Tips to Grow Beard on Cheeks

While they say, November is a no-shave month, but to get a full beard look, you do not have to wait for November. You can grow beard on cheeks at any month. Also, it is not about a few days; good facial hair growth requires months. Many Bollywood Actors have inspired Indian beard styles; the actor who tops the list is Ranveer Singh! For the longest, the actor donned a full beard look in his couple of movies, and soon he became a style icon. Many boys followed his look religiously.

While some man have good facial hair growth, on the contrary, many are not that lucky. You believe it or not; your genetics plays a crucial role in beard growth. However, that does not mean you cannot do anything about it. There are many ways proven tips and home remedies that can help to grow a beard in cheeks naturally.

Factors Responsible for Beard Growth

Age, genetics, race, diet, sleeping pattern, and beard care are factors responsible for beard growth. Once boys hit puberty, their facial hair starts growing, and at the age of 25, they have a well growth beard. Though the average growth of the beard is about a half-inch per month, sometimes it could be less or more, it depends on the factors listed above.

There are three stages of facial hair growth that are Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. The Anagen phase begins with the growth of facial hair. The cells of the hair follicles divide to create a new hair shaft. On the other hand, the Catagen phase starts when the new facial hair starts to push the dead hair. The third stage, which is Telogen-is classified as the resting phase of the hair follicles. This state takes place when the body is under extreme stress, and that’s the age when one experiences a noticeable loss of facial hair.

One of the main questions that men generally ask is how long it takes to grow a beard? The answer to the question is –it takes typically two to four months for an average man to grow a full beard. While this is standard time, the growth depends on many factors.

Also, your body makes use of called 5-alpha reductase-an enzyme to convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT helps to bind the receptors on the facial hair follicles that stimulate hair growth. However, that does not mean that by increasing testosterone, you will get a full beard, it largely depends on the genetics

List of Effective Ways to Grow Beard on Cheeks:

1. Improve your Diet

One of the prominent factors that help to grow beard on cheeks is your diet. To attain a standard facial hair growth, incorporate foods that are a rich source of Biotin and protein. The hair follicles are made of the protein; this is why adding protein to your diet would help you get a healthy beard. Foods like fish, meat, and eggs are some of the non-vegetarian foods that would help you to boost the growth of facial hair. However, if you are a vegetarian, you should include foods like Soy, beans, Quinoa, avocados, and chia seeds. For Biotin, you can consider nuts, avocado, whole grains, chicken, eggs, milk, and optimum folic acid; you can rely on cereals and green leafy vegetables.

2. Use Beard Oil to Grow Beard on Cheeks

While your diet will lay the foundation of the facial hair growth, an ideal beard oil will provide all the potion that your facial hair needs to grow. Beard oils help to prevent the breakage of the facial hair and allow the hair follicles to grow. Moreover, it hydrates that facial hair that further promotes the growth of the beards. There are an array of brands that have introduced beard oils; make sure you choose the one that has the least chemicals. In fact, it should be loaded with natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, castor oil that would help you to grow beard on the cheeks.

Another thing that must follow is the quantity of oil to be used. Make sure you do not apply either too much of the beard oil or less; otherwise, it will not contribute the way you want.

3. Develop a Routine for Cheek Beard Growth

One of the prominent factors that contribute to the facial hair growth is facial hair care routine. Like a skin or hair care routine, it is essential to have a facial hair care routine. Before starting with the method, you should figure out all the vital products you would use to groom your facial hair. Reach out for the products that suit your skin and then stick to it for the long term. You can start with the beard wash, beard oil, and then combing the beard.

4. Take Supplements for Beard Growth

Vitamin Supplements can help to a vast extent in the beard growth process. They make your beard thick and help them to grow faster. These supplements also fill the patchy spots. Vitamins, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E help in the growth of facial hair. Adding to that, Vitamin D is found to activate the dormant hair follicles, and Vitamin B improves the overall condition of the beard. As stated above, it is crucial to include Biotin in your diet. In case you are unable to include foods rich in Biotin, you can surely, add the supplements that have Biotin content. It is always wise to consult your doctor before starting the consumption of supplements to grow beard on cheeks. Your doctor would be an ideal person to direct you the usage and quantity of the supplements that you should consume.

5. Exercise for Facial Hair Growth

While most of you will give a last laugh to this step, but this is one of the crucial steps. Regular exercise does not only help to keep your body fit and lose weight. It keeps your mind calm, as well. One of the prime factors that stop the growth of facial hair is stress and what could be best than exercise for facial hair growth. It improves the blood flow and helps to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. Also, it helps to increase testosterone, which triggers beard growth. In addition to this, exercise can boost metabolism that can spur the growth of facial hair. All forms of exercise are suitable for facial hair growth. However, one should focus more on intense activities such as high-intensity interval training, and lifting weight would charge the testosterones. The more you exercise, the more your body would sweat, remove all the toxins, dirt, and grimes from the pores. Until the pores are clean, your facial hair will not grow the way they should be.

Home Remedies to Grow More Beard on Cheeks:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the versatile oil that comes handy for hair growth and glowing skin. The same carrier oil can also help you to grow beard on cheeks. It helps to increase blood flow and triggers facial hair growth. For best results, you can mix ten parts of coconut oil and one part of the rosemary oil. Apply this mixture on your cheeks with a cotton ball. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off. Follow this for a week or ten days.

2. Amla Oil

Also, known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla helps to stimulate facial hair growth. Moreover, it maintains the natural color of the facial hair while providing it all the potion. Amla oil can be either used alone or you can add a few curry leaves to it for effective results. Message your cheeks with amla oil and leave it for few minutes and then wash it off with the cold water. Or, mix a few curry leaves to amla oil and then apply it.

3. Cinnamon and Lemon

Lemon has citric acid that helps to remove dandruff from the beard. Yes, you read that, right! If you do not take optimum care of your beard, it might have dandruff just like the way your scalp would have. On top of it, cinnamon removes all the itchiness and skin concerns that might stop facial hair growth. For effective results, mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with two teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your cheeks. Wash it off after a few minutes-ones the mixture gets dry. Follow this remedy twice in a week to grow beard on cheeks naturally.

4. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is also one of the best home remedies for facial hair growth. It promotes blood flow and hydrates the skin that further helps in beard growth. You can combine eucalyptus Oil with any of the carrier oil, such as sesame oil or olive oil. Message this combination on your cheeks and let it rest for 20 minutes. Subsequently, wash it with the cold water.

5. Castor Oil

Known to be a natural elixir for hair, castor oil is bliss for the beard. Many brands have come up with castor oil, which you can apply on your hair facial hair. It stimulates blood circulation and conditions facial hair. Also, it prevents hair breakage that helps in facial hair growth. You can use a combination of oils to grow beard on cheeks at home.

Other Ways to Promote Face Hair Growth

  • Keep stress at bay.
  • Take sound sleep of a minimum of 7-8 hours.
  • Consider hormone therapy.
  • Beard transplant.
  • Use MINOXIDIL solution for facial hair growth.
  • Microneedling.
  • Trim your facial hair regularly.

Factors that Hinders Facial Hair Growth:

1. Alopecia Areata – It is one of theautoimmune disorders that lead to hair loss on the beard and head.

2. Low Testosterone – Low level of testosterone can also inhibit the growth of the beard.

3. Nutrient Deficiency – Lack of protein and vitamins can also stop the growth of facial hair.

4. Stress – Stress can be the root cause of many health problems, including balding and less beard growth.


Your facial hair growth is primarily depended on your genetics and nutrients that you provide to the facial hair. There is a considerable chance that your facial hair growth pattern would be similar to your father and grandfather. However, there are other factors as well that contribute to facial hair growth. While many men have a full beard at the age of 25, and many struggles to get till the age of 30. It depends on person to person. Many ways can help you grow beard on cheeks. While growing facial hair, you would have to be patient as you want to get an ideal beard looks in a day or so. It requires a healthy facial hair care routine and home remedies.


1. How can I encourage beard growth on my cheeks?

Maintain a good facial hair care regime and follow above-listed home remedies and effective ways to encourage the growth of beard on your cheeks.

2. Does shaving increase beard growth?

No, shaving does not have any prominent role to play in beard growth.

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