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Ranji Trophy is amongst the oldest and most prominent first-class cricket championship played in India. Several regional and state cricket associations’ teams compete in the Ranji tournament. It is one of the most competitive domestic tournaments across the world where the best talent in the country compete to hone and demonstrate their cricketing skills.

The competition is named after Ranjitsinhji, Maharaja Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, also known as Ranji to commemorate his illustrious career in cricket. He is believed to be one of the best cricketers India has ever produced. The inaugural Ranji Trophy was played in 1934-35, comprising of 15 teams. Mumbai was the first team to make its name in the Ranji Trophy winners list; they defeated North India in the final and became the maiden champions. There have been a total 86 seasons by 2019-2020, amongst which 41 have been won by Mumbai.

Ranji Trophy 2022-23 Format

Ranji Trophy 2023 is the 88th cricket tournament season currently hosting by India. It has started on 13 December 2022 and finished on 20 February 2023. There are currently two divisions for the Ranji Trophy competition: Elite and Plate. The 38 teams would have earlier played for the same trophy. But, under the current structure, there will be two winners for the Ranji Trophy: one from the Elite groups and one from the Plate groups.

There are five groups formed of 38 teams. The Plate Groups contain six teams, while the Elite Groups consist of four groups with eight teams each.

Ranji Trophy 2022-23 Groups

Elite A: Uttar Pradesh , Bengal, Haryana, Baroda, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland.

Elite B: Maharashtra, Mumbai, Assam, Hyderabad, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Saurashtra

Elite C: Puducherry, Jharkhand, Goa, Rajasthan, Services, Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh

Elite D: Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Gujarat, Vidarbha, Railways Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir

Plate Group: Meghalaya, Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar

Ranji Trophy Winner 2023

Saurashtra won Ranji Trophy in 2023 by beating Bengal in the finals. From the last three seasons, Saurashtra has won the title for second time. Mumbai’s Ranji team qualified to the final for the 47th time due to a one-sided tie match. Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh competed in the first semi-final, and the Mumbai team appeared to be in a strong position. Mumbai secured a place in the Ranji Trophy final even with the match ending in a draw due to massive first innings lead. Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai will now play in the Ranji Trophy final after MP defeated Bengal by 174 runs in the second semi-final.

Mumbai’s form has led the strategist to label him favourite. The Aditya Srivastava-led MP Ranji team faced up against players like Prithvi Shaw, Yashasvi Jaiswal, and Sarfaraz Khan. Stay connected with the blog post to know who will be the Ranji Trophy winner 2023.

Format of Ranji Trophy in Different Seasons

In the first season, teams were divided into 4 zones, i.e. North, South, East and West, following the Knockout format. In the 1952-53 editions, a new zone was added, i.e. Central Zone. The same format was followed till 1956-57. Thereafter, the league bases format was adapted to determine the winner from each zone. The winners of the five zones competed in the knockout stage of the tournament.  .

This format continued until 1970-71 season when few more changes introduced to the set pattern of the tournament. The knockout stage now comprised of top two teams from each zone, which means ten teams played the knockout stage. The knockout stage of the tournament was again expanded in 1991-1992 to comprise of top three teams from each of the zones making it to the knockout stage. Thus, fifteen teams competed in the knockout stage.  

The format was again changed in the 2002-03 season, the zonal system was substituted with a two-division structure -Elite Group (15 teams) and the Plate Group (comprising of the rest of the teams), thereafter number of formats have been tested with minor or major changes.

In the 2012-13 edition, three groups (A, B&C), each with nine teams, were introduced. The top three teams from each group contested in the knockout phase.

The 2020-21 Ranji season was cancelled, for the first time in the history of the tournament, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 87th edition of the tournament is scheduled to be held in 2022.  Scroll down to have a look at the Ranji trophy winner team list.

List of Ranji Trophy Winners from 1934-2023

Mumbai Cricket Team was the first team to win the maiden title and has won maximum times, i.e. 41 times, followed by Karnataka/Mysore, which has lifted the trophy 8 times. Delhi and Baroda have been champions 7 and 5 times, respectively. Holkar has won the series 4 times. 

Saurashtra/Nawanagar/Western India won the tournament 3 times. Vidarbha, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Maharashtra and Railways won twice. Uttar Pradesh/United Provinces, Punjab/Southern Punjab, Gujarat and Haryana Railways have won the finals 1 time. Teams that have not made it to the list of winners of the Ranji Trophy are Services, Bihar and Northern India.

SeasonTournament FormatRanji Trophy Winning TeamRanji Trophy Runners-up
2022-2023Round-robin then knockoutSaurashtraBengal
2021-2022Round-robin then knockoutMadhya Pradesh won by six wicketsMumbai
2020-2021Cancelled Due To Covid-19
2019-20Round-robin then knockoutSaurashtra Won with a lead in the first inningsBengal
2018-19Round-robin then knockoutVidarbha won by 78 runsSaurashtra
2017-18Round-robin then knockoutVidarbha won by 9 wicketsDelhi
2016-17Round-robin then knockoutGujarat won by 5 wicketsMumbai
2015-16Round-robin then knockoutMumbai won by an innings and 21 runsSaurashtra
2014-15Round-robin then knockoutKarnataka won by an innings and 217 runsTamil Nadu
2013-14Round-robin then knockoutKarnataka won by 7 wicketsMaharashtra
2012-13Round-robin then knockoutMumbai win by an innings and 125 runsSaurashtra
2011-12Round-robin then knockout  Match drawn (Rajasthan won on 1st innings)Tamil Nadu
2010-11Round-robin then knockoutMatch was drawn (Rajasthan wins on First Innings Lead)Baroda
2009-10Round-robin then knockoutMumbai won by 6 runsKarnataka
2008-09League and knockoutMumbai won by 243 runsUttar Pradesh
2007-08League and knockoutDelhi Won by nine wicketsUttar Pradesh
2006-07League and knockoutMumbai Won by 132 runsBengal
2005-06League and knockoutUttar Pradesh won on first-innings leadBengal
2004-05League and knockoutRailways won on first-innings leadPunjab
2003-04League and knockoutMumbai won on first-innings leadTamil Nadu
2002-03League and knockoutMumbai won by 141 runsTamil Nadu
2001-02League and knockoutRailways won by 277 runsBaroda
2000-01League and knockoutBaroda won by 21 runsRailways
1999-2000League and knockoutMumbai won by 297 runsHyderabad
1998-99League and knockoutKarnataka won by 96 runsMadhya Pradesh
1997-98League and knockoutKarnataka Match drawn (Karnataka won on first-innings lead)Uttar Pradesh
1996-97League and knockoutMumbai won on first-innings leadDelhi
1995-96League and knockoutKarnataka Match drawn (Karnataka won on first-innings lead)Tamil Nadu
1994-95League and knockoutBombay won on first-innings leadPunjab
1993-94League and knockoutBombay won by 8 wicketsBengal
1992-93League and knockoutPunjab won by 120 runsMaharashtra
1991-92League and knockoutDelhi Match drawn (Delhi won on first-innings lead)Tamil Nadu
1990-91League and knockoutHaryana won by two runsBombay
1989-90League and knockoutBengal won runs per wicketDelhi
1988-89League and knockoutDelhi won by an innings and 210 runsBengal
1987-88League and knockoutTamil Nadu won by an innings and 144 runsRailways
1986-87League and knockoutHyderabad won on first-innings leadDelhi
1985-86League and knockoutDelhi won by an innings and 141 runsHaryana
1984-85League and knockoutBombay won on by 90 runsDelhi
1983-84League and knockoutBombay won on first-innings leadDelhi
1982-83League and knockoutKarnataka won on first-innings leadBombay
1981-82League and knockoutDelhi won on first-innings leadKarnataka
1980-81League and knockoutBombay won by an innings and 46 runsDelhi
1979-80League and knockoutDelhi won by 240 runsBombay
1978-79League and knockoutDelhi won by 399 runsKarnataka
1977-78League and knockoutKarnataka won by an innings and 193 runsUttar Pradesh
1976-77League and knockoutBombay won by 129 runsDelhi
1975-76League and knockoutBombay won by 10 wicketsBihar
1974-75League and knockoutBombay won by 7 wicketsKarnataka
1973-74League and knockoutKarnataka won by 185 runsRajasthan
1972-73League and knockoutBombay won by 123 runsTamil Nadu
1971-72League and knockoutBombay won by 246 runsBengal
1970-71League and knockoutBombay won by 48 runsMaharashtra
1969-70League and knockoutBombay won by an innings and 59 runsRajasthan
1968-69League and knockoutBombay won on first-innings leadBengal
1967-68League and knockoutBombay won on first-innings leadMadras
1966-67League and knockoutBombay won on first-innings leadRajasthan
1965-66League and knockoutBombay won by eight wicketsRajasthan
1964-65League and knockoutBombay won by an innings and 126 runsHyderabad
1963-64League and knockoutBombay won by 9 wicketsRajasthan
1962-63League and knockoutBombay won by an innings and 19 runsRajasthan
1961-62League and knockoutBombay won by an innings and 287 runsRajasthan
1960-61League and knockoutBombay won 7 wicketsRajasthan
1959-60League and knockoutBombay won by an innings and 22 runsMysore
1958-59League and knockoutBombay won by 420 runsBengal
1957-58League and knockoutBaroda Baroda won by an innings and 51 runsServices
1956-57KnockoutBombay won by an innings and 38 runsServices
1955-56KnockoutBombay won by 8 wicketsBengal
1954-55KnockoutMadras won by 46 runsHolkar
1953-54KnockoutBombay won by 8 wicketsHolkar
1952-53KnockoutHolkar on first-innings leadBengal
1951-52KnockoutBombay won by 531 runsHolkar
1950-51KnockoutHolkar won by 189 runsGujarat
1949-50KnockoutBaroda won by 4 wicketsHolkar
1948-49KnockoutBombay won by 468 runsBaroda
1947-48KnockoutHolkar Won by 9 wicketsBombay
1946-47KnockoutBaroda   won by an innings and 409 runsHolkar 202 (83.2 overs) and 173 (67 overs)
1945-46KnockoutHolkar                 won by 106 runsBaroda
1944-45KnockoutBombay won by 374 runsHolkar                
1943-44KnockoutWestern India won by innings and 23 runs      Bengal
1942-43KnockoutBaroda won by 307 runsHyderabad
1941-42KnockoutBombay   won by an innings and 281 runsMysore
1940-41KnockoutMaharashtra   won by 6 wicketsMadras
1939-40KnockoutMaharashtra won by 10 wicketsUnited Provinces
1938-39KnockoutBengal won by 178 runsSouthern Punjab    
1937-38KnockoutHyderabad won by 1 wicketNawanagar
1936-37KnockoutNawanagar won by 256 runsBengal    
1935-36KnockoutBombay won by 190 runsMadras
1934-35KnockoutBombay won by 208 runsNorthern India    

Best Players of Ranji Trophy from All the Seasons

Ranji Trophy SeasonNumber of TeamsMost Runs Scored ByMost Wickets Taken By
2022-202338Mayank Agarwal (990)Jalaj Saxena (50)
2021-202238Sarfaraz Khan (982)Shams Mulani (45)
2020-2021Cancelled Due to Covid-19
2019-2038Rahul Dalal (1,340)Jaydev Unadkat (67)
2018-1937Milind Kumar (1,331)Ashutosh Aman (68)
2017-1828Mayank Agarwal (1,160)Jalaj Saxena (44)
2016-1728Priyank Panchal (1310)Shahbaz Nadeem (56)
2015-1627Shreyas Iyer (1321)Shahbaz Nadeem (51)
2013-1427Kedar Jadhav (Maharashtra) (1223)Rishi Dhawan (Himachal Pradesh) (49)
2012-1327Jiwanjot Singh (Punjab) (995)Ishwar Pandey (Madhya Pradesh) (48)
2011-1227Robin Best (Rajasthan) (1034)TP Sudhindra (Madhya Pradesh) (40)
2010-1127Subramaniam Badrinath (922)Bhargav Bhatt (47)
2009-1027Manish Pandey (882)Abhimanyu Mithun (47)
2008-0927Wasim Jaffer (Mumbai) (1260)Dhawal Kulkarni (Mumbai) (42) Ravindra Jadeja (Saurashtra) (42)
2007-0827Robin Uthappa (Karnataka) (854)Ranade Bose (Bengal) (57)
2006-0727Robin Uthappa (Karnataka) (854)Ranade Bose (Bengal) (57)
2005-0627Ajay Jadeja (Rajasthan) (684)Ramesh Powar (Mumbai) (42)
2004-0527Niraj Patel (Gujarat) (735)Gagandeep Singh (Punjab) (39)
2003-0427Dheeraj Jadhav (Maharashtra) (1066)Narendra Hirwani (Madhya Pradesh) (45)
2002-0327Gautam Gambhir (Delhi) (833)Lakshmipathy Balaji (Tamil Nadu) and Sunil Joshi (47)
2001-0227Amit Pagnis (Railways) (800)Utpal Chatterjee (Bengal) (39)
2000-0127Yere Goud (Railways) (901)Dodda Ganesh (Karnataka) (37)
1999-200027V. V. S. Laxman (Hyderabad) (1415)Kanwaljit Singh (Hyderabad) (62)
1998-9927Vijay Bharadwaj (Karnataka) (1280)Dodda Ganesh (Karnataka) (62)
1997-9827Vinod Kambli (Bombay) (880)Paras Mhambrey (Bombay) (48)[
1996-9727Raman Lamba (Delhi) (1034)Rajesh Chauhan (Madhya Pradesh) (52)
1995-9626M. V. Sridhar (Hyderabad) (868)Sunil Joshi (Karnataka) (52)
1994-9527Sachin Tendulkar (Bombay) (856)Prasad Rao (Bihar) (36)
1993-9427M. V. Sridhar (Hyderabad) (757)Pradeep Jain (Haryana) (46)[
1992-9326Santosh Jedhe (Maharashtra) (867)Bharati Vij (Punjab) (49)
1991-9227Ajay Sharma (Delhi) (933)Maninder Singh (Delhi) (58)
1990-9127Amarjit Kaypee (Haryana) (940)Chetan Sharma (Haryana) (39)
1989-9027M. V. Sridhar (Hyderabad) (729)Atul Wassan (Delhi) (39)[
1988-8927Workers Raman (Tamil Nadu) (1,018)Manoj Prabhakar (Delhi) (39)
1987-88Brijesh Patel (Karnataka) (596)M. Venkataramana (Tamil Nadu) (35)
1986-8727Carlton Saldanha (Karnataka) (782)Sunil Lahore (Madhya Pradesh) (32)
1985-8627Kirti Azad (Delhi) (834)Sarkar Talwar (Haryana) (45)
1984-8524Ghulam Parkar (Bombay) (660)Rajinder Goel (Haryana) (39)
1983-8424Surinder Khanna (Delhi) (685)Rajinder Goel (Haryana) (48)
1982-8324Anshuman Gaekwad (Baroda) (731)Raghuram Bhat (Karnataka) (42)
1981-8224Sunil Gavaskar (Bombay) (632)Raghuram Bhat (Karnataka)
1980-8124Ghulam Parkar (Bombay) (732)Madan Lal (Delhi) (33)
1979-8024Dilip Vengsarkar (Bombay) (763)Rajinder Goel (Haryana) (44)
1978-7924Brijesh Patel (Karnataka) (850)Rajinder Goel (Haryana) (41)
1977-7824Venkat Sunderam (Delhi) (608)Rajinder Singh Hans (Uttar Pradesh) (52)
1976-7724Ashok Mankad (Bombay) (827)Karsan Ghavri (Bombay) (40)
1975-7624Yajurvindra Singh (Maharashtra) (583)Abdul Ismail (Bombay) (38)
1974-7524Ashok Mankad (Bombay) (575)[Bishan Bedi (Delhi) (64)
1973-7424Hemant Kanitkar (Maharashtra) (629)B. S. Chandrasekhar (Karnataka) (55)
1972-7324Chetan Chauhan (Maharashtra) (873)S. Venkataraghavan (Tamil Nadu) (58)
1971-7224Chetan Chauhan (Maharashtra) (540)Padmakar Shivalkar (Bombay) (41)
1970-7124Hemant Kanitkar (Maharashtra) (687B. S. Chandrasekhar (Mysore) (46)
1969-7023Ashok Mankad (Bombay) (540)Kailash Gattani (Rajasthan) (41)
1968-6923Vijay Bhosle (Bombay)(507)E. A. S. Prasanna (Mysore) (39)
1967-6822K. R. Rajagopal (Madras) (729S. Venkataraghavan (Madras) (46)[
1966-6724Hanumant Singh (Rajasthan) (869)B. S. Chandrasekhar (Mysore) (35)
1965-6624Ajit Wadekar (Bombay) (695)B. S. Chandrasekhar (Mysore) (37)
1964-6524M. L. Jaisimha (Hyderabad) (713)M. Jairam (Hyderabad) (34)[
1963-6424Vijay Mehra (Delhi) (601)Vijay Sondhi (Delhi) (32)
1962-6321Pankaj Roy (Bengal) (662)Baloo Gupte (Bombay) (38)
1961-6223Harcharan Singh (Southern Punjab) (495)P. Sitaram (Delhi) (40)
1960-6124R. G. Nadkarni (Bombay) (531)Salim Durani (Rajasthan) (35)
1959-6024Rusi Surti (Rajasthan) (539)B. Y. Alva (Mysore) (36)
1958-5923Pankaj Roy (Bengal) (605)Ramakant Desai (Bombay) (50)
1957-5822Polly Umrigar (Bombay) (594)Ghulam Ahmed (Hyderabad) and V.V. Kumar (Madras) (28)
1956-5722Ramnath Kenny (Bombay) (529)Polly Umrigar (Bombay) (35)
1955-5622Polly Umrigar (Bombay) (595)Premangsu Chatterjee (Bengal)
1954-5520A. G. Kripal Singh (Madras) (636)M. K. Murugesh (Madras) (23)
1953-5421Madhav Mantri (Bombay) (522)Chandu Sarwate (Holkar) (23)[
1952-5320Bhausaheb Nimbalkar (Holkar) (474)Montu Banerjee (Bengal) (26)
1951-5221Hemu Adhikari (Services) (554)[Dattu Phadkar (Bombay) (32)
1950-5120Chandu Sarwate (Holkar) (699)Iqbal Karan (Services) (33)
1949-5019Vijay Hazare (Baroda)Hiralal Gaekwad (Holkar) (29)
1948-4915Dattu Phadkar (Bombay) (570)Ranga Sohoni (Baroda) (33)
1947-4817K. C. Ibrahim (Bombay) (606)Hiralal Gaekwad (Holkar) (29)
1946-4719Gul Mohammad (Baroda) (596)Vijay Hazare (Baroda) (38)
1945-4621Hemu Adhikari (Baroda) (555)Amir Elahi (Baroda) (30)
1944-4517Rusi Modi (Bombay) (1008)C. S. Nayudu (Holkar) (33)[
1943-4419Vijay Merchant (Bombay) (553)[1]Vijay Merchant (Bombay) (553)
1942-4313Vijay Hazare (Baroda) (398)C. S. Nayudu (Baroda) (40)
1941-4218K.C. Ibrahim (Bombay) (469)B. K. Garudachar (Mysore)
1940-4119Ranga Sohoni (Maharashtra)Chandu Sarwate (Maharashtra) (24)
1939-4018Vijay Hazare (Maharashtra) (619)Vijay Hazare (Maharashtra) (20)
1938-3919Normal Jeoomal (Sind) (418)Amir Elahi (Nawanagar) (28)[2]
1937-3818Amar Singh (Nawanagar) (370)Amar Singh (Nawanagar) (24)
1936-3717Sorabji Colah (Nawanagar) (384)Amar Singh (Nawanagar) (28)
1935-3616S. M. Kadri (Bombay) (515)A.G. Ram Singh (Madras) (28)[
1934-3515Vijay Merchant (Bombay) (389)A.G. Ram Singh (Madras) (22)

Current Teams to Contest Ranji Trophy

Currently there are 38 teams which are participating in the Ranji Trophy

  1. Andhra
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Assam
  4. Baroda
  5. Bengal
  6. Bihar
  7. Chhattisgarh
  8. Chandigarh
  9. Delhi
  10. Goa
  11. Gujarat
  12. Haryana
  13. Himachal Pradesh
  14. Hyderabad (Telangana)
  15. Jammu and Kashmir
  16. Jharkhand
  17. Karnataka (Mysore)
  18. Kerala
  19. Madhya Pradesh (Central India/Gwalior/Holkar/Madhya Bharat)
  20. Maharashtra
  21. Manipur
  22. Meghalaya
  23. Mizoram
  24. Mumbai (Bombay)
  25. Nagaland
  26. Odisha (Orissa)
  27. Puducherry
  28. Punjab
  29. Railways
  30. Rajasthan (Rajputana)
  31. Saurashtra (Kathiawar/Nawanagar)
  32. Sikkim
  33. Services (Army)
  34. Tamil Nadu (Madras)
  35. Tripura
  36. Uttar Pradesh (United Provinces)
  37. Uttarakhand
  38. Vidarbha

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Little known facts about the Ranji Trophy

1. The concept of the Ranji Trophy is believed to have started in the 1930s, and it was initially known as Cricket Championship in India.

2. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala presented the trophy to the winners of the first season.

3. The semi-final of the 1945-46 Ranji Trophy is one of the most remembered matches as the first and the only tied match. The match was played between Baroda and Southern Punjab. Baroda was declared the winner of the semi-final by a coin-flip. Interestingly, Baroda won the preceding zonal final match of the west zone against Bombay (as it was called back then) also through a flip of coin to enter the semi-final.

4. In 2018, 24-year-old Rajneesh Gurbani of Vidarbha created history by becoming the second bowler to bag a hat-trick in the final match of the Ranji Trophy. After the Ranji final, the name of the cricketer was added to record books with figures of 6/59.

5. In the initial years of the Ranji trophy, if the final match was a draw, then the tournament’s winner was based on both teams’ performance in the first innings.

6. Rajasthan has made it to the Ranji Trophy finals 8 times between 1960-61 and 1973-74 seasons and always ended up runners-up. However, the team bagged the Ranji trophy consecutively in 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons.

7. Mumbai (Bombay) have won the tournament the most times with 41 wins, including 15 back-to-back wins from 1958-59 to 1972-73.


Named after one of the first Indian cricketer of international repute and king of Jamnagar, Colonel H. H. Shri Sir Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji II aka Ranji, the Ranji Trophy is amongst the noted cricket championship. Ever since the tournament is inaugurated in 1934-35, there have been various changes in its format. The current format follows Round-robin then knockout format.

Unfortunately, the previous edition of the Ranji Trophy was cancelled due to a Pandemic, but we look forward to the winner of new season that has already commenced in 2022, wishing all the luck to 38 contesting teams. Stay connected to the blog post to know who will be the Ranji Trophy winner 2022-2023.


1. When was the first Ranji Trophy played, and which team won it?

The first season of the Ranji Trophy was played in 1934-35 between Mumbai & North India, and the winner was Mumbai.

2. How many teams are there in Ranji Trophy?

Over the years, the number of teams has increased. The first season started with 13 teams, and the 87th season scheduled in 2021-22, would have 38th teams.

3. Which team has won Ranji Trophy maximum time?

Mumbai has won Ranji Trophy 41 times which are the highest number.

4. Which player has made the highest runs?

Wasim Jaffer has made the highest runs, i.e. 12,038 from 1996-2020.

5. How many times Karnataka has won the Ranji Trophy?

Karnataka has won the Ranji Trophy eight times.

6. Who is the winner of Ranji Trophy 2021?

For the first time, Ranji Trophy was cancelled in 2021 due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

7. Has Hyderabad won Ranji Trophy?

Hyderabad team has won twice (1937-38 & 1986-87) and has been runner up for three times (1942-43, 1964-65 and 1999-2000).

8. Who has scored maximum number of runs in one season of Ranji Trophy?

V. V. S. Laxman has scored maximum number of runs in the 1999-2000 edition.

9. Who has scored maximum number of runs in their career in Raniji Trophy?

The ace cricketer and Punjab Kings batting coach (in IPL) Wasim Jaffer has scored highest runs i.e. 12,038 in his Ranji Trophy career.

10. Who has taken maximum number of wickets in one season of Ranji Trophy?

Ashutosh Aman has taken highest wickets i.e. 50 wickets in the 2018–19 Ranji Trophy tournaments.

11. Who has taken maximum number of wickets in their career in Ranji Trophy?

Ashutosh Aman has taken 68 wickets which is the highest number in the history of Ranji Trophy.

12. Who is Ranji Trophy 2023 winner?

Ranji Trophy winner 2023 is Saurashtra.

13. Who is Ranji Trophy 2021 winner?

The Ranji trophy winner 2021-2022 is the Madhya Pradesh team.

14. Which team has occupied the first position in the most Ranji trophy winners list?

The Mumbai cricket team has till now won 41 times and is currently the most successful team in the winners of Ranji Trophy.

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