Best Scooters for Men in India

Whether you live in an urban area or a rural area, a two-wheeler is one of the basic requirements for all the men out there. While you can go for the best bikes, but if your budget does not allow you to spend much, a scooter is the best option. Scooters in India have become popular in the last decade. All thanks to their upgraded features, seats, and mileage that have gained popularity. Today many brands promise to provide best scooters for men in India. However, it is up to you which scooter you wish to ride.

A decade before, the only name synonyms to scooter was Bajaj. We all have ridden on the Bajaj scooter that has two seats. With the change in time, scooters have also come a long way. They are no more than heavy and have additional features that make them perfect for all kinds of roads and generations to come. Let’s have look at some of the top-rated scooty for gents in India.

List of Top 10 Best Scooty for Men in India 2023:

1. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter

With 110CC, TVS Jupiter is one of the best scooters for men in India. It features a single-cylinder that produces 7.8bhp and 8Nm of torque. The scooter also has an LED headlamp and smoked windscreen along with the USB charger. One of the unique features of TVS Jupiter is its external fuel filler lid, which allows the rider to stock the fuel without moving. The front disc brake of this scooter has standard features. The top variant of TVC Jupiter is exclusive gas features like Bluetooth, semi-digital instrument console, and its color that differentiate it from other competitors. Furthermore, this scooter also has machine-cut alloy wheels. This scooter for men has a Synchronized Braking System, which also applies the front brake on the application of the rare brake.

Mileage – 56 km/l

Maximum Speed – 85 Kmph

TVS Jupiter Price – ₹68,571 – ₹79,316

2. Honda Activa 5G

Honda Activa 5G

Honda Activa 5G is one of the highest-selling light weight scooty for gents in India. It features chrome accents and an LED headlamp. The top variant of this model also has a digital display and fuel gauge. The Honda Activa 5G has a 109cc engine that can deliver 8bhp and 8.8Nm of torque. The scooter rides on the archaic trailing –link front suspension along with the mono-shock. Its brake has drum units on both. You can choose the best from its eight color schemes: white, blue, silver, red, black, yellow, and grey-brown.

Mileage – 60 km/l

Maximum Speed – 83 to 85 km/h

Honda Activa 5G Price – Rs. ₹55,358 – ₹62,481

3. Yamaha Ray ZR 125

Yamaha Ray ZR 125

Yamaha is one of the known brands of two-wheelers in India. It has a wide range of scooters and bikes. Yamaha Ray ZR 125 is available in three variants. It generates 7.9 bhp of power and 9.7 nm of torque from its 125cc engine. It is one of the latest models with Y-LED position lights with mounted turn signal lamps. Currently, it is available in two versions in India, which are drum and disc. It weights are 99kg.

Talking about its features, the scooter has side stand engine cut off function, Multi-function along with seat opener. It also has 21-liter storage under the seat.

Mileage – 58kmp/l

Maximum Speed – 86 km/h

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 Price – ₹54,732 – ₹91,342

4. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino

All the men out there who like to drive scooters can also consider Yamaha Fascino. It is available in 2 variants and has seven bhp of power and 8.1 nm of torque from its 113cc engine. Its single-cylinder is also equipped with the gearbox. Yamaha Fascino weights around 103 kg, and you will get it in the seven different colors that are Dazzling grey, Sassy Cyan, Bearing Blue, Glamorous Gold, Season green and dark night. With the neo-retro design, this scooter is ideal for all the youth who prefer to ride a scooter or a bike.  It has curve design and chrome on the body that makes it look like the most expensive bikes in India. Moreover, the scooter has a 113cc air-cooled single-cylinder. This scooter also has 21 liters under-seat storage, which is sufficient enough to keep the full-face helmet.

Mileage – 66 km/l

Maximum Speed – 85 km/h

Yamaha Fascino Price – ₹56,023 – ₹61,735

5. Hero Pleasure

Hero Pleasure

Hero Pleasure is one of the best scooty in India for men. The scooter produces 6.91 bhp of power and 8.1 nm of torque from the 102cc engine. It has a single-cylinder engine with an automatic gearbox and two rear and front brakes, and both are drum brakes. It weighs 101 kg, and you can get it in 7 different colors: blue, black, white, red, orange, green, and silver. What makes it one of the top contenders in the list is that its IBS engages rear and front brakes when one pulls the brake’s lever. Also, it has a light and lockable glove box. Moreover, the scooter has a single-cylinder 102cc that generates 7bhp and 8Nm of torque.

Mileage – 63 kmp/l

Maximum Speed – 77 kmph

Hero Pleasure Price – ₹64,060 to ₹75,850

6. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

Activa 125 has been upgraded with the new set of features that includes part digital display, which has an analog in the speed meter. The scooter also has an LED headlamp, four in one ignition key slot that can unlock the seat. In addition to all these features, the rear suspension has preload-adjustable features. Its engine is 124cc with a single-cylinder motor that produces 8.5bhp and 10.5Nm.

Activa 125 is available in 6 colors matte colors; three variants are equipped with steel wheels and drum brakes. Other options have alloy wheels and drum brakes, and the top variant has alloy wheels along with the front disc brake.

Mileage – 50 km/l

Maximum Speed – 85 km/h

Honda Activa 125 Price – ₹61,074 – ₹88,837

7. TVS Ntorq 125

TVS Ntorq 125

TVS Ntorq 125 generates 9.1 bhp of power and 10.5 nm of torque. It has a 124.8cc engine and a single cylinder of the same as an automatic gearbox. It has front and rear brakes that are both drum brakes. What makes it stand out from other best scooters for male in India is the fact that it has clock average speed, lap timer, top speed recorder, and helmet reminders. It is available in two variants of drums and discs.

Moreover, the scooter features a Synchronised Braking System. It has a charging socket as well in the boot. It has a display where you can see the oil temperature. In addition to all these features, the model also has Bluetooth enabled that can pair up with

in four matte colors consisting of Matte Yellow, Matte White, Matte Silver, and Matte Red apart from three metallic color shades including Metallic Blue, Metallic Grey, and Metallic Red. The Race Edition is offered in a three-tone color scheme of matte black, metallic black, and red.
Competition wise, the NTorq 125 rivals against the Honda Grazia, Suzuki Burgman Street, and Hero Maestro Edge 125. The TVS Ntorq 125 is available in trendy metallic colors to choose from.

Mileage – 47 km/l

Maximum Speed – 95 km/h

TVS Ntorq 125 Price – ₹77,106 – ₹97,061

8. Honda Dio

Honda Dio

First things first, the Honda Dio has sporty style and sharper contours throughout its body. Moreover, it features funky graphics and a split grab at the rear mirror. It also has additional features that include AC silent starter, external fuel filler cap, dual function. The Honda Dio also has an entirely digital instrument cluster that provides detailed information like fuel range, real-time fuel efficiency, and average fuel efficiency. You can buy this scooter in four colors that are red, blue, grey, and orange.

Mileage – 49 to 50 km/l

Maximum Speed – 83 km/h

Honda Dio Price – ₹53,665 – ₹77,582

9. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 is one of the best scooters for heavy person in india. All thanks to updated features. The scooter generates 8.6 bhp of power and 10 nm of torque from the 124 cc engine. The single-cylinder has an automatic gearbox. Suzuki Access 125 is equipped with external fuel filler, a USB charging socket, and a voltage meter that displays the battery status. In addition to this, the latest edition also has more extended seats along with sufficient space for storage. It also has full LED headlamp and is available in five different colors that are metallic matte, pearl deep blue, metallic matte platinum silver, pearl mirage white and glass sparkle 
Mileage – 64 km/l

Maximum Speed – 90 to 92 km/h

Suzuki Access 125 Price – ₹58,249 – ₹90,576

10. Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa 6G has a silent starter and engine start-stop switch along with the double lid external fuel filler cap. It also has an 18-liter storage space under the seat. It is available with a 109cc engine that generates 7.7bhp of power and 8.79Nm of torque. In addition to this, the scooter also has a 12-inch front wheel and 10 inch rear wheel. You can buy it in 6 different colors that are pearl Spartan red, glitter blue metallic, dazzle yellow metallic, black, pearl precious while and matte grey metallic.

Mileage – 60 km/l

Maximum Speed – 85 km/h

Honda Activa 6G Price – ₹70,569 – ₹77,997


From heavy scooters to lightweight scooters, scooters, or as we call them scooty, have come a long way. Scooters are the ideal daily mode of transportation. Moreover, they have edgy features that offer you the best of the experience. Whether you are a college-going or love to commute office through scooters, this blog would be a help for you. Here we have curated best scooters for men that are readily available in India. You can also read our latest blog top 10 scooty in India.

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