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The two-wheeler market is ever-growing in India. This is because youth and individuals consider bikes as the most convenient mode of transportation. Not only that, but it is also preferred to travel through narrow streets or road traffic. In India, there are multiple options for bikes to spoil you. However, if you have set your budget, then it is easy to find the best bikes under 1 lakh.

At this point, you might be thinking about which bike to buy that fulfills your need! We have narrowed the list to the 15 best bikes under 1 lakh in India to help you out. You will also get to know the important details of the listed bike. We hope this blog will help you decide which bike you need to buy.

Top 10 Bikes under 1 Lakh to Buy in 2023

Bike Under 1 LakhEngine CapacityMileagePrice
TVS Raider 125124.8 cc56.7 kmpl₹ 91,356
Suzuki Burgman Street 125124 cc58.5 kmpl₹ 95,303
Suzuki Avenis 125124.33 cc49.6 kmpl₹ 91,552
iVOOMi Jeet X115 Km70 Kmph₹ 99,999
Okinawa Praise88 Km58 Kmph₹ 90,282
Odysse Trot75 Km25 Kmph₹ 99,999
Okaya Faast F2T80 Km70 Kmph₹ 99,400
Odysse Hawk85 Km45 Kmph₹ 99,400
Okaya Faast F2F80 Km55 Kmph₹ 99,950

Best Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India

1. Hero Xpulse 200T

Hero Xpulse 200T is a lightweight multipurpose bike ideal for narrow streets or rough terrain. This makes it a desirable adventure bike with a ground clearance of 220mm.

The bike is paired with a powerful single-cylinder engine with 190mm front suspension travel.

Along with this, Xpulse 200T is designed for long rides. It has high raised mudguard, bash plate, fork gaiters, spoke wheel, and other features that make it worth buying. On top of the design features, it is the best mileage bike under 1 lakh.

Engine Capacity: 199.6cc

Mileage: 40kmpl

Price: Staring from ₹ 96,000

2. Honda CB Hornet 160R

With an engine power of 14.9bhp and torque 14.5Nm, Honda CB Hornet 160R is one of the best bikes under 1 lakh. It is available in eight variants in the Indian market, which falls under the same price bracket.

This is a commuter bike with a stylish sports bike look. For the bike design, it was awarded the best design category of CII Design Excellence Awards. Hence this is highly recommended by the biking enthusiast and commuters. So it won’t be wrong if we say that it is the best bike under 1 lakh considering engine capacity and mileage.

Engine Capacity: 162.7cc

Mileage: 60kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 81,413

3. TVS Apache RTR 160

Apache RTR 160 from TVS is listed as one of the best bikes under 1 lakh in India. With an engine power of 15.3bhp and torque 13.9Nm, this bike has set a mark among bikers with its good performance.

The newer models come with a BS6 engine with checks the emission standards. You can choose to buy this bike from different variants and color options. So, rule the road with stylish TV Apache this year.

Engine Capacity: 159.7cc

Mileage: 50kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 98,050

4. Honda X Blade

The X Blade is a newer addition of Honda, which is gaining popularity because of its performance. It is equipped with Single Channel ABS, 5 Speed Gear Box, Head Lamp, Alloy Wheels, Tubeless Tyre, and many more.

With all these features, you get a bike with a stylish look and mileage of 162cc. Therefore, you can pick to buy this bike for under 1 lakh, which has advanced safety features.

Engine Capacity: 162.7cc

Mileage: 50kmpl

Price: Starts from ₹ 80,325

5. Honda CB Unicorn 150

Honda CB Unicorn found its place in the best bikes under 1 lakh because of its advanced features and comforts. It comes in different variants and color options like red, grey, and black.

It is designed with advanced features of rear HET tubeless tyre, single-channel ABS, braking hardware, 5-speed manual gearboxes, and more. It is the best 150cc bike in India under 1 lakh. Therefore, it is a commuter motorcycle with hi-tech features that will make every ride comfortable.

Engine Capacity: 149.2cc

Mileage: 60kmpl

Price: Starts at ₹ 95,910

6. Hero Glamour FI

As a matter of fact, Glamour is the first motorbike which was manufactured by Hero MotoCorp after its split with Honda. This bike comes with a stylish design and an attractive color scheme. Not only that, you will get amazing features like split-spoke alloy wheels, front disk brake, and superior suspension. 

The engine of Hero Glamour FI generates a power of 9.1bhp and 10.35Nm torque. Adding to these features, the newer model of the bike is equipped with a BS6 engine, an air-cooled 4 stroke engine for efficient and smooth riding.

Engine Capacity: 125cc

Mileage: 72kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 70,894

7. Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon

Bajaj Pulser 125 Neon bike is a lightweight commuter bike that is known for a comfortable ride. As a fact, the company sold 40,000 units of this motorcycle. Hence it is rightly placed in the list of best bikes under 1 lakh in India.

The features include 5-speed gearbox, alloy wheels, disc front brake, tubeless tyre, and more. Talking about the engine efficiency, it comes with air-cooled 4-stroke BS6 compliant engine. Therefore, it is a great deal to buy this bike for everyday travel.

Mileage: 55kmpl

Engine Capacity: 124.4cc

Price: Starting from at ₹ 63,616

8. TVS Star City Plus

With the star face of MS Dhoni as the brand ambassador, TVS Motors has sold more than 3 lakh units of TVS Star City Plus. It is an everyday commuter bike packed with advanced features. The user of this bike shared the testimony of its smooth rideability and durability.

It is also equipped with a single-cylinder engine with 4-speed manual gearbox. You will also get 15% more mileage with better fuel economy. So what else do you want? Go ahead and read more details of the bike. You can also look for the best scooters like TVS Scooty for a comfortable ride.

Engine Capacity: 109.7cc

Mileage: 70kmpl to 86kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 64,788

9. Bajaj Platina 100

Another affordable bike from Bajaj Auto is Bajaj Platina 100, which is designed to cater to daily motorcycle commuters’ needs. It comes in two variants, one is electric bikes, and the other is kick start bikes. It is one of the best bikes under 1 lakh, which requires low maintenance.

The bike is equipped with an air-cooled 4 stroke single-cylinder engine. It has hydraulic and telescopic front suspension, which is ready to face all kinds of roads. Thus, you can consider purchasing this bike if it fulfills the requirements.

Engine Capacity: 102cc to 115cc

Mileage: 90kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 50,464

10. Honda Livo

Honda Livo is yet another Honda motorcycle which comes under the price bracket of 1 lakh. It is equipped with notable features like 4 Speed Gear Box, ABS, Head Lamp, Alloy Wheels, Tubeless front, and rear tyre. The engine of the bike is BS6 compliant that checks the emission as per government protocol.

This is a comfortable and smooth bike that is efficient for long rides and daily commutation. It is one of the best bike choices if you are looking for the above-mentioned features.

Engine Capacity: 109.5cc

Mileage: 74kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 70,059

Top Sport Bikes under 1 Lakh in India

11. Suzuki Gixxer

Gixxer is a stylish Suzuki bike with a robust 155cc engine. It is designed for the best performance, fuel economy and superior quality bike build. The notable features include 5 Speed Gear Box, Single Channel ABS, Head Lamp, Cast Wheels, Tubeless Tyre, and the list goes on.

Therefore, it has rightly made to the list of best bikes under 1 lakh in India. Gixxer comes in only one variant with few color options. You can consider buying this bike for your adventure ride.

Engine Capacity: 155 cc

Mileage: 54 kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 82,607

12. Yamaha FZS FI V3

 The newly launched Yamaha FZS FI V3 is a new crush for bike enthusiasts. It is loaded with great features with a stylish sporty look. The features include Single Channel ABS, 5 Speed Gear Box, Head Lamp, Alloy Wheels, Tubeless Tyre, Alloy, and many more.

Hence, it is mentioned in the list of best bikes under 1 lakh. The price mentioned here is the ex-showroom price, which is very close to 1 lakh. It will add up for on-road costs. This makes it falls under the list of most expensive bikes in India. You can consider purchasing this awesome bike to move with style if it comes within your budget.

Engine Capacity: 149cc

Mileage: 74kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 99,059

13. Hero Xtreme 200S

Hero Xtreme 200S is placed in our list of best bikes under 1 lakh because of its features appearance. It is a desirable sports motorbike among youth. The features include 5-speed gearbox, single channel ABS, headlamp, alloy wheels, tubeless tyre, and more.

The bike engine has an air-cooled, 4 Stroke 2 Valve, Single cylinder, which makes every ride smooth. Therefore, if you are looking for a sports bike with similar features, then opt for this bike.

Engine Capacity: 199.6cc

Mileage: 54kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 98,500

14. Bajaj Pulsar 220 F

Bajaj Pulsar220 is one of the top sport bikes in India with attractive features. The engine generates a power of 13.6bhp and torque of 13.25Nm. The notable feature includes 5 speed gearbox, ABS, headlamp, alloy wheels, tubeless, disc brakes in the front and rear, and more.

It has an attractive muscular appearance with great fuel efficiency. Therefore, you can choose to pick this bike to experience smooth riding for your adventurous trips.

Engine Capacity: 149cc to 149.5cc

Mileage: 50kmpl

Price: Starts from ₹ 75,200

15. TVS Apache RTR 200

The TVS Apache RTR 160 is one of the best sports bikes in India. It is available in two variants and multiple colors. It is known for the performance and appearance of the bike, which is available under 1 lakh.

The features include a single-cylinder engine, tubeless tyre, disc front brake, and more. The engine is air-cooled, 4 Stroke 2 Valve, Single cylinder with BS6 complaint. Therefore, you can choose to opt for this bike if this is what you were looking for.

Engine Capacity: 197.6cc

Mileage: 50.70 kmpl

Price: Starting from ₹ 98,500


If you are planning to buy a bike and you have fixed the budget, then this blog was written for you. Here we have listed 15 best bikes under 1 lakh in India that are useful for daily bike commuters and adventure trips.

These bikes are listed with details of mileage, engine capacity, and price. Hence, it is important to analyze the vehicle before you purchase it. Now when you go ahead to purchase, you will have a better idea of what specification is required.


1. Which is the most affordable bike under ₹1 lakh?

Bajaj Platina 100 is the most affordable bikes, which come under ₹ 50,464. There are more budget-friendly bikes mentioned in the list above.

2. Which are the popular bikes under ₹1 lakh?

TVS Apache RTR 160, Honda X Blade, Hero Xpulse 200T, etc. are some of the most popular bikes among many others listed in the blog.

3. Are there any upcoming bikes under ₹1 lakh?

TVS Creon is scheduled to launch soon, which is expected to be priced under ₹1 lakh.

4. What are the best mileage bikes under 1 lakh?

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon, TVS Star City Plus, Honda Livo are a few of the best mileage bikes under 1 lakh. You can read the blog to know more details about these bikes.

5. Which brands offer bikes under 1 Lakh in India?

Hero, Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, Suzuki, and TVS are some of the brands with bikes under 1 Lakh.

6. Which bike should I buy for under 80000?

Hero Glamour, Bajaj Pulsar are some of the bikes you can purchase for under ₹ 80,000.

7. Which is the best bike to buy in 2023?

TVS Raider 125 is one of the best bikes to buy in 2023.

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