
Total fat0.24g
Total dietary fiber0.9g
Cholesterol0 mg

15 Benefits of Fenugreek(Methi) and Its Uses:

1. Help Treat Skin Problems

Fenugreek is a rich source of Vitamin C; hence it is incredible for skin problems. It helps to lighten the complexion of the skin, which enhances the natural skin glow. It also helps to get rid of acne problems. The regular use of fenugreek benefits in many ways, including skin blemishes, freckles, and pimples.

How to Use:

You can soak the fenugreek seeds and grind it finely and add some milk, besan, and turmeric pinch. Give it a nice stir and apply this paste on your clean face. Leave it until it dries completely. Later rinse your face with plain water. Use the whole fenugreek seeds to see its benefits.

2. Boost Testosterone

Fenugreek benefits men in many ways. The testosterones in male is the hormone which plays a vital role in the male reproductive tissues development. Fenugreek boosts the sperm count and sex drive. Study of Daily mail analyses 60 healthy men age 25 to 52 took an extract of the herb twice a day for six weeks to increase libido. According to Healthline.com, fenugreek is packed with a compound called furostanolic saponins, which increases the testosterone in males. It also improves strength and body fat in men.

How to Use:

You can use this in many ways, either in your food intake or simply make a drink by soaking the seeds overnight.

3. Controls Diabetes and Sugar Levels

There are few home remedies suggested for controlling sugar level live chia seeds, neem, methi or fenugreek, and more. There we are focusing on fenugreek benefits only.   Fenugreek seeds or the crushed powder it can reduce blood glucose and fasting blood glucose levels. It also improves glucose tolerance. It promotes the secretion of insulin and reduces the absorption of sugar and. Insulin is the primary hormone that regulates glucose in the blood. This is one of the major fenugreek benefits. You must try or recommend it to others if they are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

How to Use:

If you have diabetes or your sugar level is at the border level, you can add half a teaspoon of fenugreek powder to your meal. Another way to use it is by using dried methi seed and making fine powder out of it, and later you can use it every morning empty stomach.

4. Helps in Appetite Stimulation

Fenugreek benefits also include the stimulation in appetite. The loss of appetite is generally seen in people recovering post-operation or with young kids who have colon warms. Therefore, Fenugreeks benefits the stimulation of the appetite. After consuming the fenugreek powder or any form, they could start feeling hungry, and their diet might increase.

How to use:

 The two methods to use the fenugreek are grinding the dry seeds or soaking the seeds overnight and consuming its water. 

5. Aids in Menstrual Cramps

The pain and worry of overflow during periods is both scary and painful. To manage the overflow, you can still use the menstrual cups, but you are asked to suffer or take medicine for the pain. However, you will be amazed to know that fenugreek can benefit you in menstrual cramps as well. If you take fenugreek, it will curb the severe pains during periods. It will be a healthy alternative to other medicines that have severe side effects. This is because the fenugreeks contain lysine and tryptophan-rich proteins that possess pain-relieving properties.

How to Use:

You can consume 2-3 grams of fenugreek powder during the first three days of the cramps to reduce the pain. You can also prepare a herbal tea with fenugreek seeds to treat the cramp.

6. Reduces Bad Cholesterol level

With the rise in people suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol, fenugreek benefits are no less than a blessing.  Fenugreek seeds are excellent sources of steroidal saponins that control the absorption of triglycerides and cholesterol. It also negatively affects cholesterol production in the liver. On the contrary, it can also increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

How to Use:

You can add the fenugreek powder to your meals for the best results. Alternatively, you can buy fenugreek supplements, which are 100% original product. Take it in small doses.

7. Prevents Hair Fall and Dandruff

Fenugreek benefits the health of the hair because of its fantastic blend of vitamins and minerals. To be specific, fenugreek is a rich source of essential vitamins, folic acid, minerals, calcium, iron, and high protein, which is beneficial for hair health. It helps us deal with various scalp problems, including dandruff, hair thinning, hair dryness, baldness, and hair fall.

How to Use:

For hair treatment with fenugreek, you need to apply it on your hair directly. Firstly, soak the fenugreek seeds overnight and prepare a smooth paste of it in the morning. Then use this paste directly on the head. Make sure the paste reaches the root of your hair essentially and you can apply to the length of the hair.

Alternatively, you can also warm coconut oil and add fenugreek seeds to it. Once the seeds start spluttering, take it off the flame and let the oil cool down at the room temperature. Gently massage your scalp with this oil and see significant changes in 2-3 weeks.

8. Helps in Acidity

If you are suffering from stomach ailments, you are yet to experience home remedies for Acidity that can work wonders. Fenugreek or methi is rich in fiber and antioxidants; it flushes out harmful toxins from our body and aids digestion. Therefore, it is a very effective treatment for heartburn, indigestion, and gastritis. It is a much better and natural alternative to any digestion pills.

How to use:

Drink fenugreek soaked water early in the morning to deal with stomach ailments. It is advised to drink a teaspoon fenugreek powder in a warm cup of water.

9. Helps in Breathing Problem

Breathing problems generally occur when mucus in the body becomes breeding ground for germs, bacteria, viral, or pathogens. However, breaking down mucus allows you to keep the lungs and trachea healthy. Therefore, fenugreek helps in loosening the mucus and enables you to breathe without congestion.

How to use:

Boil one tablespoon of methi dana for 4-5 minutes.  Drink it when it’s lukewarm.  It is advised to have only one-two cups in a day. It will help in the breaking down of mucus, which our body expels later.

10. Helps Prevent Colon Cancer

Yes, you read it right! Fenugreek can prevent colon cancer, as well. Many studies have documented the benefits of fenugreek. The proteins in fenugreek display antioxidant activity by reducing the intracellular levels of ROS (reactive oxygen species). This will gradually curb the growth of malignant cells in the colon. 

How to use:

Take small intakes of fenugreek seed powder regularly. Either take the fenugreek on an empty stomach by grinding the seeds finely or simply soaking it overnight to drink it later. Use in any which way you like, but consume it regularly in small amounts.

11. Methi Treats Inflammation

Fenugreek benefits us in more than one surprising way; it also helps to fight inflammation. It contains linoleic acids that protect the body from inflammation. Adding to that, flavonoids, antioxidants, ethanol, and mucilage also have anti-inflammatory properties. So if you have some issues with inflammation, then surely try it.

How to Use:

You can use it in two ways; either you can apply on the inflammatory part or drink the methi water. You can grind the seeds into a fine powder and have it on an empty stomach. One can also soak fenugreek seeds and later drain them to drink the water.

12. Improves Breast Milk Production

The nursing mother can use fenugreek seeds to improve the production of breast milk. Sometimes new mothers face the problem of less lactating, which becomes unhealthy for the new-borns.

How to Use:

Lactating women can have seeds of fenugreek as they are rich in fiber or can take it in the form of capsule (after consulting to the doctor) or drink 1-2 cups of fenugreek tea in a day to increase milk production.

13. Fenugreek Seeds can Support Weight Loss

Fenugreek seeds can be a miracle when it comes to decreasing body fat. It is a rich source of fiber that promotes the feeling of fullness and keeps a check on your hunger pangs; thus, you do not desire to eat in access, which further aids in weight loss. Isn’t it one of the fantastic health benefits of fenugreek seeds? Indeed it is!

How to Use:

You can take fenugreek tea in the morning or the evening. Or, you can also go for fenugreek supplements, whatever suits you. However, be careful not to overdose and consult your doctor before taking the supplements.

14. Improves Migraine Pain

Migraine headache is one painful head bursting struggle that can keep you in pain for a few days or weeks. The extreme migraine can cause vomiting and further weakness too. So if you want to substitute the medicines with natural remedies, you can use fenugreek. It brings down the pain and gives you much relief.

How to use:

Soak 1/4th of a teaspoon in water and leave it overnight. Later in the morning, you can drink the methi water on an empty stomach. Use it regularly for better and quicker benefits. 

15. Helps in Constipation

If you often struggle with acute constipation, your water intake is low, or your fiber intake is low. As fenugreek is an excellent source of fiber, you can also help cure illness. It also improves digestion and prevents stomach disorders.

How to Use:

You can soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in the water for a night. Strain the seeds and drink the water to get rid of constipation. Use is for a week and see the difference.


The home remedies can do wonders at times. The fenugreek benefits have helped to solve many problems without spending a lot of money. The natural alternative is always a better way to treat yourself. So in this blog, we have curated the most common benefits of methi dana. You can go through it and share with us whatever you found new. We hope this would be beneficial for you.  


1. What are fenugreek benefits?

Methi dana, also known as fenugreek seeds, is a herb that has numerous health benefits. It helps to reduce harmful cholesterol levels, control diabetes, and reduce weight.

2. Is Methi dana good for weight loss?

Yes, it keeps you full for the longer, and you do not feel hungry. It also burns unwanted fats in your body.

3. Is it good to eat fenugreek seeds daily?

Yes, you can have fenugreek seeds regularly. It has a soluble fiber that helps to curb many health problems. However, check for the dose you are consuming.

4. Are fenugreek seeds good for hair?

Yes, fenugreek seeds have nicotinic acid and protein that are good for hair. It can be applied on hair for the healthy scalp as well.

5. How to eat fenugreek seeds?

To avail maximum of fenugreek benefits, you can soak some fenugreek seeds in water for a night, strain the seeds and drink the water or prepare a herbal tea with Fenugreek seeds.

6. What are the side effects of fenugreek?

Fenugreek might result in allergic reactions, asthma, or diarrhea. This is not useful for blood flow control. Therefore if you are going of operation or suffer a severe injury, you are advised not to consume fenugreek in any form.

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