As they say, books are the best friend, travel magazines are your guardian! The stories and news covered in the magazines inspire you to become a better person. It gives you a vast knowledge of different cultures, history, trends, and whatnot at the leisure of your home. With the boon in electronic media, the demand for travel magazines has drastically increased. Now, travel magazines are easily accessible. You can subscribe to your favorite magazines and relish all the latest information and news on the go.

List of 11 Top Travel Magazines

1. Today’s Traveller

today traveller

Today’s Traveller is your forum for debate, interaction, announcements, and communication whether it be online, in print, or in person at loud events. Today’s Traveller, which was founded in 1997, is the top print and online business and leisure publication in India.
It is a member of the Gill India Group, a publishing company that produces Coffee Table Books, travel guides, and travel and leisure periodicals of the highest caliber. Via its many products, the company has a strong corporate vertical and extensive reach to business owners at high levels of decision-making.

2. Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet India is one of the most trusted and valued magazines in the travel industry. Its monthly edition features incredible stories from the different parts of the world with mesmerizing destinations and experiences shared by travelers.

Each story and article is written by award-winning Indian travel journalist and is backed by impressive photographs. Each edition will take you on a splendid journey where you will get close to the locals, history and spectacular landscape of the place you want to visit.

3. Condé Nast Traveller India

Condé Nast Traveller India

Condé Nast Traveller India brings you all the latest travel news and hotel deals from across the world. The magazine was launched in 2007 with its official website and application to cater travel enthusiast of every age.

From international destinations that you have never heard of to less known corners and streets of India, the magazine covers it all. You can get the monthly subscription of the magazine through Magzter. It has over 8, 000 magazines and writeups. Don’t forget to checkout Magzter coupons for extra discount on your subscription.

4. Outlook Traveller

Outlook Traveller

Get the latest doze of what’s happening around the world, the nitty-gritties of latest festivals and travel the world through Outlook traveller. It provides vast information about the different culture, traveling and places around, the magazine is labeled as a mine of information.

The magazine is a feast for those who like to travel the world at the comfort of their home. It will take them on a virtual abode with exciting stories, articles, and stunning pictures.

5. Travel + Leisure India-South Asia

Travel + Leisure India

Travel+Leisure India-South Asia is one of the iconic travel magazines in the world. It offers a close look to varied global destinations with breathtaking photographs and reviews about different places, foods, culture, trends, designs, etc. from the experts itself. The new edition of the magazine is released every month.

Exposure Media Marketing India Pvt Ltd publishes the magazine. Travel+Leisure India -South Asia has carved its niche in the travel segment. The magazine has time and again proved its resiliency and has gained a committed readership.

6. National Geographic Traveller India

National Geographic Traveller India

National Geographic Traveller India embraces a plethora of information about different corners of the world and India. The magazine covers all the latest scoops of eminent personalities and games taking place worldwide. National Geographic Traveller India is an Indian version of much-acclaimed US magazine National Geographic Traveler from National Geographic Society.

From helping its audience to find an ideal traveling destination to preparing an entire itinerary for them, the magazine helps a travel enthusiast to know about the world and inspire people to travel around the globe.

7. Discover India

 Discover India

Discover India was founded in 1988 by Media Transasia India Limited in association with by Media Transasia India Limited. It is one of the Indian magazines which cater remote and mesmerizing Indian sites and their culture. The monthly edition of the magazine covers latest news and facts about the places which are still struggling to find its prominence in Indian map with aim to sanitize people about their presence and promote tourism in such places.

If you are planning to travel, hidden parts of the country, this is the magazine to take a cue from. It will take you close to Indian philosophy, architecture, art, etc.

8. Hotelier India

Hotelier India

The magazine is an ode to the hospitality industry. It features the latest news analysis, business trends, products news, and all the information that hotelier needs to promote his business. It also has local and international news, interviews, reviews and round the table sessions in the hotel sector.

9. Business Traveller India

Business Traveller India

Business traveller India is an Indian addition of original Business Traveller which was founded in the UK in the year 1976. The magazine is a go-to platform for business travellers. With its vast information, packed with stunning photographs and personal review from intellectuals, the magazine serves all kinds of information from around the world at one place.

Each edition has the latest editorial on airports, hotels, airlines and car rentals. The journal also covers reviews about most recent gadgets, travel products, accessories, and technology to help travellers plan their trip without breaking their bank.

10. Safari India

Safari India

Safari India captures an array of segments that includes aviation, travel agents, tourism, travel trade conferences, hotel, environment and wildlife of Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asia. It is India’s premium magazine, dedicated to regional tourism. Safari India is widely circulated in hotels, airlines, and travel agencies.

11. Touriosity Travelmag

Touriosity Travelmag

The travel journal is exclusively encapsulated for travel enthusiast or people who aspired to travel the world. Touriosity Travelmag features inspiring stories and noteworthy achievements of well-known personalities from around the globe.

It offers a gist of what happening in the world with the latest news in the travel industry. This magazine is perfect for a backpacker, student traveler or one who love exploring the world.


Travel magazines cover all the aspects of the entire world and give you all the information at the comfort of your home. The blog has a list of travel magazines that will help you to know all the places better.

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