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Are you planning to hone your gardening skills but do not have much space? If this case, you can turn your boring balcony into a beautiful small garden. All you have to do is add ideal plants to your balcony. While looking for the plants, make sure they are low on maintenance and easy to grow. Here we have listed some of the ideal plants for balcony that will surely give your space a nice makeover.

Low Maintenance Flower Plants for Balcony in India

Plants are not only good for the environment, but many of them also act as stress busters. Also, they add a charming look to the balcony. There are many types of plants like flower plants, hanging plants, and creepers ideal for balconies.

Best Plants for Home Balcony in India

1. Marigold


There would be hardly any Indian balcony that does not have marigold plants. It is low on maintenance, which makes it one of the best flowering plants for balcony in India. Marigold flowers are commonly used for decorations and are offered to god during different pujas. The flowers of marigold make for ideal railing planters for balconies as well.

Many might not know that marigold holds medicinal properties as well. These can be used to treat toothache and swelling, and to treat many skin problems.

Temperature: The plant needs is 18- 20OC for growth.

Height: 6 inches to 4 feet tall, and 6 inches to 2 feet wide

Bloom Time: Late Spring

2. Begonias


Begonias are houseplants that have a bunch of different colors. These are ideal plants for balcony as they require less maintenance. This beautiful plant can be grown in small pots as well. Begonias are smaller in size; thus, you can add them indoors or in balcony gardens. There are different types of Begonias, amongst which some have patterned foliage, and others have asymmetrical foliage. Make sure you do not keep the plant directly under the sunlight as it could have a harsh impact on the plant.

Temperature: 62 to 85°F

Height: 12 to 18 inches

Bloom Time: Mid Summers to Monsoon

3. Pansy


Next in our list of best plants for an apartment balcony garden is Pansy. Since this plant can be grown in small pots; thus, they make a perfect choice for all balconies. These have a unique fragrance and are available in different colors that add a hint of color to your simple space. These plants need direct sunlight. You would have to water them regularly. You can also use it as a railing planter on your home or office balcony.

Temperature: The best time to grow Pansy is winters.

Height of Pansy: 23 cm

Bloom Time: Spring to summers and fall to winter 

4. Bougainvillea


Another plant that is ideal for all kinds of the balcony is Bougainvillea. It has thorny ornamental wines and would quickly turn your simple space into a colorful space. Bougainvillea blooms flowers of pink, red and purple color. It has a soothing fragrance that would definitely burst your stress.

Temperature: 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit

Height: 1-12 m

Bloom Time: November to May

List of Outdoor Plants for Balcony

1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

While the plant’s name might be scary but on the other hand, this is one of the ideal plants for balconies in India. The plant is also known as ‘Mother in law tongue.’ This plant is low on maintenance and has the power to purify the air, which makes it one of the perfect plants for home. These plants can easily sustain in the low sunlight as well. The best part about the snake plant is that you do not have to water it regularly.

Temperature: Snake Plants are grown in the warmer season; they require a temperature of  55-85 degrees.

Height of Snake Plant: 1-4 feet

Bloom Time: Spring season

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the must-have plants. It has numerous benefits for health, skin, and hair. The plant has many medicinal properties. It has flashy and thick edges. The plant’s gel can be directly applied to hair and skin to treat many skin and hair problems. The plant requires less water for growth. This is also an ideal plant for sunny balconies.

Temperature: 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Height: 24 to 39 inches

Bloom Time: Summers

3. Money Plant

Money Plant

Money plant is one of the musts –have plants! The plant will not only add charm to your balcony but would also keep stress at bay. It is found that the Money plant helps in coping up with anxiety and stress. Money plants can also help to get rid of sleeping disorders, which makes it an ideal plant for the bedroom as well. It is also believed that Money plants are also a symbol of wealth.

The plant does not need much sunlight, so make sure you place it in the area where there is less light. It is also easy to maintain as you wouldn’t have to water it regularly, once a week will also do! You can grow a money plant any time round the year!

Temperature: It grows well with the temperature – 65-80 degrees

Height: Up to 60 feet.

Bloom Time: All Season

4. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is also one of the ideal plants for a balcony garden. It is an elongated green leaf that would add a hint of color to your sunny balcony. The spider plant is an evergreen plant as it can adapt to any environment and makes an ideal flower plant for the balcony. It is also a perfect hanging plant for the balcony. If grown in the hanging basket, the plant’s height may reach 2-3 feet.

Temperature: 35°F

Height: 2 to 3 feet

Bloom Time: Spring, summer, fall

List of Vegetable Plants for Balcony Pots

1. Tomatoes

tomatoes plant

Tomato can be grown in the balcony plants, and they are low on maintenance as well. These are ideal vegetable plants for the balcony.  All you have to do is pick the right spot and pot for growing the plant. Also, you would have to water it regularly and add the required nutrient like calcium. The fruit, i.e., tomatoes, will appear in the pot after 60-75 days of transplanting.

Temperature: 18.5 – 26.5° C

Height: 2-3 feet

Bloom Time: Late Summers and Spring Season

2. Coriander

Coriander Plant

Also known as Cilantro, coriander is one of the most used herbs in all the cuisines. The best part about coriander is that it is a perfect plant for the apartment’s balconies. Coriander has many health benefits that include lowering blood sugar, boosting the immune system, and protecting brain health.

Temperature: 50 and 85 degrees F

Height: 50 cm

Bloom Time: Summers

3. Beetroot

Beetroot Plant

Beetroot is one of the healthy vegetables. It also helps to controls blood pressure. Beetroot can be grown in fertile, moist soil on a sunny balcony. It is a winter plant. It can also be grown in a container. This is amongst the low maintenance plants for balconies.

Temperature: 0°C to 1°C

Height: 1 to 3 feet

Bloom Time: Winters

4. Carrots

Carrots Plant

Carrot is one of the easy to grow vegetables at home in pots. This too is quite good for the health. It requires regular sunlight of 6-8 hours. For the apartment balcony, you can select a short variety of the carrot. You can sow the seeds in the month of October and November.

Temperature: 55 degrees F to 75 degrees F

Height: 1-3 feet

Bloom Time: Spring Season

Balcony Hanging Plants for Apartments

1. Hanging Fuchsia

Hanging Fuchsia

Fuchsias are delicate and beautiful plants for balcony. It is available in different colors. You can hang it on the top of the balcony in the basket or pots. These do not require much maintenance and are ideal for all kinds of balcony, whether small or spacious.

Temperature: 60 to 70 degree F

Height: They can grow till 6 feet, depending on the variety of the plant.

Bloom Time: Mid-March to early April

2. Petunia


In case you are planning to add bright colors to your balcony, then Petunia would be a perfect plant for your balcony. It can be hung in a basket or pot. Also, they are easy to care for. These require regular watering and much of the sunlight.

Temperature: 57 and 65 degree F

Height: 6-12 inches

Bloom Time: Summers

3. String of Pearls

String of Pearls

If you are finding plants for balcony railing then String of Pearls is an ideal option. It is distinguished vining succulent. It has tiny pea-shaped leaves. The leaves of the plant can grow to 2 feet and spill over the hanging baskets. Its stem can be used to propagate the plant.

Temperature: 72 degrees Fahrenheit

Creative Balcony Garden Ideas

  • You can arrange the flower ports vertically on the balcony.
  • Artificial plants for the balcony are also a good choice.
  • Choose the right types of plants for the balcony.
  • Add creepers on your balcony to extend privacy.
  • Add balcony railing planters if your balcony is not spacious.


Every homeowner does not have the garden and terrace’s luxury, but they can turn their apartment balconies into a cozy place with plants. From flowering plants to climbers and hanging plants to pious plants like Tulsi, you can add many plants to the balcony that are low on maintenance. In this blog, we have listed some of the ideal plants that are perfect for adding in all types of balconies.

Commonly Asked Questions for Plants

1. How do I pick a balcony plant?

Pick a balcony plant according to the size of the balcony and the weather.

2. What can I grow on a south-facing balcony?

You can grow herbs, vegetables and flower plants.

3. What are low maintenance balcony plants?

There are many low maintenance plants for balcony in India like Marigold, Begonias, Pansy, Snake Plant, etc.

4. What are the best flowering plants for balcony?

Some flowering plan name for balcony are Marigold, Bougainvillea and Spider Plant.

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