Who knows what a turmoil of emotions must have been raging in the mind and heart of Kai Po Che actor. His movie Chichore was all about living life and never giving up on oneself. Don’t you think its an irony that a person endorsing the anti-suicide campaigns is the one walking this path? It came as a shock, and the entire nation is mourning the death of this rising star. There are many speculations around his death. The media and the near-dear ones are coming up with various theories. Fragments of his interview, where he hinted the double-faced and patriarchal life of the glamour life is surfacing all over the social media. But is he the only one who felt alone even being surrounded by people who may do anything on his one wish? He was the dream boy of many and an academic achiever who won in every sphere of his life. The question that arises; was strangling a more accessible way instead of speaking it out?

Depression: A myth or a reality?

Today the journalism lost all its prejudice as there were channels making headlines mentioning him as a person who failed in his personal life. Is it the scenario? Or we as humans were unable to communicate and raise awareness about a mental condition that around 400 million people are suffering. Depression is not a myth. Many celebrities and public figures living a life of name and fame are suffering from this severe condition.

The Indian government has launched the National Mental Health Programme (NMHP) to address this condition that encompasses the necessary skill development and training to handle the people suffering from Depression. A few years back, Deepika Padukone came out in the light and started a campaign to throw some light on the most neglected mental condition.

Is Depression the only mental health condition?

4 out of 5 people think mental illness is Depression but is that true? No! It isn’t. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the widely used convention to diagnose mental health symptoms and classifying them into various categories.

Here are the various common mental conditions/symptoms that we need to be aware of:

Intellectual disability: A Neurodevelopmental Disorder

It was formerly known as mental retardation. It is a kind of psychological disorder that originates before the age of 18 and can be a massive rock in developing both intellectual functioning and social behavior. People with an IQ score of less than 70 have an intellectual disability. Such people are also not able to surround themselves in self-care, social life, and necessary living skills.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A Major Mental Disorder

In this condition, the person who has ADHD shows a persistent pattern of impulsive and hyperactive behavior. In this condition, a person can have various routines when they are in different scenarios. A person might behave differently in different states like home, school, and various social situations. DSM specifies that most of the symptoms of this condition a seen at or before the age of 12. In this condition, the symptoms grow with age and can hurt a person’s social, professional, and personal functioning.

Depressive Episodes

Depression is mostly related to feelings of sadness and a lack of interest in various activities. A person might become lethargic and may feel tired all day long. Depressive episodes often lead to a feeling of irritability and guilt. When a person has a depressive period, they may have bipolar disorder. In this scenario, they might start losing interest in the activities they once loved. Some sleep for a more extended period and some may even lose their sleep. Such episodes often lead to suicidal thoughts. A person may either feel manic or depressive and might not be able to share the symptoms with their family and friends. It is effortless to notice people going through different mood shifts but is often ignored by us. Even if the people tried reaching out to the family or friends, they come up as being clingy or socio-paths. However, a professional’s guidance can help them.

Anxiety Mental disorder

Various subcategories can characterize even anxiety disorders:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

In this mental condition, a person is excessively worried about their everyday events. Even a small thing can interfere with their spiritual well being. A person suffering from generalized anxiety disorder lives with a little amount of stress and worry in their day to day life.


Any kind of scenario that might end up in a panic attack is not welcome. In this condition, a person develops a pronounced fear of public events. The people who have Agoraphobia might not feel like leaving their homes, but if the anxiety attack is triggered, they won’t feel comfortable even on their premises.

Separation anxiety disorder

One would say that everyone hates getting separated from their loved ones. But people suffering from this condition takes it to another level. It is often related to a person’s past, where they have been separated from an attached figure. It might be their parents or their loved ones. If the symptoms become severe, then the person might not leave their home or even socialize. They also stop themselves from getting emotionally attached to any person in fear of losing them.

Because we care;

There are more than millions of people suffering from one or another mental health disorder majorly Depression and anxiety. As per the data, at least 800,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year. In India, the national suicide rate was 12 as recorded, which was the highest since 1967.We have mentioned a few common mental health issues above. But there are many more. Whenever you think nobody is listening, call 091529 87821. It is a suicide helpline number, and many people want to listen and understand. Talk to a stranger as there is no better solace then knowing one won’t judge. Your identity is kept anonymous, and every possible help is provided. Before you plan on taking your life, just know that someone cares.

Do let us know if you need any help and share your experience where you won over the suicidal attempt. Also, let’s pledge not to glorify or condemn the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput but to offer our prayers and say sorry to a soul for leading him to such a step.

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