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Do you know which game is best for girls? Well, Online gaming is all different and a visual kind of experience. And if we talk about the best online games for girls, then you need a different approach. Generally, it is seen that girls like simple games, unlike boys who usually love playing wrestling and battleground games like Pubg. Now it also depends on the girl’s choice of what type of games she likes. With the evolution of improved graphics and effects, online gaming came into the buzz. Games like pubg, candy crush, and many others changed the whole scenario of online gaming. There is thanos of games to choose from, and the best part is you don’t need a PC for that.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can play any online game on your mobile. So from the ocean of online games, we have selected some of the best games in the world for girls that you should play at least once.

List of 15 Best Online Games for Girls

1. Fashionista Maldives

Fashionista Maldives

If you love shopping and makeup, then you should try this game at least once. The game has a simple concept; you need to get ready for the parties. It can be any party like a beach or bar; you need to select your hairstyle with a sexy bikini beach dress. This is just the overview of the game you will get a gamut of things to do. You can select your hairstyle, dress, sandals, etc. So, all you need to do is use the elements and get ready for the fun. You will get a relaxing facial, and then you start playing it as you want.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

It is one of the most enthralling games that anyone can play. The game is so engaging and addictive that you will keep going on if you start playing it. The main element of this game is its colorful user interface. It is one of the best games for girls to play online. Another best thing is that girls and boys both love to play this game.

It is available on both  Android and ios; you don’t have to pay anything to play this game. It is a free online game; you just need to clear the levels and move ahead. As your level increases, the difficulty of the game also increases. The game has various versions like candy crush saga soda and others. You should try any one of these versions, they all are amazing.

3. FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2

You may be thinking FarmVille is a game where you do farming and stuff. But believe us, it is more than what we explained. The FarmVille 1 was a massive success, so the creator decided to launch its second version with added more fun and activity. You can play this game the entire day, and still, feel like playing it a little longer. The game has a basic concept of harvesting your favorite fruits and vegetables.

You need to collect various things, especially the hidden items that will help to explore the farms. Besides farming, you can also do fishing, gardening, nurturing your farm dog, etc. Overall it is a good and entertaining game to play with a massive total number of downloads that are around 50,000,000.

4. Wedding Day Drama

Wedding Day Drama Game

As its name says wedding day drama, is all related to wedding drama. And if you are a person that loves weddings and similar functions, then you should play this game. You get a gamut of options for makeup and styling for your day. The game is like which girl will win the groom’s heart through their fashion and styles. You need to use your creativity to get the bride ready for the ceremony. 

You will get to explore a whole lot of new fashion and dressing things. The game is one of the most loved and best free games for girls. It is not just about getting the bride ready it is also about the makeover, challenge, battle, and makeover.

5. Dress Up The Lovely Princess

Dress Up the Lovely Princess

This is a game also somewhere similar to wedding decay drama but with more features and fun. It is a game about dress and fashion which can be played on desktop and mobile both. This is an HTML5 game which means it is simple to play on any device. You have to select the dress from a range of options available in the store.

Not just dress, you need to look for bags, makeup, hairstyles, and many other things. The game has different avatars that you can choose from. You will surely love this game as it is quite engaging and entertaining. You can even download the game from the play store for free.

6. Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga

If you love pets, then try this game. You may not have a real one, but this virtual one is nothing less than that. This also comes from the creators of candy crush; now, the basic concept is to match similar color boxes to clear the stage. Making the stage means that you rescued pets from the evil pet snatchers. Also, the best thing is that you have limitless moves, so you don’t have to worry about decreasing the number of steps. 

The game also has a vast number of downloads, and that shows its popularity of the game. It has various sound effects that make you addicted to the game. You can play it on any device android or ios.

7. Wordament


This one is also one of the best online games for girls that can be played on any smartphone. Now the game is developed by one of the tech giants Microsoft corporations. It has one of the most fantastic user interfaces that will make you adequately engaged in the game. The concept of the game is to form words as fast as you can. This will help to improve your word power, and another thing is that you can compete with other players as well.

You can quickly improve your word power and spelling by just playing games. The game follows a competitive approach so that you fight to learn more. It is one of the underrated games but has so much potential in it.

8. Princess Weekend Activity

Princess Weekend Activity

As its name says, princess weekend activity is a game about some events of shopping and fashion. You can go shopping with a pair of Disney princesses, try various outfits and do a lot more. You get to explore more about fashion and shopping things. Check their stylish tops, dresses, pants, and many other accessories.

You need to style your girl with the best fashionable outfits and accessories. The best thing is that it is an engaging game that you can play for hours without getting bored. Play it on your Smartphone or any android and ios device anytime.

9. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Another most popular game among youngsters, anyone can play this game. It is a seriously addictive and engaging game that will never let you down. It has a simple concept when you see fruit on your screen. You have to cut it. Now the bait is you may get to see a bomb along with fruits, and there you have to play safe. If you touch or cut the bomb, you lose the match. Also, you need to cut every fruit.

If you miss more than three fruits, you will lose the game and restart it. It is one of the top games for girls with the simple concept of cutting fruits.  Play it on any of your Android or iOS devices.

10. Pizza Real-Life Cooking

Pizza Real Life Cooking

As its name says, it is related to cooking where you can cook delicious foods. You can prepare your dishes in whichever way you want to, using your style of ingredients and toppings. It will give you a real feel of cooking food. You can make your pizza using toppings and decorate it using your creativity. After making all the needy things, you have to place them in the oven and take them out when it is prepared. It will surely give a feel like real cooking.

You can take pictures of the dishes and show them to your friends, and it is a fantastic game. Download from the play store and start enjoying.

11. Anna Baby Birth

Anna Baby Birth

Now it is something unique that you will not usually see as a game. The concept is simple princess Anna is having a baby, and she needs to visit the hospital. You have to do some simple and exciting things like pack her bag with all the essentials she needs.

While packing her things, you need to pack everything that she may require in the hospital.

After packing, you have to accompany her to the delivery room. It is quite different and one of its kind of game.

12. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2

It is also one of the most popular games and known for its attractive user interface. You can play this game on any of your android or ios devices. It is an adventurous game that will surely make you play it for long hours. You will get to see various unique characters in the game that will entertain you. This version of the game has more style, and fun added than the older one.

You will get to see more hurdles with new adventures, and as you progress in the game, it will become more attractive. Now you can find its popularity by just seeing the number of downloads it has, 10,000,000.

13. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

When this game was launched, it became an instant hit and also became one of the most played games. Undoubtedly it is one of the good games for girls because it has everything you need in an online game. The user interface is fantastic, the sound effects are outstanding, and the graphics it has are best in class. The concept is revenge because the pigs stole the eggs of the birds, and they just take revenge by destroying the pigs.

The player has to aim at a certain angle by targeting the pig. So, the flying bird hits the pig and destroys it. You will surely love this game, and the level increases as you clear one.

14. Mini Brain Doctor

Mini Brain Doctor

If you ever played the doctor-doctor game, you will love this online version of the game. You are a brain surgeon, and you have to do surgery. You can use all the new medical gadgets and tools to operate brain surgery. You have to perform all the necessary check-ups like pulse rate calculation, temperature check, and all.

Once you are done with all essential check-ups, you have to perform surgery. First, cut the mini head and start your surgery. It is an exciting game and one of the best games for girls online.

15. Candy Girl Summer Time

Candy Girl Summer Time

You are the best beautician in the town, and the candy doll needs your help. It’s an emergency, and you need to help her in regaining her beauty. Another best thing is that you are also the best dress designer. So, you just need to use your creativity and make her look beautiful and sassy.

You can use all the available fresh beauty products and dresses to make her look the best. Play this game on any of your devices and enjoy the fun of being the best beautician.


So this is the list of best games for girls to play online and anytime. We tried to include all types of games and surely you will find the best for you. This is the list of some of the most loved, popular, and most downloaded games. You can also play Best Cricket Games for PC 2022. Leave a comment telling us about your favorite online game and suggest any game you want to see in our upcoming lists.


1. What is the best game for girls?

Some free games for girls include Fashionista Maldives, Candy Crush Saga, and FarmVille 2.

2. What are the best online games for girls- 10 and up?

Candy Crush Saga and FarmVille 2 are a few famous online girls’ games.

3. What are some fun girl games online?

Some fun games for girls to play are Wedding Day Drama, Dress Up The Lovely Princess, Pet Rescue Saga, Wordament, and Princess Weekend Activity.

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